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    Helpless When She Smiles (My 2nd How the Grinch Stole Christmas Story)

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    Helpless When She Smiles (My 2nd How the Grinch Stole Christmas Story) Empty Helpless When She Smiles (My 2nd How the Grinch Stole Christmas Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:23 pm

    The Grinch Cast:
    Grinch: Jim Carrey
    Martha May Whovier: Christine Baranski
    Cindy Lou Who: Taylor Momsen
    Lou Lou Who: Bill Irwin
    Betty Lou Who: Molly Shannon
    Drew Lou Who: Jeremy Howard
    Stu Lou Who: T.J. Thyne
    Mayor Augustus Maywho: Jeffrey Tambor
    Clarnella: Mindy Sterling
    Rose: Rachel Winfree
    Officer Wholihan: Jim Meskimen

    The Whobillie Family:
    Rachel Whoberry: Me
    Rachel's husband, Gabreel Whoberry: My fiancé
    Rachel's mother, Kaelah Whobillie: Kathy Ireland
    Rachel's deceased father, Jasper Whobillie: John Dye
    Rachel's uncle, Tannon Whobillie: Tim Allen
    Rachel's aunt, Tannon's wife Estrella Whobillie: Elizabeth Mitchell
    Rachel's uncle, Joseph Whobillie: Judge Reinhold
    Rachel's aunt, Joseph's wife Wynne Whobillie: Wendy Crewson
    Rachel's uncle, Jordan Whobillie: Jay Thomas
    Rachel's uncle, Andrew Whobillie: Art LaFleur
    Rachel's older sister, Merry Whobillie: Mary McCormack
    Rachel's older sister, Mary Whobillie: Missi Pyle
    Robyn's older sister, Starr Whobillie: Senta Moses
    Rachel's older sister, Dove Whobillie: Drew Barrymore
    Rachel's older sister, Angel Whobillie: Angela Goethlas
    Rachel's older sister, Leah Whobillie: Lisa Jakub
    Rachel's older sister, Jewel Whobillie: Juliet Sorci
    Rachel's older sister, Anna Whobillie: Alisan Porter
    Rachels older sister, Tasha Whobillie: Thora Birch
    Rachel's younger sister, Luana Whobillie: Lauren Maltby
    Rachel's younger sister, Phoebe Whobillie: Paige Tamada
    Rachel's younger sister, Atarah Whobillie: Alexandra Petrocci
    Rachel's younger sister, Mayah Whobillie: Mika Boorem
    Rachel's younger sister, Tamara Whobillie: Tabitha Lupien
    Rachel's younger sister, Joanna Whobillie: Jennifer Pisana
    Rachel's younger sister, Laura Whobillie: Liliana Mumy
    Rachel's younger sister, Ayala Whobillie: Abigail Breslin
    Rachel's younger sister, Mattea Whobillie: Madeline Gray
    Rachel's younger sister, Emanuela Whobillie: Erica Gluck

    The Whoilee Family:
    Jacketta Whoilee: My best friend Jenn
    Jaketta's father, Mandel Whoilee: Matthew Walker
    Jaketta's mother, Rachel Whoilee: Rebecca Toolan
    Jaketta's aunt, Madalyn Whoilee: Mary Donnelly-Haskell
    Jaketta's aunt, Rebecca Whoilee: Rachelle Carson
    Jaketta's older brother, Pascal Whoilee: Peter Billingsley
    Jaketta's older brother, Jacques Whoilee: Jedidiah Cohen
    Jaketta's older brother, Madron Whoilee: Michael C. Maronna
    Jaketta's older brother, Enoch Whoilee: Ethan Embry
    Jaketta's older brother, Manuel Whoilee: Macaulay Culkin
    Jaketta's older brother, Manuel's twin Matteo Whoilee: Matthew Lawrence
    Jaketta's older brother, Jackson Whoilee: Jonathan Taylor Thomas
    Jaketta's older brother, Kylan Whoilee: Kieren Culkin
    Jaketta's older brother, Kylan's twin Salem Whoilee: Seth Smith
    Jaketta's younger brother, Talome Whoilee: Taylor Handley
    Jaketta's younger brother, Talome's twin Zalman Whoilee: Zachary McLemore
    Jaketta's younger brother, Jayson Whoilee: Justin Chapman
    Jaketta's younger brother, Jayson's twin Dawson Whoilee: David Gallagher
    Jaketta's younger brother, Joshua Whoilee: Joe Rokicki
    Jaketta's younger brother, James Whoilee: Joseph Cross
    Jaketta's younger brother, James's twin Wyatt Whoilee: Will Rothhaar
    Jaketta's younger brother, Abraham Whoilee: Andrew Lawrence
    Jaketta's younger brother, Abraham's twin Cameron Whoilee: Christopher Attadia
    Jaketta's younger brother, Aaron Whoilee: Alex D. Linz
    Jaketta's younger brother, Aaron's twin Jaden Whoilee: Jake Lloyd
    Jaketta's younger brother, Samuel Whoilee: Spencer Breslin
    Jaketta's younger brother, Charone Whoilee: Charlie Stewart
    Jaketta's younger brother, Charone's twin Thomas Whoilee: Taylor Gray
    Jaketta's younger brother, Zadok Whoilee: Zach Mills
    Jaketta's younger brother, Zebulon Whoilee: Zachary Gray
    Jaketta's boyfriend, Bernard Whowelle: Jenn's boyfriend

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