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    07 Brenda's Daughter's Mystery

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    07 Brenda's Daughter's Mystery Empty 07 Brenda's Daughter's Mystery

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    The Planes
    Jay Jay, Tracy, Herky, Snuffy, Savannah, Big Jake, Old Oscar, Lina, Montana, Captain Bob, Solar

    The Ground Vehicles
    Revvin' Evan, Tuffy, Truckee

    The Blue Family
    Brenda Blue: Eve Whittle
    Brenda's twin sister, Brendaleigh Blue: Terri Irwin
    Brenda's oldest daughter, Ashlyn Blue: Ashley Tisdale
    Brenda's second oldest daughter, Blair Blue: Miley Cyrus
    Brenda's third oldest daughter, Courtney Blue: Christy Carlson Romano
    Brenda's fourth oldest daugther, Delia Blue, Demi Lovato
    Brenda's fifth oldest daughter, Edeline Blue: Emily Osment
    Brenda's sixth oldest and middle daughter, Fallon Blue: Selena Gomez
    Brenda's seventh oldest and favorite daughter, Genevieve Blue: Me
    Brenda's eighth oldest daughter, Hadley Blue: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Brenda's ninth oldest daughter, Hadley's twin sister, Isla Blue: Juilanna Rose Mauriello
    Brenda's tenth oldest daughter, Janessa Blue: Bindi Sue Irwin
    Brenda's eleventh oldest daughter, Janessa's twin sister, Kathleen Blue: Bindi Sue Irwin
    Brenda's youngest daughter, Janessa and Kathleen's twin sister, Lacey Blue: Bindi Sue Irwin

    07 Brenda's Daughter's Mystery Ronald_mcdonald_and_me_by_sportacusgirl-d8zgllh
    ♥Ronald McDonald's Wife♥
    ♥Ronald McDonald's Wife♥

    Number of posts : 1703
    Age : 35
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    Chapter 1
    The Mystery of Mythical Creatures: Unicorns

    NARRATOR: One day the 12 daughters of Tarrytown Airport's Ace Mechanic, Brenda Blue were at Smilling Meadow picking daffodils for their mother as a gift for their mother for Mother's Day. All of a sudden Brenda Blue's seventh oldest and favorite daughter, Genevieve Blue was picking some daffodils when she was startled by a noise. She went to go see what was making that noise and when she saw what made the noise she couldn't believe her eyes. She quickly ran back to her 11 sisters and told them what she found. They didn't believe her.
    GENEVIEVE: You guys won't believe what I just saw.
    ASHLYN: What did you see Genevieve?
    GENEVIEVE: I'm not sure but it looked like a horse with a horn on it's head.
    BLAIR: Are you sure there weren't two horns on it's head making it a goat?
    GENEVIEVE: It was a white horse with one horn on it's head. I know what I saw.
    COURTNEY: I have to agree with Blair it must've been a goat you saw.
    GENEVIEVE: You guys don't believe me do you?
    DELIA: I'm sorry Genevieve if this horse had one horn it couldn't be real.
    GENEVIEVE: What makes you say that, Delia?
    DELIA: Horses don't have horns.
    EDELINE: Delia's right. Horses can't have horns.
    FALLON: Genevieve take us to where you saw this so called horse with one horn.
    HADLEY: If one such animal exists.
    GENEVIEVE: It was a white horse with one horn and it does exist.
    ISLA: Are you sure?
    GENEVIEVE: I'm positive. I saw it with my own eyes.
    JANESSA: Let's see this...
    KATHLEEN: White horse...
    LACEY: With one horn.
    NARRATOR: So Genevieve took her 11 sisters to where she found the white horse with one horn. And when they got there the 12 sisters saw that it was nowhere in sight.
    GENEVIEVE: No it can't be! It was right here a few minutes ago.
    ASHLYN: It's not here now.
    BLAIR: I don't think it was ever here in the first place.
    COURTNEY: I still think it was a goat that she saw.
    DELIA: Only she didn't see the second horn.
    EDELINE: Or she could've saw a white horse without a horn at all.
    FALLON: Yeah I think that's what she saw.
    GENEVIEVE: Guys stop!!!
    HADLEY: Genevieve you must...
    ISLA: Have seen a...
    JANESSA: White horse with...
    KATHLEEN: out a...
    LACEY: horn at all.
    GENEVIEVE: I know someone who would believe me.
    NARRATOR: And with that Genevieve took off running with her daffodils to the new communications hanger to find her mother. By the time Genevieve reach the communications hanger she had tears in her eyes. Genevieve ran into the hanger and over to where her mother was at and into her mother's arms.
    GENEVIEVE (with tears in her eyes): Mother, mother they don't believe me for what I saw earlier in Smiling Meadow.
    BRENDA (hugging her daughter): Who doesn't believe you?
    NARRATOR: Just then Genevieve's 11 sisters walked in and walked over to their mother and sister.
    GENEVIEVE (pointing to her sisters): Them!
    BRENDA: Ok, girls tell me what you said to make your sister cry.
    ALL 11 SISTERS: It's nothing really mother.
    GENEVIEVE: Lier!
    BRENDA: Baby girl why did you call your sisters a lier?
    NARRATOR: Genevieve whispered to Brenda why she called her sisters a lier.
    BRENDA: Girls I want the 11 of you to go to your room this instant.
    FALLON: But mother,...
    BRENDA: Don't "but mother," me young lady! You are all grounded until I can help your sister figure out what she saw that made you not believe her.
    NARRATOR: So the 11 sisters stormed off to their room. As they left Jay Jay and Lina entered the new communications hanger.
    JAY JAY: Brenda what's going on?
    LINA (as she noticed Genevieve still in Brenda's arms crying): Yeah. What's wrong with Genevieve?
    BRENDA: Well Jay Jay and Lina my daughter, Genevieve is upset because her 11 sisters won't believe her for what she saw when they were in Smiling Meadow earlier. By the way what were you doing in Smiling Meadow?
    GENEVIEVE: I was picking these (as she held up the daffodils) for you for Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day, Mother.
    BRENDA: They are lovely, thank you.
    GENEVIEVE: You're welcome.
    BRENDA: So baby girl tell us what did you see earlier that your sisters wouldn't believe you for what you saw?
    GENEVIEVE: Well, mother it looked to me like a white horse...
    JAY JAY: White horses are real aren't they Brenda?
    BRENDA: Of course they are.
    LINA: Why didn't your sisters believe you that you saw a caballo blanco a white horse if they are real?
    GENEVIEVE: No, no, no. Jay Jay didn't let me finish.
    BRENDA: You didn't see a white horse?
    GENEVIEVE: No, mother, I did see a white horse but this white horse had what appeared to be a single horn on its head.
    BRENDA: A white horse with one horn?
    GENEVIEVE: That's right and when I went to go tell my sisters what I saw they thought I was making it up or thinking that I saw something else.
    BRENDA: Wow this is a real mystery.
    JAY JAY: Lina did you hear what Brenda said?
    LINA: I sure did Jay Jay.
    NARRATOR: That's right Brenda said mystery. That means they have a new mystery to solve. Just then Genevieve saw the white horse with one horn gallop pass the communications hanger.
    GENEVIEVE: Look there it is.
    NARRATOR: Just as Brenda, Jay Jay and Lina looked it was gone.
    JAY JAY: Genevieve there's nothing there.
    GENEVIEVE: It was there it was galloping so fast that when you three turned to see it, it was already gone, but it was there.
    BRENDA: Why don't the three of you follow me?
    GENEVIEVE: Where are we going mother?
    BRENDA: You'll see.
    NARRATOR: Brenda took Genevieve, Jay Jay and Lina to the Tarrytown Public Library.
    GENEVIEVE: The library? Why did you bring us to the library, mother?
    BRENDA (as she held up a book about horses): For this?
    GENEVIEVE: A book about horses?
    BRENDA: Yes, maybe your horse might be in here.
    NARRATOR: So Brenda, Genevieve, Jay Jay and Lina started flipping through the horse book. Just then Genevieve saw a picture of a white horse with one horn like the one she saw at Smiling Meadow and in front of the communications hanger.
    GENEVIEVE: Mother, that's the horse I saw.
    BRENDA: Are you sure, baby girl?
    GENEVIEVE: Yes, yes I am.
    LINA: What does the book say about that caballo, Brenda?
    BRENDA: It says that it's called a unicorn.
    JAY JAY: A unicorn? Why is it called a unicorn, Brenda?
    BRENDA: It says here it's called a unicorn for that one horn on their head and it also says here that most unicorns are white and a unicorn has the same shape of a horse.
    GENEVIEVE: So it was a unicorn I saw.
    BRENDA: I don't know about that baby girl.
    GENEVIEVE: Why is that?
    BRENDA: It says here Unicorns are a mythical creature.
    GENEVIEVE: Mythical creature?
    LINA: What is that?
    BRENDA: A mythical creature is not a real animal like horses, dogs, cats and birds.
    NARRATOR: A few minutes later the four of them were back at the communications hanger.
    BRENDA: Now let's compare a unicorn with a real horse. You see that's a real horse on the left and a unicorn on the right.
    LINA: Brenda how can you tell the two apart?
    JAY JAY: They both look the same to me.
    BRENDA: Well Jay Jay and Lina if you look closer you will see the horse on the right has a horn and the one on the left doesn't have a horn at all.
    JAY JAY: So a horse with no horn is a real horse?
    BRENDA: That's right.
    LINA: And the one with a horn is not real?
    BRENDA: That's right again.
    GENEVIEVE: But mother, this unicorn was real. I know it was.
    BRENDA: Baby girl, why don't you take us to the spot where you first saw this unicorn?
    GENEVIEVE: Ok then, follow me.
    NARRATOR: So Brenda, Jay Jay and Lina followed Genevieve to the spot in Smiling Meadow where she first heard the unicorn.
    GENEVIEVE: I was here picking some daffodils when all of a sudden a noise startled me and when I went to go see what made that noise that is when I saw the unicorn.
    NARRATOR: Just then Genevieve heard that same noise again.
    GENEVIEVE: Did you hear that?
    BRENDA: I sure did it sounded like a horse neighing.
    JAY JAY: Let's go see where that neighing is coming from.
    GENEVIEVE: The spot it's coming from is right over here. This was the same spot I saw the...
    NARRATOR: When they got to the spot there it was a real live unicorn.
    GENEVIEVE: Unicorn. Mother, look there it is. Don't you see it?
    BRENDA: I sure do, baby girl. And you're right it does have one horn.
    JAY JAY: But how can that be? Unicorns aren't real.
    BRENDA: Well I guess they are since there is one right here in Tarrytown.
    GENEVIEVE: Isn't it gorgeous?
    BRENDA: It sure is. Let's see if it's friendly.
    NARRATOR: So Genevieve and Brenda slowly walked closer and closer to the unicorn and before they knew it they were able to pet the unicorn as if she knew them. Then the unicorn rubbed her head on Genevieve's cheek.
    GENEVIEVE: Mother, she likes me. Can I keep her, please? Now maybe my sisters will believe me.
    BRENDA: Of course you can. baby girl.
    NARRATOR: Genevieve asked the unicorn if she wanted to come home with her and the unicorn neighed as if she was saying yes. This made Genevieve very happy. So now Genevieve is on the unicorn riding it sidesaddle back to Tarrytown Airport. As soon as they got back Brenda called for her 11 daughters to come to the new communications hanger because their sister has a surprise for them. A few minutes later Genevieve's 11 sisters arrived. When they went in they couldn't believe their eyes.
    GENEVIEVE: Do you see her now?
    ASHLYN: I'm sorry, Genevieve.
    BLAIR: I'm sorry, too, Genevieve.
    COURTNEY: Me, too.
    DELIA AND EDELINE: We're sorry too.
    FALLON: As am I. I'm so sorry.
    HADLEY AND ISLA: So are we.
    JANESSA, KATHLEEN AND LACEY: We are too. Do you forgvie us?
    GENEVIEVE: Well, of course I do. You're my sisters.
    BRENDA: Now I hope you'll all believe your sister the next time this happens.
    ALL 11 SISTERS: Yes, mother.
    COURTNEY: What's her name, Genevieve?
    GENEVIEVE: Her name is Lila.
    BRENDA: That's a beautiful name, baby girl.
    GENEVIEVE: Thanks, mother.
    NARRATOR: Just then Genevieve's 11 sisters surprised their mother with their daffodils that they picked earlier.
    ALL 11 SISTERS: Happy Mother's Day, Mother.
    BRENDA: Thanks, girls.
    ALL 11 SISTERS: You're welcome, mother.
    ASHLYN: So Genevieve what exactly is she?
    GENEVIEVE: She's a unicorn.
    ASHLYN: A unicorn?
    BLAIR: I thought they were a myth.
    BRENDA: That's what I thought until I saw her for myself.
    NARRATOR: Later that night Genevieve was dreaming about seeing other mythical creatures that might exists like her unicorn.

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    wow that is a really good chapter amber can;t wait to read the next chapter whenever u get a chance to write it and post it on here

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