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    Name That Christmas Song

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    Name That Christmas Song

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:02 am

    This is simple game you just put lyrics of a Christmas song and the next person has to tell what the name of the song is than post their own lyrics for the next person and on.
    I'll start:
    Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh
    Over the fields we go, laughing all the way;
    Bells on bob-tail ring, making spirits bright
    What fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight


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    Re: Name That Christmas Song

    Post by MasterOfEvil on Wed Dec 15, 2010 7:23 pm

    Jingle Bells


    The stars in the bright sky
    Looked down where He lay
    The little Lord Jesus
    Asleep on the hay

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