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    Love Wins Everytime (My First Pirates of the Caribbean Story)

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    Love Wins Everytime (My First Pirates of the Caribbean Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:48 pm

    Pirates of the Caribbean Cast:
    Captain Jack Sparrow: Johnny Depp
    Elizabeth Swann: Keira Knightley
    Will Turner: Orlando Bloom
    Governor Weatherby Swann: Jonathan Pryce
    Captain Barbossa: Geoffrey Rush
    Mr. Gibbs: Kevin McNally
    Pintel: Lee Arenberg
    Ragetti: Mackenzie Crook
    Norrington: Jack Davenport

    The Tilmont Family:
    Gwenetta "Gwen" Tilmont:
    Gwenetta's mother, Nerita Tilmont: Natalia Tena
    Gwenetta's father, Dunley Tilmont: David Thewlis
    Gwenetta's aunt, Jacinta Tilmont: Julie Walters
    Gwenetta's uncle, Sterling Tilmont: Steven Seagal
    Gwenetta's uncle, Beldon Tilmont: Bruce Willis
    Gwenetta's aunt, Abrienda Tilmont: Alicia Silverstone
    Gwenetta's uncle, Garvin Tilmont: Gary Oldman
    Gwenetta's aunt, Gezana Tilmont: Geraldine Somerville
    Gwenetta's uncle, Nandin Tilmont: Nicholas Cage
    Gwenetta's aunt, Anjelita Tilmont: Angelina Jolie
    Gwenetta's older brother, Rolf Tilmont: Rob Morrow
    Gwenetta's older brother, Cosmo Tilmont: Christian Bale
    Gwenetta's' older brother, Jadrien Tilmont: Josh Server
    Gwenetta's older brother, Natesh Tilmont: Nick Carter
    Gwenetta's older brother, Natesh's twin Darcy Tilmont: Drew Fuller
    Gwenetta's twin sister, Melosa Tilmont: Milla Kunas
    Gwenetta's younger brother, Rainger Tilmont: Robert Pattinson
    Gwenetta's younger sister, Rainger's twin Salvadora Tilmont: Stefani Germanotta AKA Lady Gaga
    Gwenetta's younger sister, Andeana Tilmont: Ashley Greene
    Gwenetta's younger sister, Andeana's twin Camellia Tilmont: Chelsea Brummet
    Gwenetta's younger brother, Rasmus Tilmont: Rupert Grint
    Gwenetta's younger brother, Rasmus's twin Daenan Tilmont: David Henrie
    Gwenetta's younger brother, Manger Tilmont: Mason Musso
    Gwenetta's younger brother, Manger's twin Delroy Tilmont: Daniel Radcliffe
    Gwenetta's younger brother, Kaelen Tilmont: Kyle Sullivan
    Gwenetta's younger sister, Breanna Tilmont: Brittany Curran
    Gwenetta's younger brother, Manton Tilmont: Mitchel Musso
    Gwenetta's younger sister, Manton's twin Estrella Tilmont: Evanna Lynch
    Gwenetta's younger sister, Marilynn Tilmont: Miley Cyrus
    Gwenetta's younger sister, Marilynn's twin Santina Tilmont: Selena Gomez
    Gwenetta's younger sister, Alameda Tilmont: Ali Lohan
    Gwenetta's younger sister, Alameda's twin Carminda Tilmont: Christina Kirkman
    Gwenetta's younger brother, Saimon Tilmont: Sterling Beaumon
    Gwenetta's younger brother, Saimon's twin Montay Tilmont: Marc Musso
    Gwenetta's younger sister, Milenia Tilmont: Madison Pettis

    The Dunham Family
    Jackquelynnah Dunham: Amber
    Jackquelynnah's mother, Paige Dunham: Terri Irwin
    Jackquelynnah's father, Jeff Dunham: Jeff Dunham
    Jackquelynnah's deceased older brother, Michael Dunham: Michael Jackson
    Jackquelynnah's younger sister, Bree Dunham: Christy Carlson Romano
    Jackquelynnah's younger sister, Ashlyn Dunham: Ashley Tisdale
    Jackquelynnah's younger sister, Kenna Dunham: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Kenna's boyfriend, Kenny Schön, Magnús Örn Scheving
    Jackquelynnah's nephew, Michael's first son, Prestyn Dunham: Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.
    Jackquelynnah's niece, Michael's first daughter, Pari Dunham: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Jackquelynnah's nephew, Micheal's second son, Blanko Dunham: Prince Michael Jackson II


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