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    Chad Muska

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    Chad Muska (born May 20, 1977 in Lorain, Ohio) is an American professional skateboarder, Musician and DJ.


    Chad Muska is a professional skateboarder and musician, known for his part in the 1998 skateboarding video, Shorty's Fulfill The Dream.[1] After, Muska was given a sponsorship by Circa footwear in 1999, and released many models of shoes with the brand.[2] Chad Muska was let go by Circa in 2005, paving way for him to join the upstart company Supra Footwear. Chad also rode for es shoes before joining Circa. The es Muska model was a top selling shoe of its time. One of his Shorty's pro models was of his album MuskaBeatz which had 12 recordings of artists including Biz Markie. He later left Shorty's Skateboards in early 2006, and in December of that year he picked up a deal with Element Skateboards. Muska also left long time sponsors, Fury and Ricta, to help Element establish a more note worthy wheel and truck market.

    Muska also rode for now defunct companies TSA Clothing, Diaka Watches, and Ghetto Child Wheels. Other past sponsors include Toy Machine, Maple, Etnies, Shorty's Skateboards and Fury trucks.

    His current[when?] sponsors are Element Skateboards, KR3W, Supra Footwear, Ricta Wheels, MOB Griptape, and Factory413.
    He also made many appearances in the Tony Hawk series of videos games. His music has also been featured in the games. Chad Muska's dad designs rocket powered wheel chairs.

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