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    Things Just Aren't Same!!!!!

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    Things Just Aren't Same!!!!!

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:05 am

    I'm finding that things just aren't same with my friends anymore like they were. I'm also that one of guys in my gang of friends doesn't want a lot to do with the gang anymore. He feels left out because everyone has someone to love but he doesn't. My friend who is also my cousin whom I've known most of my life agreed with me and so most of the rest of gang. My friend who is also my cousin feels that this other guy really doesn't want us hanging out at his place that much anymore. I don't really like hanging out there that much any because when the gang is trying to watch a movie this guy tends talk through it which makes it hard for everyone to listen so they can understand the movie. My boyfriend doesn't like this other guy that much for something that happen a few days before I started going out with almost a year ago. The gang was over at this guy place and we watching Superman Returns. I have a hearing loss in my right ear which makes it hard for me hear a movie sometimes if there's a lot of noise going on so I told this guy to shut up so that I could hear the movie. He got all upset and told that it wasn't my place to tell him what to do when I was in his house and what he says he has house was allowed. After the movie was over we all left and the guy that's my boyfriend said that what the other guy had said to me was right at all and way out of line. I was a little taken back that he was defending me but that's when my friend Meliss AKA ~*Sweetie81~* figured out that the guy I'm with now liked me. I just don't understand the way this other guy works because one day he's fine and the next he's doesn't want anything to with anyone.


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    Re: Things Just Aren't Same!!!!!

    Post by kittyfan on Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:16 pm

    well that is not good and i hope they become friends again rolanda

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