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    Ultimate Dodge-Ball Game (lol)


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    Ultimate Dodge-Ball Game (lol)

    Post by orangeskittles on Fri Sep 04, 2009 7:03 pm

    So, I wanted to share this story with you guys. I wrote it last year in Creative writing, and I completely forgot about it. Then, I was cleaning my room and found it, and had a pretty good laugh. Lol. The guidelines was what if our teacher ( Mr. Manning) died, and we were his tour guild of heaven. What would we show him, and I somehow came up with this! Ha-ha.

    Ultimate Dodge-Ball Game
    By: Kelsey Filip
    4th hour

    Just as the sun sets you arrive. The sky is filled with blues, greens, purples and grays tinting the sky and surrounding areas in a greenish glow. I stand over you, the wind lightly blowing against my skin, tingling the bare skin of my arms and legs. I am sixteen, you are Twenty one. We are on a football field, the one of Lawrence Jr/Sr/ High School (my school. Mr. Manning’s the assistant Football coach) back in 2009, about 173 years earlier. But, it isn’t the same, instead of the school in the distance, its black mist, the field isolated and alone, mist surrounding it’s every barrier. You silently wake, stretching your old ancient bones of your 194 year old body.

    Opening your eyes, you gaze up to see a green glow. Running your hand through your hair, you hear load cheering, it sounded close. Sitting up, right in front of you is a packed pair of bleachers filled with people cheering (the source of the noise) as a wave of people dressed in purple and white cheered on their favorite players. A man, dressed in a purple football uniform fan towards you, obviously in the middle of a game. He ran closer, not stopping as he came inches from your body, and as you flinch expecting impact, they just pass through you, continuing their run towards the goal posts. You sit there in shock; no one seemed to notice the strange one- Hundred and Ninety Four year old, hidden in a twenty- one year old body. To the crowd and players, you simply didn’t exist, and they were simply in the middle of a state final game.

    Kelsey’s P.O.V

    I laugh at your facial expressions, shock, confusion, it was quite funny. Everyone was always the same, but it never got old. Sitting beside you on the field, I watch you, watch you freak out, forcing another set of giggles from my mouth, your eyes grow wide, you can hear me, but not see me. I laugh, I love that part. I watch as you turn in my direction, my giggles your only guild while I slowly appear.

    Manning’s P.O.V

    I heard laughing. Someone was laughing at me during my panic attack. I turned towards the laughter, I saw your eyes, shinning a bright green matching the green in the sky, it reminded me of the Chestier cat in Alice in Wonderland. IT was kind of creepy. Slowly a sly smile formed, it turned up into a smile, laughter tickling it’s tip. Then, the face, the hair, the body, she slowly appeared before me. She looked to be about sixteen, and she wore a blue on dark blue striped dress. Her hair was dark brown, with dark purple stripes streaked randomly throughout her hair. She stood smirking, her arms crossed.
    “Hello, enjoying the game?”

    “Where am I?” I asked ignoring her question.

    “Where do you think you are?” the girl asked, her smirk growing larger. Obviously this was a joke; a game to her, your life was a comedy skit. You get up, and start to walk away, where you’re not sure, but you leave. The girl runs to catch up, skitting to a stop in front of you,

    “Hey, don’t leave, Im sorry” “ Im Kelsey by the way”. She extends her hand. You reluctantly shake it.

    “Im…” she cuts you off,

    “I know, welcome to your own personal heaven or hell, whatever you want to take it.”

    “Im in heaven?” “Why am I twenty-one again?”

    “Because that’s the age you want to be. Like I died when I was eighty-two, but I wanted to be sixteen, so here I am!”

    Suddenly a dark cloud appeared, hiding the green mist, and everyone around diappeared, leaving only Manning and Kelsey. Kelsey’s face looked panicked, as she slowly inched backwards.

    “Run!” Kelsey screamed, as a twister touched the ground, it was coming right towards the pair. Manning started running, but he wasn’t fast enough, and the twister swallowed him into the pit. The twister seemed to be a portal, and the feeling for free falling overtook Manning’s body. Opening his eyes, all he saw was blackness. Bam! Manning hit a hardwood floor crumpling into the feedial position as the pain for the fall overtook your body. Once the pain subsided you opened your eyes to see a man dressed in black. Suddenly Kelsey appeared next to you drifting in from somewhere, she held a red ball in her hands.

    “Who’s he?” you ask, as more men dressed in black appear.

    “King Mogout, he decides if you go to heaven or hell”


    “for you, it’s a game of dodge ball.”

    “dodge ball?”

    “good luck” and with that, Kelsey hands you the ball before disappearing again. The game begins. Balls coming from everywhere. You throw the ball, and it flies through the air at super force, knocking out three of king Mogout’s men. You duck as balls fly towards you, before wiping out your own ball, knocking down four others, suddenly; it’s only you and King Mogout. Throwing the ball, it makes contact with his male parts (lol), and he falls to the ground disintegrating into the floor. The world goes black.

    You wake in bed. The familiar room over welling you. Sitting up, you’re in your sweatpants and white tee, your wrinkled hands running trough your hair again. Your 194 again, it was all a dream.

    The end!

    Haha my teacher loved it. His comments were amusing too! His final comment was “Very fun and imaginative, I loved it!” I have an interesting imagination hu? Lol. But I got a 20/20!

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