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    Everytime We Touch (My 2nd Saddle Club Story)

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    Everytime We Touch (My 2nd Saddle Club Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:13 pm

    The Saddle Club Cast
    Carole Hanson: Keenan MacWilliam
    Stephanie "Stevie" Lake: Sophie Bennett
    Lisa Atwood: Lara Jean Marshall
    Veronica diAngelo: Heli Simpson
    Max Regnery: Brett Tucker
    Elizabeth Regnery "Mrs. Reg": Catherine Wilkin
    Phil Marsten: Glenn Meldrum
    Kristi Cavanaugh: Kia Luby
    Melanie Atwood: Marisa Siketa
    Ashley Taylor: Janelle Corlass-Brown
    Red O'Malley: James O'Dea
    Brian "Scooter" Mulcahy: Alex Marriott
    Andrew "Drew" Regnery: Nikolai Nikolaeff
    Dr. Judy Barker: Maggie King
    Deborah Hale Regnery: Cathy Godbold

    The Horses
    Starlight, Belle, Prancer, Comanche, Garnet, Barq, Teddy

    The Shevlan Family:
    Rachelle "Rach" Brooke Shevlan: Me
    Rachelle's mother, Sonya Jo Shevlan: Sandra Bullock
    Rachelle's father, Dexter John Shevlan: David Spade
    Rachelle's uncle, Gunner Jace Shevlan: Gary Oldman
    Rachelle's aunt, Serena Harper Shevlan married to Gunner: Stephanie "Stevie" Vallance
    Rachelle's uncle, Jace Dylan Shevlan: Jim Carrey
    Rachelle's aunt, Cali Audrina Shevlan married to Jace: Christine Baranski
    Rachelle's uncle, Aiden Joel Shevlan: Anthony Head
    Rachelle's aunt, Hazel Sasha Shevlan married to Aiden: Helena Bonham Carter
    Rachelle's older sister, Georgianna Alice Shevlan: Gabrielle Carteris
    Rachelle's older brother, Nathan Leon Shevlan: Mark "Undertaker" Calaway
    Rachelle's older brother, Nathan's twin Rylan Boston Shevlan: Rob Morrow
    Rachelle's older brother, Irving Richard Shevlan: Ian Zering
    Rachelle's older brother, Justin Heath Shevlan: Joe Flanigan
    Rachelle's older brother, Justin's twin Galvin Gage Shevlan: Glenn "Kane" Jacobs
    Rachelle's older brother, Jayce Bentley Shevlan: Jason Priestley
    Rachelle's older brother, Matthew Chance Shevlan: Michael Shanks
    Rachelle's older brother, Matthew's twin Mitchell Ray Shevlan: Matthew Lillard
    Rachelle's older sister, Sophie Tiara Shevlan: Shannen Doherty
    Rachelle's older sister, Sophie's twin Kenzie Mae Shevlan: Krista Allen
    Rachelle's older sister, Addyson Lynn Shevlan: Alyssa Milano
    Rachelle's older brother, Addyson's twin Preston Cannon Shevlan: Paul "Big Show" Wight
    Rachelle's older sister, Hannah Jayde Shevlan: Holly Marie Combs
    Rachelle's older sister, Hannah's twin Tatum Evelyn Shevlan: Tori Spelling
    Rachelle's older sister, Laney Heidi Shevlan: Linda Cardellini
    Rachelle's older brother, Laney's twin Jacob Lane Shevlan: T.J. Thyne
    Rachelle's older sister, Gina Lydia Shevlan: Gema Zampronga
    Rachelle's older sister, Sylvie Belle Shevlan: Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Rachelle's older brother, Sylvie's twin Julius Julian Shevlan: Jerry Trainor
    Rachelle's older sister, Nancy Cayla Shevlan: Nicholle Tom
    Rachelle's older brother, Xavier Samuel Shevlan: Zachary Bennett
    Rachelle's older sister, Xavier's twin Melanie Alma Shevlan: Marnette Patterson
    Rachelle's older sister, Chana Laura Shevlan: Caterina Scorsone
    Rachelle's older brother, Chana's twin Javen Jack Shevlan: Jeremy Howard
    Rachelle's older Taylor Mandy Shevlan: Thora Birch
    Rachelle's twin brother, Brycen Knox Shevlan: Bradley James
    Rachelle's younger sister, Naomi Cayla Shevlan: Natalia Tena
    Rachelle's younger sister, Naomi's twin Melinda Kate Shevlan: Martha McIsaac
    Rachelle's younger brother, Nicholas Derek Shevlan: Michael Seater
    Rachelle's younger brother, Ryder Colt Shevlan: Robbie Amell
    Rachelle's younger brother, Ryder's twin Mason Craig Shevlan: Nick Palatas
    Rachelle's younger brother, Steven Ryan Shevlan: Sean Flynn
    Rachelle's younger sister, Steven's twin Carsyn Olivia Shevlan: Emily Robins
    Rachelle's younger brother, Mason Craig Shevlan: Matthew Underwood
    Rachelle's younger sister, Helen Alexa Shevlan: Hayley Kiyoko
    Rachelle's younger brother, Helen's twin Maxwell Kennedy Shevlan: Max Morrow
    Rachelle's younger sister, Jewel Serenity Shevlan: Jennette McCurdy
    Rachelle's younger brother, Louis Richard Shevlan: Logan Miller
    Rachelle's younger sister, Mikayla Danielle Shevlan: Miranda Cosgrove
    Rachelle's younger sister, Mikayla's twin Tiffany Gwyneth Shevlan: Taylor Momsen
    Rachelle's younger sister, Lorena Olivia Shevlan: Liliana Mumy
    Rachelle's younger brother, Lorena's twin Presley Holland Shevlan: Paul Butcher
    Rachelle's younger sister, Janelle Abigail Shevlan: Jordan Todosey
    Rachelle's younger sister, Janelle's twin Janessa Deanna Shevlan: Juliette Goglia
    Rachelle's younger sister, Sadie Celine Shevlan: Sloane Momsen
    Rachelle's younger sister, Sadie's twin Heidi Mandy Shevlan: Hailee Steinfeld
    Rachelle's younger sister, Casey Lynn Shevlan: Chloe Montez
    Rachelle's younger sister, Casey's twin Brynn Kaylee Shevlan: Bella Throne
    Rachelle's younger sister, Aria Isabella Shevlan: Ariel Waller
    Rachelle's younger sister, Aria's twin Grace Lily Shevlan: G. Hannelius
    Rachelle's younger sister, Brianne Jasmine Shevlan: Baliee Madison
    Rachelle's younger sister, Brianne's twin Janice Stephanie Shevlan: Joey King
    Rachelle's younger sister, Nicole Tracy Shevlan: Noah Lindsey Cyrus
    Rachelle's younger sister, Nicole's twin Rinna Leslie Shevlan: Rhiannon Leigh Wyn
    Rachelle's younger sister, Esme Rose Shevlan: Emily Grace Reaves
    Rachelle's younger sister, Esme's twin Haley Lee Shevlan: Hannah Gunn
    Rachelle's younger sister, Tia Britney Shevlan: Mia Talerico
    Rachelle's fiance, Greggory "Greg" Devon Brandon: My fiance
    Nathan's wife, Noelle Teaya Shevlan: Michelle McCool
    Naomi's boyfriend, Dennis Alex Taylor: David Thewlis
    Jewel's boyfriend, Nelson Evander Kelvin: Nathan Kress

    The Blue Family:
    Maxeena Blue: Me
    Maxeena's mother, Brenda Blue: Eve Whittle
    Maxeena's favorite aunt, Brenda's twin sister, Brendaleigh Blue: Terri Irwin
    Maxeena's younger sister, Breianna Blue: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Maxeena's younger sister, Breianna twin sister, Breianne Blue: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Maxeena's younger sister, Breigh Blue: Ashley Tisdale
    Maxeena's younger sister, Breigh's twin sister, Brennaugh Blue: Ashley Tisdale
    Maxeena's older brother, Brent Blue: Magnús Örn Scheving
    Maxeena's older brother, Brentlee Blue: Sam Moran
    Maxeena's older brother, Brentlee's twin brother, Brennan Blue: Greg Page
    Maxeena's older brother, Brentan Blue: JD Roth

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    Re: Everytime We Touch (My 2nd Saddle Club Story)

    Post by kittyfan on Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:34 pm

    wow can't wait to read the first chapter whenever u get a chance to write it and post it on here rolanda


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