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    Give me Another Chance(My First Book)


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    Give me Another Chance(My First Book)

    Post by ♥Miss♥Teddy♥Bear♥ on Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:18 pm

    I'm writeing a book soon. Yes,ya'll get a sneak peek at it,but I warn you,it won't be too pretty.

    Tell me if you want a character based off off you. I've got spots for several people. I only ask that you choose a character off my list. Shayla,you already have a character,due to the topic of the story.

    Captured in the begining by JoJo Keith (And that's his full first name!). She is soft eyed and sweet voiced and has a wonderful imagination. But when it gets out of control,we might be in trouble back down on earth! One of the three current Creators
    -based off of myself

    Lila's overprotective boyfriend. He comes to the rescue when Lila is captured and her imagination is released.
    -based off of Spencer (friend and ex. boyfriend)

    JoJo Keith-
    Evil villian. One of the three Original Creators. Johana's mentor.
    -open character

    Soft hearted girl. She's very rugged,but only 'cause she lives in a world of war. She is a "Secondary World Leader"
    -open character

    Rosy's "better half". Another Secondary World Leader. Lives in a world of crazy happenings.
    -open character

    Sammy and Lila's Daughter. She is either serious or playful. Never seriously playful. She laughs at most things,but makes sure things run smoothly in the world she and her father share.
    -closed character

    Jon and Shayla have two versions of one world. Shayla's world is darker and more.......Emo like,I guess. She is another Secondary World Leader.
    -based off of Shayla

    Jon has the brighter version of the two realistic worlds. He is as well,a Secondary World Leader.
    -based off of Jon Welxer! red_heart

    Long lost son of Lila and Sammy. Matthew lost his world's heart to JoJo a long time ago.
    -closed character

    More Characters to come,but here's the intro.

    I finally can get rid of that terrible Lila! Once she's out of the way,I can harness her beloved friends' powers! Bwahhaha!

    A Poem by Me
    by Lila Melody
    I made this poem
    Just for you.
    See you tomorrow
    My beloved,that's you.


    I love you. There is no one else in the world I'd rather be with.

    With all my love,

    Hope you all will enjoy this book.

    Number of posts : 1240
    Age : 22
    Location : The heart of a wonderful man.
    Registration date : 2009-12-12

    Re: Give me Another Chance(My First Book)

    Post by ♥Miss♥Teddy♥Bear♥ on Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:36 pm


    "Just kill me!" was all I said until I met him.

    "Hey! I'm Sammuel." he introduced himself.

    "I'm Lila. Nice to meet you." I replied. He seemed to like me from the start. Everything he did was for me. Summer healed my frayed thoughts, but was this only a summer romance? Sammuel promised me it wasn't, buthow could he be sure? How could I be sure?

    "Lila, I love you with all my heart. You are my universe, my life! If I lose you now, my life will be over." Sammy would assure me. Eventually, I believed him. My love and life left with him.


    "Ugh! Why did we move here?" I yelled. My mom hoped I would like it here. Well, she ended up being pleased. You see, I met this girl who I totally clicked with. Her name is Lila. She is extreamly beautiful and talented.

    "Hey! I'm Sammuel." I greeted her.She giggled and replied,

    "I'm Lila. Nice to meet you." Man, I felt like I was going to burst when I left her that night. The Way the summer sunset shinedthrough her perfect brunett hair was unimaginable! Her soft, ocean blue eyes were gentle and her voice was kind and beautiful beyond perfection.

    Soon, those soft eyes of her's were full of worry. She said that the worry was that this was only a summer romance. I comforted her and promised we would keep in touch, no matter what happened. Lila believed me after a while. Then my mom said we were moving, again.

    "Mom! Why? I like it here!" I'd never thought those words would escape my lips again. Lila had no idea how hurt I was now. I had to find her and quick. I looked everywhere I could. I looked in the field, in the creek and all the streets. Eventually, I spotted her at the pool.

    "Sammuel!" She called.

    "Lila,sweetheart," I felt terrible haveing to say this,"I'm moving soon." I said, my voice weak.

    "Sammy! Why? Why are you leaving?" She replied softly, not wanting to disturb the gentle rythm of the younger children playing. I couldn't answer her simple question with our voices so weak. With a lump in my throat, I kissed her goodbye. We cried as we softly whispered.

    "I love you."

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