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    How Do I Live Without You (My 1st WWE Story)

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    How Do I Live Without You (My 1st  WWE Story) Empty How Do I Live Without You (My 1st WWE Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:04 pm

    WWE Smackdown and RAW Wrestlers:
    Mark William Calaway (The Undertaker)
    Adam Joseph Copeland (Edge)
    Óscar Gutiérrez Rubio (Rey Mysterio)
    Randall Keith Orton (Randy Orton)
    Dwayne Douglas Johnson (The Rock)
    John Randall Hennigan (John Morrison)
    Paul Michael Levesque (Triple H)
    Dos Caras Jr. (Alberto Del Rio)
    Glenn Thomas Jacobs (Kane)
    Paul Randall Wight Jr. (The Big Show)
    Theodore Rufus Long (Teddy Long)
    David Michael Bautista Jr. (Batista)
    Mike Mizanin (The Miz)
    Ron Killings (R-Truth)
    Drew Galloway (Drew McIntyre)
    John Felix Anthony Cena (John Cena)
    Cody Garrett Runnels (Dashing Cody Rhodes)
    Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah (Kofi Kingston)
    Phillip Jack Brooks (C.M. Punk)
    Stuart Bennett (Wade Barrett)
    William Jason Reso (Christian)

    WWE Smackdown and RAW Divas:
    Michelle Leigh McCool (Michelle McCool)
    Barbara Jean Blank (Kelly Kelly)
    Layla El (Layla)
    Brianna Garcia (Brie Bella)
    Nicole Garcia (Nikki Bella)
    Natalie Katherine Neidhart (Natalya)

    The Sherwen Family:
    Raelyn Mya Sherwen/Lynna: Me
    Raelyn's mother, Scarlett Fiona Sherwen: Sandra Bullock
    Raelyn's father, Donovan Cole Sherwen: David Spade
    Raelyn's uncle, Glenn Nathan Sherwen: Gary Oldman
    Raelyn's aunt, Glenn's wife Skyla Rose Sherwen: Stephanie "Stevie" Vallance
    Raelyn's older sister, Genevieve Miranda Sherwen: Gabrielle Carteris
    Raelyn's older brother, Rudy Easton Sherwen: Rob Morrow
    Raelyn's older brother, James Damon Sherwen: Joe Flanigan
    Raelyn's older brother, Matteo Adrian Sherwen: Micheal Shanks
    Raelyn's older brother, Matteo's twin Mason Wesley Sherwen: Matthew Lillard
    Raelyn's older sister, Shaylee Kirsten Sherwen: Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Raelyn's older sister, Cassidy Lee Sherwen: Caterina Scorsone
    Raelyn's older sister, Trinity Ashton Sherwen: Thora Birch
    Raelyn's twin sister, Tatyana Nia Sherwen: Tammin Sursok
    Raelyn's younger sister, Noelle Lyric Sherwen: Natalie Tena
    Raelyn's younger brother, Noelle's twin Cooper Dale Sherwen: Colin Morgan
    Raelyn's younger brother, Paxton Elliott Sherwen: Paul Butcher
    Raelyn's younger sister, Paxton's twin Lorena Bailey Sherwen: Liliana Mumy
    Raelyn's younger sister, Jocelyn Violet Sherwen: Jordan Todosey
    Raelyn's younger sister, Jocelyn's twin Janet Madison Sherwen: Juliette Goglia
    Raelyn's younger brother, Darren Tate Sherwen: Dylan Everett
    Raelyn's younger brother, Bradyn Jackson Sherwen
    Raelyn's fiance, George Micheal Bramich/The Hunkster: My fiance

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    How Do I Live Without You (My 1st  WWE Story) V5OKiZE
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    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:15 pm

    Chapter 1
    Try Not To Worry

    One day Michelle McCool woke up and looked over her husband Mark Calaway AKA The Undertaker. Mark was still sleeping like a baby. Michelle just smiled and watched him sleep. Mark opened his eyes and noticed Michelle looking at him.
    “What are you doing?” Mark asked.
    “I was watching you sleep.” Michelle answered.
    “Why?” Mark asked.
    “You’d look so peaceful and innocent.” Michelle answered.
    “Really I did?” Mark asked.
    “Yes really you did honey.” Michelle answered.
    Mark laughed a little than sighed.
    “Are you going into work today?” Mark asked.
    “Yes I am.” Michelle answered.
    “I’ll miss you.” Mark said.
    “Yes I know I’ll miss you too.” Michelle replied.
    “See you later and be careful.” Mark said.
    Michelle nodded her head. Mark let a long sigh.
    “Are you okay?” Michelle asked.
    “No, I’m not feeling the greatest but don’t worry I’ll be fine.” Mark answered.
    “Are you sure?” Michelle asked.
    “Yes I’m sure.” Mark answered.
    “I could phone in and tell them I can’t come in today.” Michelle said.
    “No, Michelle please just go and I promise that I’ll just fine.” Mark replied.
    Michelle hugged Mark and kissed him on the forehead than left. Michelle went her work thinking about Mark. A few hours passed. Michelle is sitting on the chair in the arena thinking about Mark when Adam Copeland AKA Edge walked in. Adam noticed the upset look on Michelle’s face.
    “What’s wrong with you?” Adam asked.
    “I’m just worried about my husband.” Michelle answered.
    “Why are you worried about him?” Adam asked.
    “He’s not feeling the greatest today and I wanted to stay home with him but he won’t let me.” Michelle answered.
    Paul Levesque AKA Triple H walked into the room.
    “Who are you talking about?” Paul asked.
    “She’s talking about her husband.” Adam answered.
    “The Undertaker is sick?” Paul asked.
    “Yes he is because everyone gets sick even wrestle superstars.” Michelle answered.
    Michelle walked over to the phone just as Teddy Long walked into the room. Michelle dialed her home number. It rang a few times that Mark picked it up.
    “Hello this is The Undertaker.” Mark said.
    Michelle laughed.
    “Hi honey it’s me.” Michelle replied.
    “How are things at work?” Mark asked.
    “They are good.” Michelle answered.
    “I’m glad to hear it.” Mark said.
    “How are you feeling now?” Michelle asked.
    “I’m feeling a little better and I really miss you.” Mark answered.
    Michelle just smiled.
    “Do you really?” Michelle asked.
    “Yes I do.” Mark answered.
    Teddy is close by tapping his foot.
    “I have to go honey because Teddy is getting mad but I’ll be home a little later and try to get some sleep.” Michelle said.
    “Alright I will and I love you.” Mark replied.
    “I love you too.” Michelle said.
    Michelle and Mark hung up on each other. Teddy looked at Michelle.
    “What was that all about?” Teddy asked.
    “Mark is sick today and I was worrying about him so I was just checking up on him.” Michelle answered.
    “Is he feeling any better?” Teddy asked.
    “Yes he’s feeling a little better.” Michelle answered.
    “Are you going to be able to concentrate today?” Teddy asked.
    “I’ll try my best.” Michelle answered.
    Teddy smiled a little.
    “That’s good to here.” Teddy said.
    Michelle walked out the ring just as Vickie appeared.
    “What’s wrong with you today?” Vickie asked.
    “It’s none of your business.” Michelle answered.
    “Would you like to lose your job?” Vickie asked.
    “No, thank you.” Michelle answered.
    “I don’t want you talk me like that again and I want to know what’s wrong.” Vickie said.
    “Mark isn’t feeling that great today so I’m worried about that’s all.” Michelle replied.
    “Well don’t let get in way of your fight.” Vickie said.
    Vickie walked off. Michelle sighed. Adam walked over to her.
    “What was that all about?” Adam asked.
    “Vickie is giving me a hard time about being worried about Mark.” Michelle answered.
    “I won’t let her get to you just do your best.” Adam said.
    “Thanks Adam.” Michelle replied.
    Adam smiled and walked off. Michelle went into ring. All of a sudden Layla came out along with Teddy and the Bella Twins.
    “The main Diva match tonight is LayCool against the Bella Twins.” Teddy said.
    The match started. Michelle is still thinking about Mark and finding it hard to concentrate on the match. Vickie is watching and shaking her head. Teddy looked at Vickie.
    “What’s your problem?” Teddy asked.
    “Michelle needs to stop thinking about her husband because it’s interfering with the match.” Vickie answered.
    “She’s allowed to worry about him you because it’s only natural.” Teddy said.
    “I think that we should make a rule about this.” Vickie replied.
    “What do you mean?” Teddy asked.
    “I mean that the Wrestling Superstars and the Divas are not allowed to be with each other anymore.” Vickie answered.
    “Vickie, that’s a stupid idea and I’m not agreeing to it so just forget it.” Teddy said.
    Vickie sighed and walked off mad. Teddy shook his head. All of a sudden a shadow appeared over Teddy. Teddy turned around to find Mark standing behind him.
    “How’s the match going?” Mark asked.
    “It’s not going so great because your wife can’t concentrate.” Teddy answered.
    “She’s worried about me isn’t she?” Mark asked.
    Teddy nodded his head.
    “Yes she is and she has been all day since she got here.” Teddy answered.
    “I told her not to worry about because I’d be fine.” Mark said.
    “Are you fine?” Teddy asked.
    “Yes I’m a lot better now because I had some rest.” Mark answered.
    Mark walked over close to the ring and just watched. A few minutes later the match is over and The Bella Twins won. Layla looked at Michelle.
    “What is wrong with you?” Layla asked.
    “I just wasn’t in the mood tonight.” Michelle answered.
    “You cost us the match.” Layla said.
    “I’m sorry.” Michelle replied.
    “Well sorry isn’t good enough.” Layla said.
    Vickie walked over to them.
    “What do you want now?” Michelle asked.
    “I told you not to let your feelings get in the way but you didn’t listen.” Vickie answered.
    Mark tapped Vickie on the shoulder. Vickie turned around.
    “You leave me my wife alone.” Mark said.
    “Mark, you came.” Michelle replied.
    Michelle got out the ring and walked over to Mark. Mark pulled Michelle close and wrapped his arms around her.
    “I started to feeling and I also missed you.” Mark said.
    Michelle smiled.
    “I miss you too.” Michelle replied.
    A few hours later Michelle is sleeping in Mark’s strong arms. Adam and Barbie are sleeping in each other’s arms.

    How Do I Live Without You (My 1st  WWE Story) V5OKiZE
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    Chapter 2
    You Can’t Have Her

    It’s the day after Mark was sick. Michelle and Mark are at home just relaxing together. Adam is at the arena where the wrestling is going to be in a few days. Barbie is there too and decided to go for a walk. Barbie is enjoying her walk when suddenly Drew appeared.
    “What do you want?” Barbie asked.
    “I want you to go out with me.” Drew answered.
    Barbie rolled her eyes.
    “I can’t because I’m in love with Adam.” Barbie said.
    “What he’s got that I haven’t?” Drew asked.
    “He’s treats me like princess and he cares about me.” Barbie answered.
    “I care about you too.” Drew said.
    Barbie sighed.
    “It’s not the same.” Barbie replied.
    Barbie started to leave but Drew grabbed her arm.
    “You’re going to be mine whether you want to or not.” Drew said.
    “Don’t make do something you’ll regret.” Barbie replied.
    “What could you do that I’d regret?” Drew asked.
    “If you don’t let go me you’ll find out.” Barbie answered.
    “There’s no way I’m letting go so do your worst.” Drew said.
    “ADAM HELP ME.” Barbie screamed at the top of her lungs.
    Adam came running and glared at Drew.
    “What do you think you’re doing with my woman?” Adam asked.
    “That’s simple I want her to be my woman.” Drew answered.
    “I don’t see how that’s going to work when she belongs to me.” Adam said.
    “Do you want to fight for her?” Drew asked.
    Adam walked over and pulled Barbie away from Drew into his arms.
    “No, I don’t because it’s not worth fight over because no matter what I’ll never let you or anyone have her.” Adam answered.
    “Really you won’t?” Barbie asked.
    “No, I won’t because I love and it’s going to stay that way.” Adam answered.
    Barbie hugged Adam. Drew started to walk away.
    “I’m not giving up.” Drew said.
    “What are you going to about him?” Barbie asked.
    “That’s something you don’t have to worry about because I’ll take care of him.” Adam answered.
    Adam pulled Barbie close to him and started to kiss her. They kissed for what seem like forever. Vickie walked over to them and cleared her throat.

    “Excuse Me, please stop that.” Vickie said.
    Adam and Barbie broke their kiss.
    “Why should we?” Adam asked.
    “You should because I said so and what I say goes.” Vickie answered.
    Adam sighed than took Barbie by the hand and went somewhere they could be alone.
    “She’s really starting to get on my last nerve.” Adam replied.
    “Yeah same here.” Barbie said.
    “I want to tell her off yesterday.” Adam replied.
    “Why?” Barbie asked.
    “I didn’t like that way she was to Michelle when she was missing Mark and worrying about him because he was sick.” Adam answered.
    “Yeah I know you mean because so was I.” Barbie said.
    “I’m glad that you agree with me.” Adam replied.
    Adam started to kiss Barbie again. The Brianna and Nicole Garcia are close by.
    “I wish I had a handsome boyfriend like she does.” Brianna said.
    “Yeah I do too.” Nicole replied.
    Adam and Barbie are still kissing.
    “Do they ever come up for air?” Brianna asked.
    “It doesn’t look like it.” Nicole answered.
    A few hours later Barbie is sleeping in Adam’s arms. Michelle and Mark are sleeping each other’s embrace.

    How Do I Live Without You (My 1st  WWE Story) V5OKiZE
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    Chapter 3
    Two New Additions

    It’s been a few days since Drew tried to take Barbie away from Adam. The Divas are hanging out together. Michelle is look a little said. Layla noticed Michelle looking sad.
    “What’s wrong with you?” Layla asked.
    “I miss my husband and my best friend Raelyn Sherwen from school.” Michelle answered.
    “When was the last time that you saw your best friend Raelyn?” Barbie asked.
    “The last time that I saw was her was the night of graduation.” Michelle answered.
    Teddy Long walked into the room.
    “What would you like?” Brianna asked.
    “I would like you all to come with me.” Teddy answered.
    “Why do you want us to come with you?” Nicole asked.
    “There are two additions to the wrestling family that I want everyone to meet.” Teddy answered.
    The Divas followed Teddy Long. Michelle sighed. Mark walked behind her and Layla started to snicker.
    “What’s so funny?” Michelle asked.
    “If you turned around you’ll know what is.” Layla answered.
    Michelle turned to find Mark standing behind her.
    “Hi honey.” Mark said.
    Michelle hugged Mark. A few minutes later the new additions walked over.
    “Is that you Michelle McCool?” The new lady addition asked.
    “Yes that’s me.” Michelle answered.
    “It’s me Raelyn Sherwen.” The new lady addition said.
    “You’re one of the new additions?” Michelle asked.
    Raelyn nodded her head.
    “Yes I am and the other new addition is my fiancé George Michael Bramich.” Raelyn answered.
    George walked over to Michelle and the others.
    “Hi, I’m Raelyn’s fiancé George Michael Bramich.” George said.
    “It’s nice too meet you and I’m Michelle McCool.” Michelle replied.
    Mark just grinned. Michelle noticed and shook her head.
    “What was that for?” Mark asked.
    Layla laughed.
    “It’s nothing forget it.” Michelle answered.
    Michelle turned her attention back to Raelyn and George.
    “What are your wrestling names going to be?” Michelle asked.
    “I’m going by Lynna and George is going by The Hunkster.” Raelyn answered.
    “Were a fan of wrestling before you join?” Barbie asked.
    “Yes I was than lost interest until I met George.” Raelyn answered.
    “Who’s your favorite wrestler?” Brianna asked.
    “The Undertaker.” Raelyn answered.
    “Really he is?” Michelle asked.
    “Yeah that’s what I said.” Raelyn answered.
    “How’s that for coincidence?” Mark asked.
    “It’s very surprising.” Michelle answered.
    “Are you wrestling tonight?” Mark asked.
    “Yeah I am.” Michelle answered.
    “I’ll come watch you.” Mark said.
    Mark kissed Michelle on the forehead and left. Raelyn looked at Mark than at Michelle.
    “That was The Undertaker wasn’t it.” Raelyn replied.
    “Yes it was.” Michelle said.
    “Why did you kiss on you on forehead?” Raelyn asked.
    “I guess he just felt like it.” Michelle answered.
    “Shouldn’t you tell her the truth?” Layla asked.
    “I was thinking about that but I don’t know how she’d take it.” Michelle answered.
    “Does that The Undertaker a match tonight?” Brianna asked.
    “Yeah he does against me.” Paul Levesque answered.
    “Aren’t you Triple H?” Raelyn asked.
    “Yes that’s me.” Paul Levesque answered.
    Michelle looked at Paul Levesque.
    “Could you do me a favor?” Michelle asked.
    “That depends on what the favor is.” Paul Levesque answered.
    “Please go easy on Mark because I don’t him to get hurt.” Michelle said.
    “I can’t promise that.” Paul Levesque said.
    A few hours later it’s time for wrestling. The first match is LayCool against The Bella Twins. Mark is watching Michelle fight. LayCool wins.
    The night goes on than it gets to the fight between Triple H and The Undertaker. The match started off good than Triple H threw The Undertaker out of the ring and against where the fans. The Undertaker didn’t get back up.
    “No.” Michelle yelled.
    Teddy Long came out.
    “Triple H.” Teddy screamed.
    Michelle ran over to The Undertaker.
    “Mark, wake up please.” Michelle pleaded.
    The Undertaker still doesn’t wake up.
    The match is called over. The Wrestling Medics come over and check out The Undertaker. Teddy looked at them.
    “Is he going to be okay?” Teddy asked.
    “Yes he is.” One of the Medics answered.
    They take The Undertaker to one of the rooms. The Divas came in along with Michelle, George and Raelyn. Michelle sniffed and walked over to where Mark. Michelle sat on the floor by where Mark was laying. Layla came over to Michelle.
    “He’s going to wake up.” Layla said.
    “Are you sure?” Michelle asked.
    “Yes I am because The Undertaker and he’s strong plus he’d never you.” Layla answered.
    Mark groaned but didn’t wake.
    “Michelle.” Mark groaned.
    “I’m here honey.” Michelle said.
    Raelyn is watching everyone thing. Mark slowly opened his eyes and noticed the tears Michelle’s eyes. Mark reached up and wiped the tears out of Michelle’s eyes.
    “Why are you crying?” Mark asked.
    “I was scared that I was going to lose you.” Michelle answered.
    Mark slowly sat up and pulled Michelle up on the couch with him.
    “You are never going to lose me because I love you too much to let that happen.” Mark said.
    Raelyn gasped.
    “What’s going on here?” Raelyn asked.
    “Michelle is my wife.” Mark answered.
    Raelyn looked at Michelle.
    “You’re married to The Undertaker?” Raelyn asked.
    Michelle nodded her head.
    “Yes I am.” Michelle answered.
    “That’s so cool and you’re lucky.” Raelyn said.
    “I know I’m luckiest Diva in wrestling.” Michelle replied.
    “You are?” Mark asked.
    Michelle nodded her head.
    “Yes I am because I have one of the strongest wrestlers as my husband and I love him more life itself.” Michelle answered.
    Mark smiled and hugged Michelle. A few hours later Michelle is sleeping in Mark’s embrace. Raelyn is sleeping George’s embrace. Adam and Barbie are sleeping in each other’s embrace.

    How Do I Live Without You (My 1st  WWE Story) V5OKiZE
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    wow those chapters r really good rolanda can;t wait to read the next one

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