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    The Loving Part Inside Me (My 2nd Original Story)

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    The Loving Part Inside Me (My 2nd Original Story) Empty The Loving Part Inside Me (My 2nd Original Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:34 pm

    Chapter 1
    Admitted Feelings

    One day a young lady named Jolene is hanging out with her best friend since she was little. Jolene’s best friend’s name is Mariella. Jolene lets out a long sigh.
    “What’s wrong?” Mariella asked.
    “I want to see Jason so bad.” Jolene answered.
    “You’re really in love with him aren’t you?” Mariella asked.
    Jolene nods her head.
    “Yes I am and I really wish that he was my boyfriend.” Jolene answered.
    All of a sudden Mariella’s cellphone rings.
    “Hello.” Mariella said.
    “Hi sweetie.” The voice on the end replied.
    Mariella smiles.
    “Hi honey.” Mariella said.
    Jolene sighs again. Mariella gives her a little hug.
    “Is that Soren?” Jolene asked.
    “Yeah it is.” Mariella answered.
    “How’s Jo doing?” Soren asked.
    “She’s doing ok.” Soren answered.
    All of a sudden there’s a big crush.
    “What was that?” Mariella asked.
    “I’m at Jason’s house and he was doing the dish than one broke on him.” Soren asked.
    “Did he get hurt?” Mariella asked.
    “No, he didn’t.” Soren answered.
    “Who else is there?” Mariella asked.
    “Brady, Rye and Marcus.” Soren answered.
    “What are guys doing?” Mariella asked.
    Soren looks at the others.
    “We are just hanging out together. Rye, Brady and Marcus are leaving soon.” Soren answered.
    “Could you ask Jason if we could come over?” Mariella asked.
    Jolene rolls her eyes. Mariella just smiles. Soren looks at Hayden.
    “Can Mariella and Jolene come over?” Soren asked.
    “Yeah sure.” Jason answered.
    Soren smiles.
    “He said that you and Jo can come over.” Soren said.
    Mariella smiles than hangs up the phone.
    “Are you coming?” Mariella asked.
    “Yeah I guess.” Jolene answered.
    Mariella and Jolene start on their way to Jason’s house.
    ~Meanwhile at Jason’s house~
    Marcus, Rye and Brady leave. Soren looks at Jason.
    “I want to ask you something but I don’t want you getting angry at me.” Soren said.
    Jason sighs.
    “You can ask but I can’t promise that I won’t get angry at you.” Jason replied.
    “How do you really feel about Jolene?” Soren asked.
    “I don’t want to talk about that.” Jason answered.
    “Do you like her?” Soren asked.
    “Yes ok I like so just drop it.” Jason answered.
    All of sudden there’s a knock on the door. Jason walks over and opens to find the girls on the other side. They follow Jason inside. Mariella walks over to Soren and starts kissing him passionately. Jolene rolls her eyes. Mariella and Soren sit on the rocking chair without break their kiss. Jolene sighs that sits on the couch and so does Jason. Jolene sighs.
    “Is something bothering you?” Jason asked.
    “Nothing really.” Jolene answered.
    They sit in silence for the longest time than Jason moves closer to Jolene and puts his arm around her shoulder. Jolene looks at Jason. Jason just smiles.
    “Do you want to go for a walk with me?” Jason asked.
    “Yeah sure.” Jolene answerered.
    Jolene puts on her crocs. Jolene puts on his sneakers and his coat. Jason looks at Mariella and Soren.
    “Jo and I are going for a walk.” Jason said.
    Jolene smiles.
    “I love it when he calls me Jo.” Jolene thinks to herself.
    Soren and Mariella break their kiss. Soren looks at his watch.
    “What do you want to do?” Soren asked looking at Mariella.
    “I want to go home.” Mariella answered.
    Soren and Mariella get their stuff ready than go home. Jolene looks at Jason.
    “Do you still want to go for the walk?” Jolene asked.
    “No, I changed my mind.” Jason answered.
    “Oh I ok I was just wondering.” Jolene said.
    Jason walks over to the couch. Jolene walks over to the couch and sits down beside Jason but a few inches away. Jason puts his arm around Jolene again and pulls her closer to him. Jolene looks at Jolene. Jolene gets her purse and takes out her mp3 player. Jason looks at Jolene’s mp3 player. Jolene puts the earphones into her ears and turns it on to 10th song than presses play.
    “What’s song are you listening to?” Jason asked.
    “I’m listening to It’s Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.” Jolene answered.
    Jolene starts to sing along with the song.
    Dancin' in the dark, middle of the night
    Takin' your heart and holdin' it tight
    Emotional touch, touchin' my skin
    And askin' you to do
    What you've been doin' all over again
    Oh, it's a beautiful thing
    Don't think I can keep it all in
    I just gotta let you know
    What it is that won't let me go
    It's your love
    It just does somethin' to me
    It sends a shock right through me
    I can't get enough
    And if you wonder
    About the spell I'm under
    It's your love
    Better than I was, more than I am
    And all of this happened, by takin' your hand
    And who I am now is who I wanted to be
    And now that we're together
    I'm stronger than ever
    I'm happy and free
    Oh, it's a beautiful thing
    Don't think I can keep it all in (oh, oh)
    And if you asked me why I've changed
    All I gotta do is say your sweet name
    It's your love
    It just does somethin' to me
    It sends a shock right through me
    I can't get enough
    And if you wonder
    About the spell I'm under
    It's your love
    Whoa, baby
    It's a beautiful thing
    Don't think I can keep it all in
    I just gotta let you know
    What it is that won't let me go
    It's your love
    It just does somethin' to me
    It sends a shock right through me
    I can't get enough
    And if you wonder
    About the spell I'm under
    It's your love
    It's your love
    It's your love
    Jason looks at Jolene.
    “You’re such a beautiful singer.” Jason said.
    “Thanks.” Jolene replied.
    Jolene sighs. Jason looks at Jason than leans over and starts kissing her. Jolene’s eyes widen. A few minutes later Jason breaks the kiss.
    “You’re beautiful.” Jason said.
    “What’s gotten into you?” Jolene asked.
    “Nothing except maybe the love I have locked up inside.” Jason answered.
    “What love are you talking about?” Jolene asked.
    “The love I have you Jo.” Jason answered.
    “You love me?” Jolene asked.
    Jason nods his head and kisses Jolene again.
    “Yes I do and I have for the longest time but I just didn’t know how to tell you until now.” Jason answered.
    Jolene’s eyes fill with tears.
    “I’m so happy now because well you know I’ve been in love with you since I broke up to Chet.” Jolene said.
    Jason smiles.
    “Yeah I know.” Jason replied.
    “Does this mean we are a couple now?” Jolene asked.
    “It sure does my beautiful babe.” Jason answered.
    Jason smiles.
    “I know if I waited long enough that you’d eventually we would be together one day my gorgeous angel.” Jolene said.
    “The only thing I think we should keep it a secret from everybody else for awhile.” Jason replied.
    “I was thinking that same thing.” Jolene said.
    Jolene sighs deeply which makes Jason get a worried look on his face.
    “Are you ok my beautiful babe?” Jason asked.
    “Not really my gorgeous angel.” Jolene answered.
    Jason rests her head on Jason’s shoulder. Jason’s house starts to get a little warm so Jason gets to his feet and takes off shirt. Jolene just smiles.
    “Why are you smiling like that?” Jason asked.
    “Oh no reason.” Jolene answered.
    Jason sits back down beside Jolene. Jolene looks at Jason and suddenly gets a chance to his tattoo than she smiles again.
    “Why are you smiling now?” Jason asked.
    “I finally got a chance to see your tattoo like I wanted too.” Jolene answered.
    “If you of had of asked I would showed it to you.” Jason said.
    Jolene smiles.
    “I wanted to but not when everyone was around.” Jolene replied.
    Jason just smiles.
    “Now what?” Jason asked.
    “I don’t know. We could watch a movie.” Jolene answered.
    “That’s a good idea.” Jason answered.
    “How about Terminator?” Jolene asked.
    “That’s what I was thinking.” Jason answered.
    Jason gets to his feet is about to put his shirt back.
    “No Hayden leave it off.” Jolene said.
    “Ok I will.” Jason replied.
    Jason gets Terminator out of his entertainment centre. Jason turns on the TV and puts the dvd in than presses play and joins Jolene on the couch again. All of a sudden Jason’s cellphone rings. Hayden sighs.
    “Hello.” Jason said.
    “Did Mariella leave her purse there?” Soren asked.
    “Yeah I think so.” Jason answered.
    “Do you mind if we come back to get it?” Soren asked.
    “Yeah I sort of do.” Jason answered.
    “What’s wrong?” Jolene asked in a whisper.
    “Mariella forgot her purse here and they want to come get it.” Jason answered in a whisper.
    “It’s ok let them come but we will make the promise not tell the rest of gang about us.” Jolene said.
    “Are you sure?” Jason asked.
    “Yeah I’m sure.” Jolene answered.
    Jason smiles.
    “Alright you and Mariella can back over to get it.” Jason said into his cellphone.
    “We will be there in a few minutes.” Soren replied.
    Jason hits the end button on his cellphone. Jason cuddles up to Jason. Jason notices that Jolene is a little a pale and puts his hand on her forehead to discover it’s really hot to the touch.
    “Stay right here.” Jason said.
    Jolene nods her head. Jason gets to his feet than goes to the bathroom and runs the cold water. Jason than puts a face cloth under the cold water and goes back where Jolene is. Jason sits on the end of couch and pulls Jolene on his lap than puts the cold face cloth on her forehead to bring down her fever just as the Mariella and Soren come in. Mariella and Soren’s mouths drop open in shock.
    “I told you that Jason liked Jo but you wouldn’t believe me.” Mariella said.
    “Ok I’m sorry I didn’t and the next time you tell something I’ll believe you.” Soren replied.
    Jolene whimpers. Jason sighs.
    “Is she ok?” Mariella asked.
    Jason sighs again.
    “No she’s not and it’s really starting to worry me.” Jason answered.
    A few minutes later Jolene falls asleep. Mariella gets her purse.
    “Why did you wait so long to tell how you feel about her?” Mariella asked.
    “I just didn’t know how to tell her until now.” Jason answered.
    “Well I’m happy that you did because she’d love you for the longest time and she has wanted to be with you for so long.” Mariella said.
    “You and Soren have to promise not to tell the rest of the gang about us because we want when the time is right.” Jason replied.
    “We won’t tell them.” Mariella and Soren said together.
    Jolene opens her eyes and looks up at Jason.
    “I love you.” Jolene whispers.
    Jason smiles.
    “I love you too.” Jason said.
    Soren and Mariella just smile. They leave.
    “Can I have you cellphone for a minute?” Jolene asked.
    “Yeah sure.” Jason answered.
    Jason passes Jolene his cellphone.
    “How did you get into add a phone number?” Jolene asked.
    “Allow me my beautiful babe.” Jason answered.
    Jason takes it back than gets into to add a phone number than passes it back to Jolene.
    “Thanks my gorgeous angel.” Jolene said.
    Jason smiles. Jolene puts in her number into Jason’s cellphone.
    “Oh now I see what you wanted to do.” Jason replied.
    Jolene gets ready to go.
    “I want you to phone me anytime ok and if I’m not home than keep trying until you get an answer.” Jolene said.
    “Do you want me to walk you home?” Jason asked.
    “That would be good idea.” Jolene answered.
    Hayden gets ready too than takes his key. They leave Jason’s house. They start walking down Queen Street. Jason takes Jolene’s hand in his. A few minutes later they arrive at Jolene’s house.
    “I’ll see around my beautiful babe.” Jason said.
    Jason leans in and kisses Jolene good-bye.
    “I love you and give me a call when you get home so that I know you got home ok.” Jolene replied.
    “Alright I will.” Jason said.
    Jolene takes her key and opens the door. Jason starts walking home.
    Jolene’s father Tyler comes into the living room.
    “Where have you been?” Tyler asked.
    “I was at my boyfriend’s house.” Jolene answered.
    “Boyfriend?” Tyler asked.
    “Yes dad. My new boyfriend is Jason Moore and I’ve wanted to be his girlfriend for the longest time.” Jolene answered.
    All of a sudden the phone rings. Jolene’s up the receiver and hits talk.
    “It’s me and I made it home alright.” Jason said.
    Jolene smiles.
    “I’m glad to hear that.” Jolene replied.
    “Alright I better let you go because I have to work in the morning and I’m really tried.” Jason said.
    “Alright than goodnight my gorgeous angel.” Jolene said.
    “Goodnight my beautiful babe and sweet dreams.” Jason replied.
    “Love you.” Jolene said.
    “I love you too.” Jason replied.
    They hang up on each other. Jolene goes to sleeping dreaming of her future with Jason and Jason goes to sleep dreaming of his future with Jolene.

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    wow that was a really good chapter rolanda can;t wait to read the next chapter

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