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    In Spite Of It All (My 1st Jay Jay the Jet Plane Story)

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    In Spite Of It All (My 1st Jay Jay the Jet Plane Story) Empty In Spite Of It All (My 1st Jay Jay the Jet Plane Story)

    Post by ᵔᴥᵔWinter Bearᵔᴥᵔ on Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:04 pm

    The Planes
    Jay Jay, Tracy, Herky, Snuffy, Savannah, Big Jake, Old Oscar

    The Ground Vehicles
    Revvin' Evan, Tuffy

    The Blue Family
    Brendeena Blue: Me
    Brendeena's mother, Brenda Blue: Eve Whittle
    Brendeena's favorite aunt, Brenda's twin sister, Brendaleigh Blue: Terri Irwin
    Brendeena's younger sister, Breianna Blue: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Brendeena's younger sister, Breianna's twin sister, Breianne Blue: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Brendeena's younger sister, Breigh Blue: Ashley Tisdale
    Brendeena's younger sister, Breigh's twin sister, Brennaugh Blue: Ashley Tisdale
    Brendeena's boyfriend, Brendan Hunter: John Robert Hoffman
    Breianna's boyfriend, Brent Schuyler: Magnús Örn Scheving
    Breianne's boyfriend, Brentlee Morgan: Sam Moran
    Breigh's boyfriend, Brennan Pagiel: Greg Page
    Brennaugh's boyfriend, Brentan Rothspan: JD Roth

    The Sheran Family:
    Raelyn Brooke Sheran: Me
    Raelyn's mother, Sierra Bridget Sheran: Sandra Bullock
    Raelyn's father, Devin Josiah Sheran: David Spade
    Raelyn's uncle, Garrison Chris Sheran: Gary Oldman
    Raelyn's aunt, Sandra Diana Sheran married to Garrison: Stephanie "Stevie" Vallance
    Raelyn's uncle Taylor Nash Sheran: Travis Hodges
    Raelyn's aunt, Kaylee Christine Sheran married Taylor: Kim Rhodes
    Raelyn's uncle, James Peyton Sheran: Jim Carrey
    Raelyn's aunt, Cayla Mallory Sheran married to James: Christine Baranski
    Raelyn's uncle, Alexander Michael Sheran: Anthony Head
    Raelyn's aunt, Hannah Sasha Sheran married to Alexander: Helen Bonham Carter
    Raelyn's older sister, Greta Larissa Sheran: Gabrielle Carteris
    Raelyn's older sister, Greta's twin Emma Clair Sheran: Edwina Follows
    Raelyn's older brother, Micah Damarion Sheran: Mark "Undertaker" Calaway
    Raelyn's older brother, Micah's twin Ryan Maximilian Sheran: Rob Morrow
    Raelyn's older brother, Lucas Aaron Sheran: Lawrence Follows
    Raelyn's older brother, Jesse Brad Sheran: Ian Zering
    Raelyn's older sister, Jesse's twin Skye Hannah Sheran: Samantha Follows
    Raelyn's older brother, Justin Lawson Sheran: Jonathan Crombie
    Raelyn's older brother, Julian Malcolm Sheran: Joe Flanigan
    Raelyn's older sister, Julian's twin Moriah Grace Sheran: Megan Follows
    Raelyn's older brother, Junior Connor Sheran: Jason Priestley
    Raelyn's older brother, Malachi Jayden Sheran: Michael Shanks
    Raelyn's older brother, Malachi's twin Mason Cyrus Sheran: Matthew Lillard
    Raelyn's older sister, Sophia Lalia Sheran: Shannen Doherty
    Raelyn's older sister, Sophia's twin Kinzlee Morgan Sheran: Krista Allen
    Raelyn's older sister, Ariella Grace Sheran: Alyssa Milano
    Raelyn's older brother, Ariella's twin Patrick Barry Sheran: Paul "Big Show" Wight
    Raelyn's older sister, Alyssa Logan Sheran: Allison Mann
    Raelyn's older sister, Harper Jennifer Sheran: Holly Marie Combs
    Raelyn's older sister, Harper's twin Tamara Daisy Sheran: Tori Spelling
    Raelyn's older sister, Lorena Denise Sheran: Linda Cardellini
    Raelyn's older brother, Lorena's twin Tyler William Sheran: T.J. Thyne
    Raelyn's older sister, Gwyneth Kayla Sheran: Gema Zampronga
    Raelyn's older sister, Susan Cassandra Sheran: Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Raelyn's older brother, Susan's twin Jayden Carter Sheran: Jerry Trainor
    Raelyn's older sister, Natalie Janelle Sheran: Nicholle Tom
    Raelyn's older brother, Nathan Leon Sheran: Zachary Bennett
    Raelyn's older sister, Nathan's twin Meadow Riya Sheran: Marnette Patterson
    Raelyn's older sister, Christiana Rachel Sheran: Caterina Scorsone
    Raelyn's older brother, Christiana's twin Jonathan Lawrence: Jeremy Howard
    Raelyn's older sister, Teresa Makayla Sheran: Thora Birch
    Raelyn's twin brother, Braxton Mathias Sheran: Bradley James
    Raelyn's younger sister, Melanie Alma Sheran: Natalie Tena
    Raelyn's younger sister, Melanie's twin Madeline Mandy Sheran: Martha McIsaac
    Raelyn's younger brother, Nathaniel Arnold Sheran: Michael Seater
    Raelyn's younger brother, Randall Curtis Sheran: Robbie Amell
    Raelyn's younger brother, Randall's twin Raymond Joseph Sheran: Nick Palatas
    Raelyn's younger brother, Sawyer Everett Sheran: Sean Flynn
    Raelyn's younger sister, Sawyer's twin Everley Bristen Sheran: Emily Robins
    Raelyn's younger brother, Nelson Xavier Sheran: Matthew Underwood
    Raelyn's younger sister, Hayden Nicole Sheran: Hayley Kiyoko
    Raelyn's younger sister, Hayden's twin Skyla Caroline Sheran: Sophia Oda
    Raelyn's younger brother, Camden Perry Sheran: Cole Sprouse
    Raelyn's younger brother, Camden's twin Duncan Luke Sheran: Dylan Sprouse
    Raelyn's younger sister, Camden and Duncan's twin Journey Helen Sheran: Jennette McCurdy
    Raelyn's younger sister, Matilda Rose Sheran: Miranda Cosgrove
    Raelyn's younger sister, Matilda's twin Thalia Virginia Sheran: Taylor Momsen
    Raelyn's younger sister, Laurel Kelly Sheran: Liliana Mumy
    Raelyn's younger brother, Laurel's twin Preston Cannon Sheran: Paul Butcher
    Raelyn's younger sister, Jaylene Mia Sheran: Jordan Todosey
    Raelyn's younger sister, Jaylene's twin Jewel Abigail Sheran: Juliette Goglia
    Raelyn's younger sister, Salma Justice Sheran: Sloane Momsen
    Raelyn's younger sister, Salma's twin Hannah Evie Sheran: Hailee Steinfeld
    Raelyn's younger sister, Chynna Rae Sheran: Chloe Montez
    Raelyn's younger sister, Chynna's twin Barbara Bailey Sheran: Bella Throne
    Raelyn's younger sister, Alexandria Lorena Sheran: Ariel Waller
    Raelyn's younger sister, Alexandria's twin Giovanna Jessica Sheran: G. Hannelius
    Raelyn's younger sister, Brielle Leah Sheran: Baliee Madison
    Raelyn's younger sister, Brielle's twin Jennifer Tanya Sheran: Joey King
    Raelyn's younger sister, Nora Hazel Sheran: Noah Lindsey Cyrus
    Raelyn's younger sister, Nora's twin Rachel Carina Sheran: Rhiannon Leigh Wyn
    Raelyn's younger sister, Olivia Rosa Sheran: Emily Grace Reaves
    Raelyn's younger sister, Olivia's twin Grace Jana Sheran: Hannah Gunn
    Raelyn's younger sister, Tia Mya Sheran: Mia Talerico
    Raelyn's fiance, Gerald Kelton Brayden: My fiance
    Micah's wife, Mira Cadence Sheran: Michelle McCool
    Melanie's boyfriend, Devin Everett Tanner: David Thewlis
    Camden's girlfriend, Calley Grace Rylan: Camilla Rosso
    Journey's boyfriend, Norman Jordan Kipten: Nathan Kress
    Duncan's girlfriend, Raven Samara Rylan: Rebecca Russo

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    In Spite Of It All (My 1st Jay Jay the Jet Plane Story) Empty Re: In Spite Of It All (My 1st Jay Jay the Jet Plane Story)

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    wow can;t wait to read the first chapter rolanda

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