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    ♥Ronald McDonald's Wife♥

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    Wonder Woman Forum

    Post by ♥Ronald McDonald's Wife♥ on Tue Jan 18, 2011 1:28 am

    My Wonder Woman forum will mainly be about Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman.

    My username is Wonder Woman.
    Rolanda's username is Wonder Girl.

    Other usernames you can choose from are:
    Princess Diana
    Diana Prince
    Agent Diana Prince
    Agent Prince
    Steve Trevor
    Major Steve Trevor
    Steve Trevor Sr.
    Steve Trevor Jr.
    Colonel Steve Trevor

    Or anyone else from the Lynda Carter tv series of Wonder Woman. You can choose to be anyone from the show but not use the words, Fan, Fanatic, Fan 4 Ever or Fanatic 4 Ever.

    NOTE: No other usernames are allowed only the ones from Wonder Woman are allowed.


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    Re: Wonder Woman Forum

    Post by kittyfan on Wed Jan 19, 2011 4:14 pm

    oh wow cool amber i have never seen the show so i don't know


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