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    Need You Now (My 3nd Original Story) Empty Need You Now (My 3nd Original Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:33 pm

    The Synder Family:
    Delilah "Dee" Destiny Synder: Me
    Delilah's mother, Camille Maya Synder: Stephanie "Stevie" Vallance
    Delilah's father, Vincent Bryan Synder: David Spade
    Delilah's aunt, Adeline Jordan Synder married to Cody: Helena Bonham Carter
    Delilah's uncle, Cody Deacon Synder: Gary Oldman
    Delilah's aunt, Leah Violet Synder married to Aaron: Sandra Bullock
    Delilah's uncle, Aaron Dante Synder: Julian McMahon
    Deliah's aunt, Joelle Megan Synder married to Lewis: Uma Thurman
    Delilah's uncle, Lewis Calvin Synder: Owen Wilson
    Delilah's aunt, Roxana Jennifer Synder married to Darien: Nicole Kidman
    Delilah's uncle, Darien Jared Synder: Keith Urban
    Delilah's older brother, Quincy Blaze Synder: Rob Morrow
    Delilah's older sister, Ruth Jasmine Synder: Stacy Ferguson
    Delilah's older brother, Ruth's twin Josiah Devin Synder: Jamie Gomez
    Delilah's twin brother, William Quentin Synder: Scott Moffatt
    Delilah's younger sister, Bethany Faith Synder: Natalia Tena
    Delilah's younger sister, Heather Lucille Synder: Ashley Leggat
    Delilah's younger brother, Heather's twin Bryan Glenn Synder: Alfie Allen
    Delilah's younger brother, Ethan Jude Synder: Michael Seater
    Delilah's younger sister, Ethan's twin Krystal Jaime Synder: Evan Rachel Wood
    Delilah's younger sister, Anna Theresa Synder: Maiara Walsh
    Delilah's younger sister, Tess Ivy Synder: Abby Wilde
    Delilah's younger brother, Tess's twin Jayden Dallas Synder: Sean Flynn
    Delilah's younger brother, Andrew Reilly Synder: Matthew Underwood
    Delilah's younger brother, Jasper Dominic Synder: Jack Stanley
    Delilah's younger brother, Blake Gregory Synder: Josh Hutcherson
    Delilah's younger sister, Christina Jordan Synder: AnnaSophia Robb
    Delilah's younger sister, Christina's twin Jasmine Christine Synder: Lauren Clinton
    Delilah's younger brother, Robert Prince Synder: Paul Butcher
    Delilah's younger sister, Celine Kimberly Synder: Jordan Todosey
    Delilah's younger brother, Bernard Peter Synder: Andy Pessoa
    Delilah's younger sister, Krista Savannah Synder: Chloe Montez
    Delilah's younger brother, Owen Tony Synder: Bradley Steven Perry
    Delilah's younger sister, Owen's twin Carla Morgan Synder: G. Hannelius
    Delilah's younger sister, Caroline Shaylee Synder: Baliee Madison
    Delilah's younger sister, Erica Brooke Synder: Noah Cyrus
    Delilah's younger sister, Willow Cassandra Synder: Emily Reaves
    Delilah's younger sister, Zoe Mckenna Synder: Mia Talerico
    Delilah's younger cousin, Victoria Jaylee Synder daughter of Darien and Roxana: Sunny Rose Kidman
    Delilah's younger cousin, Valerie Alexa Synder daughter of Roxana: Isabella Jane Cruise
    Delilah's younger cousin, Katie Abigail Synder daughter of Aaron Madison McMahon
    Delilah's younger cousin, Phillip Ashton Synder son of Roxana: Connor Antony Cruise

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    Post by kittyfan on Fri Feb 11, 2011 6:09 pm

    wow can't wait to read the first chapter rolanda

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