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    What Dreams Are Made Of (My 1st Spider-Man Story)

    ❄️Crystal Snow❄️
    ❄️Crystal Snow❄️

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    What Dreams Are Made Of (My 1st Spider-Man Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:41 am

    Spider-Man Cast:
    Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Tobey Maguire
    Mary "MJ" Jane Watson: Kirsten Dunst
    Harry Osborn/New Green Goblin: James Franco
    Gwen Stacy: Bryce Dallas Howard
    Flint Marko/Sandman: Thomas Haden Church
    May Peter: Rosemary Harris
    J. Jonah Jameson: J.K. Simmons
    Emma Marko: Theresa Russell
    Eddie Brock/Venom: Topher Grace

    The Sawyer Family:
    Roxana Elisa Sawyer: Me
    Roxana's mother, Serenity Irene Sawyer: Sandra Bullock
    Roxana's father, Darien Caleb Sawyer: David Spade
    Roxan's uncle, Grant Ashby Sawyer: Gary Oldman
    Roxana's aunt, Grant's wife Sherya Leah Sawyer: Stephanie "Stevie" Vallance
    Roxana's uncle, Justin Michael Sawyer: Jim Carry
    Roxana's aunt, Justin's wife Clarissa Chloe Sawyer: Christine Baranski
    Roxana's uncle, Aiden Wesley Sawyer: Anthony Head
    Roxana's aunt, Aiden's wife Heidi Rose Sawyer: Helena Bonham Carter
    Roxana's older sister, Galilea Joy Sawyer: Gabrielle Carteris
    Roxana's older brother, Maximus Jayden Sawyer: Mark "Undertaker" Calaway
    Roxana's older brother, Maximus's twin Reilly Ethan Sawyer: Rob Morrow
    Roxana's older brother, Isaac Davion Sawyer: Ian Zering
    Roxana's older brother, John Wade Sawyer: Joe Flanigan
    Roxana's older brother, John's twin Gary Reagan Sawyer: Glenn "Kane" Jacobs
    Roxana's older brother, Jarret "JJ" John Sawyer: Jason Priestley
    Roxana's older brother, Mitchell Boston Sawyer: Michael Shanks
    Roxana's older brother, Mitchell's twin Michael Alexander Sawyer: Matthew Lillard
    Roxana's older sister, Sophia Olivia Sawyer: Shannen Doherty
    Roxana's older sister, Sophia's twin Keira Mina Sawyer: Krista Allen
    Roxana's older sister, Avonlea Hope Sawyer: Alyssa Milano
    Roxana's older brother, Avonlea's twin Preston Ethan Sawyer: Paul "Big Show" Wight
    Roxana's older sister, Halina Alexandria Sawyer: Holly Marie Combs
    Roxana's older sister, Halina's twin Taylin Isabella Sawyer: Tori Spelling
    Roxana's older sister, Lyric Belle Sawyer: Linda Cardellini
    Roxana's older brother, Lyric's twin Timothy Ivan Sawyer: T.J. Thyne
    Roxana's older sister, Gracie Mae Sawyer: Gema Zampronga
    Roxana's older sister, Scarlett Grace Sawyer: Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Roxana's older sister, Scarlett's twin Julian Warren Sawyer: Jerry Trainor
    Roxana's older sister, Natalie Brooke Sawyer: Nicholle Tom
    Roxana's older sister, Elisa Delilah Sawyer: Eliza Dusku
    Roxana's older sister, Elisa's twin Miracle Adeline Sawyer: Marnette Patterson
    Roxana's older sister, Courtney Isabella Sawyer: Caterina Scorsone
    Roxana's older brother, Courtney's twin Jayden Eli Sawyer: Jeremy Howard
    Roxana's older sister, Teagan Anne Sawyer: Thora Birch
    Roxana's twin brother, Keaton Gavin Sawyer: Kyle Downes
    Roxana's younger sister, Nicole Princess Sawyer: Natalia Tena
    Roxana's younger sister, Nicole's twin Mariah Lynn Sawyer: Martha McIsaac
    Roxana's younger sister, Hannah Charlotte Campbell: Hilary Duff
    Roxana's younger sister, Hannah's twin Lavender Jade Sawyer: Lalanie
    Roxana's younger sister, April Kristina Sawyer: Anna Popplewell
    Roxana's younger sister, April's twin Raine Paige Sawyer: Rachael Henley
    Roxana's younger sister, Diamond Brooke Sawyer: Daniella Monet
    Roxana's younger sister, Diamond's twin Kimberly Faith Sawyer: Kristen Herrara
    Roxana's younger sister, Carrie Nina Sawyer: Carly Schroeder
    Roxana's younger sister, Carrie's twin Krista Jordyn Sawyer: Kayla Sanders
    Roxana's younger sister, Emelia Josephine Sawyer: Erin Saunders
    Roxana's younger sister, Haiden Sofia Sawyer: Heather Tryzna
    Roxana's younger sister, Brooklyn Avery Sawyer: Bridget Mendler
    Roxana's younger sister, Brooklyn's twin Makenna Jaylee Sawyer: Miley Cyrus
    Roxana's younger sister, Jasmine Ray Sawyer: Jennifer Stone
    Roxana's younger sister, Jasmine Viviana Jade Sawyer: Victoria Justice
    Roxana's younger sister, Jasmine and Viviana's twin Trinity Arabella Sawyer: Taylor Momsen
    Roxana's younger sister, Krystal Maya Sawyer: Kayla Sanders
    Roxana's younger sister, Krystal's twin Phoebe Laura Sawyer: Perry Mattifeld
    Roxana's younger sister, Gemma Willow Sawyer: Georgie Henley
    Roxana's younger sister, Gemma's twin Janette Ray Sawyer: Jennifer Rae Daykin
    Roxana's younger sister, Serena Nicole Sawyer: Sloane Momsen
    Roxana's younger sister, Helen Lyndsey Sawyer: Hailee Steinfeld
    Roxana's younger sister, Bethany Diana Sawyer: Bella Throne
    Roxana's younger sister, Bethany's twin Harmony Ruby Sawyer: Holly Gibbs
    Roxana's younger sister, Gretchen Trinity Sawyer: G. Hannelius
    Roxana's younger sister, Gretchen's twin Meadow Lisa Sawyer: Madison Pettis
    Roxana's younger sister, Brooke Patricia Sawyer: Baliee Madison
    Roxana's younger sister, Brooke's twin Joyce Georgia Sawyer: Joey King
    Roxana's younger sister, Nyla Lexus Sawyer: Noah Lindsey
    Roxana's younger sister, Nyla's twin Ruth Carrie Sawyer: Rhiannon Leigh Wyn
    Roxana's younger sister, Heather Audrey Sawyer: Hannah Gunn
    Roxana's younger sister, Heather's twin Eleanora Tina Sawyer: Emily Grace Reaves
    Roxana's younger sister, Zoey Louise Sawyer: Zinnia Barnes
    Roxana's younger sister, Zoey's twin Halle Grace Sawyer: Hebe Barnes
    Roxana's younger sister, Ania Mae Sawyer: Mia Talerico
    Roxana's fiance, Grayson Timothy Barrett: My fiance
    Hannah's husband, Matthew Nestor Campbell: Mike Comrie
    Lavender's boyfriend, Andrew Marshall Lincoln: Adam Lamberg
    Nicole's boyfriend, Devin Judah Tyler: David Thewlis
    April's boyfriend, Wayne Danny Marshall: William Moseley
    Carrie's boyfriend, James Elijah Trevor: Jake Thomas
    Gretchen's boyfriend, Shane Michael Spencer: Skandar Keynes
    Michell's wife, Amelia Rose Sawyer: Amanda Tapping


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    Re: What Dreams Are Made Of (My 1st Spider-Man Story)

    Post by kittyfan on Sun Jan 16, 2011 3:31 pm

    wow can't wait to read it rolanda


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