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    How Deep Is Your Love? (My 3rd Star Trek: The Next Generation Story)

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    How Deep Is Your Love? (My 3rd Star Trek: The Next Generation Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:26 am

    Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast:
    Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Patrick Stewart
    Commander William "Will" T. Riker: Jonathan Frakes
    Lt. Commander Data: Brent Spiner
    Commander Geordi LaForge: LeVar Burton
    Lt. Commander Worf: Michael Dorn
    Dr. Beverly Crusher: Gates McFadden
    Ensign Wesley Crusher: Wil Wheaton
    Counselor Deanna Troi: Marina Sirtis

    The Orsment Family:
    Willamina "Mina" Orsment: Me
    Willamina's mother, Wilikina "Wila" Orsment: Helena Bonham Carter
    Willamina's father, Wendell Orsment: Gary Oldman
    Willamina's aunt, Wenona Orsment married to Wyatt: Natalia Tena
    Willamina's uncle, Wyatt Orsment: David Thewlis
    Willamina's aunt, Walida Orsment: Stephanie "Stevie" Vallance
    Willamina's older brother, Wade Orsment: Rob Morrow
    Willamina's older brother, Weston Orsment: Kerr Smith
    Willamina's older sister, Winona Orsment: Katie Emme McIninch
    Willamina's older sister, Wanika Orsment: Jeanne Bowser
    Willamina's older sister, Warrina Orsment: Brooke Nevin
    Willamina's twin sister, Willabelle "Belle" Orsment: Lindsay Felton
    Willamina’s younger sister, Wateka Orsment: Genelle Williams
    Willamina’s younger sister, Waratah Orsment: Brenda Song
    Willamina’s younger brother, Waylen Orsment: Dennis Benersky
    Willamina’s younger sister, Wendeline Orsment: Jordan Todosey
    Willamina's younger sister, Walanika Orsment: Ariel Waller
    Willamina's younger sister, Wylie Orsment: Hannah Gunn

    1st set of Orsment Twins:
    Willamina’s older brother, Wayland Orsment: Morgan Kelly
    Willamina’s older brother, Warburton Orsment: Giancarlo Caltabiano

    2nd set of Orsment Twins:
    Willamina’s older brother, Weldon Orsment: Miklos Perlus
    Willamina's older brother, Walden Orsment: Christopher Ralph

    3rd set of Orsment Twins:
    Willamina's older brother, Windsor Orsment: Andrew Walker
    Willamina's older sister, Walida Orsment: Mélissa Galianos

    4th set of Orsment Twins:
    Willamina’s younger sister, Winema Orsment: Vanessa Lengies
    Willamina’s younger brother, Walmer Orsment: Frankie Muniz

    1st set of Orsment Triplets:
    Willamina’s younger sister, Wendice Orsment: Ashley Leggat
    Willamina's younger brother, Wallace "Wally" Orsment: Robert Pattinson
    Willamina's younger sister, Wynne Orsment: Amanda Brynes

    2nd set of Orsment Triplets:
    Willamina's younger sister, Whitney Orsment: Ashley Greene
    Willamina’s younger brother, Walther Orsment: Michael Seater
    Willamina's younger sister, Whoopi Orsment: Chelsea Brummet

    3rd of set of Orsment Triplets:
    Willamina’s younger sister, Wanika Orsment: Sophia Oda
    Willamina’s younger brother, Waite Orsment: Daniel Madger
    Willamina’s younger sister, Wendi Orsment: Evanna Lynch

    4th set of Orsment Triplets:
    Willamina's younger sister, Whitney Orsment: Ashley Greene
    Willamina’s younger brother, Walther Orsment: Michael Seater
    Willamina's younger sister, Whoopi Orsment: Chelsea Brummet

    5th set of Orsment Triplets:
    Willamina's younger brother, Walker Orsment: Nathan Gamble
    Willamina's younger sister, Wenda Orsment: Elle Fanning
    Willamina's younger sister, Wiola Orsment: Madison Pettis

    1st set of Orsment Quadruplets:
    Willamina’s younger brother, Waldon Orsment: Cole Sprouse
    Willamina’s younger brother, Wayam Orsment: Dylan Sprouse
    Willamina's younger sister, Wanda Orsment: Sofia Vassilieva
    Willamina's younger sister, Waneta Orsment: Miley Cyrus

    2nd set of Orsment Quadruplets:
    Willamina’s younger sister, Winnifrida “Winnie” Orsment: Allie Grant
    Willamina’s younger sister, Wakanda Orsment: Jemma Mckenize-Brown
    Willamina’s younger brother, Winchell Orsment: Moises Arias
    Willamina’s younger sister, Waldine Orsment: Dakota Fanning

    Orsment Quintuplets:
    Willamina’s younger sister, Wakeisha Orsment: Zoe Belkin
    Willamina’s younger sister, Wendaline Orsment: Jennifer Stone
    Willamina’s younger sister, Welena Orsment: Debby Ryan
    Willamina’s younger brother, Welton Orsment: Charlie Stewart
    Willamina's younger sister, Wenona Orsment: AnnaSophia Robb

    The Wonka Family
    Lesley Wonka: Amber
    Lesley's mother, Willow Wonka: Terri Irwin
    Lesley's father, Willy Wonka: Gene Wilder
    Lesley's older brother, Willice Wonka: Johnny Depp


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    Number of posts : 2078
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    Re: How Deep Is Your Love? (My 3rd Star Trek: The Next Generation Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:39 pm

    Chapter 1
    Will Misses His Twin

    One day on Starship Enterprise Will is sitting off by himself. Captain Picard walked over to Will.
    “What’s wrong with you?” Captain Picard asked.
    “I really miss my family.” Will answered.
    “When was the last time you saw them?” Data asked.
    “The last time I saw them was 11 and half years ago.” Will answered.
    “Wow that’s a long time.” Geordi said.
    “Yeah I know and there’s not a day goes by that I don’t think about them.” Will replied.
    A little while later Captain Picard looked at everyone.
    “I’ve just gotten word that we are getting some new people on ship.” Captain Picard said.
    All of a sudden Deanna came in.
    “They have arrived captain and they want to see Will.” Deanna replied.
    “Why me?” Will asked.
    “They said they’ve missed you.” Deanna answered.
    Will walked to where the new people are and we sees them his mouth dropped open in shock.
    “Is that your sis?” Will asked.
    The lady nodded and hugged Will just as Deanna appeared.
    “Who are they?” Deanna asked.
    “Hi, I’m Will’s twin sister Wilikina but please call me Wila.” The lady answered.
    Deanna glared at Will.
    “How come you never told that you had a twin?” Deanna asked.
    “That’s very simple because never asked.” Will answered.
    A young lady walked over and Will.
    “I’ve missed you so much Uncle Will.” The young lady said.
    “Uncle Will?” Deanna asked.
    “Yeah she’s my favorite nice and her name is Willamina but she prefers to be called Mina.” Will answered.
    “There’s way too much.” Deanna said.
    Deanna sighed. Will looked at Deanna.
    “Are you hiding something from me?” Will asked.
    “No of course not.” Deanna answered.
    “Why did you say it was too much than?” Will asked.
    “It’s such a big surprise that’s all.” Deanna answered.
    “Deanna, I don’t believe you.” Will said.
    Deanna sighed again. Will got a worried look on his face. Data, Geordi, Wesley and Captain Picard suddenly appeared.
    “There’s definitely something wrong with her because she’s’ been acting weird the past few days.” Data replied.
    Will looked at Deanna. Deanna looked away.
    “That was really weird because she never looks away from like that.” Geordi said.
    Data looked at Deanna.
    “Why won’t you tell us what’s wrong?” Data asked.
    “I’m too scared to.” Deanna answered.
    Will took Deanna’s hand in his.
    “You know that you can tell me anything and I have a right to know out of everyone.” Will said.
    Deanna sighed.
    “I just haven’t been feeling great.” Deanna replied.
    “Have you gone to see Dr. Crusher about this?” Will asked.
    Deanna shook her head no.
    “No, I haven’t.” Deanna answered.
    “I think you should.” Will said.
    “Can you come with me?” Deanna asked.
    “Yeah of course I can.” Will answered.
    Wilikina looked at Deanna than at her twin.
    “Is something that I don’t about?” Wilikina asked.
    Will sighed.
    “Deanna is my wife.” Will answered.
    “Wife? Are you serious?” Wilikina asked.
    “Yes I am Wila.” Will answered.
    “Well I never thought I’d see the day that my twin settled down.” Wilikina said.
    Data and Geordi exchanged looks.
    “Twin?” Data and Geordi asked together.
    “Yes that’s right because this is my twin sister Wilikina Orsment but she prefers to be called Wila.” Will answered.
    “The man next to me is my husband Wendell Orsment.” Wilikina said.
    “Hi there I’m Will’s niece Willamina but please called me Mina.” Willamina replied.
    “I’m Captain Jean-Luc Picard and welcome to Starship Enterprise.” Captain Picard said.
    “Hi there I’m Commander Geordi LeForge.” Geordi replied.
    “Hello I am Commander Data.” Data said.
    “It’s very nice to meet all of you.” Wilikina replied.
    Deanna sighed again. Will got an even more worried look than before. Will took Deanna’s hand and went to Sickbay with her.
    “Open up Beverly.” Will yelled.
    The door opened and they walked in. Dr. Crusher looked up at them.
    “What’s wrong Will?” Dr. Crusher asked.
    “It’s Deanna.” Will answered.
    Dr. Crusher walked over and took Deanna over to her examining table. Will sat on chair by the wall. A few minutes later Dr. Crusher looked over at Will.
    “What’s wrong with her?” Will asked.
    “She has a bad case of pneumonia.” Dr. Crusher answered.
    “Pneumonia?” Will asked.
    “Yes Will and I want her to get lots of rest for the next few days.” Dr. Crusher answered.
    Deanna looked at Will and smiled a little. Will took Deanna back their quarters.
    “I have to get back but I’ll come check on later.” Will said.
    Deanna nodded her head. Will kissed Deanna on the forehead. Will walked to where everyone is waiting. Captain Picard looked at Will.
    “Is Deanna okay?” Captain Picard asked.
    “No, she’s not because she has bad case of pneumonia.” Will answered.
    Willamina sighed. Will looked at Willamina than took her out of earshot.
    “Why did you do that Uncle Will?” Willamina asked.
    “I know something is bothering and I want to what it is.” Will answered.
    “You’re right theirs is something bothering me.” Willamina said.
    “What it is?” Will asked.
    “I’m madly in love with newest member of my gang of friends named Garrard Banvard.” Willamina answered.
    “What’s wrong with that?” Will asked.
    “I know that my dad would never approve.” Willamina answered.
    “Why won’t he approve?” Will asked.
    “Garrard is almost 14 years older than me.” Willamina answered.
    “Age doesn’t matter when comes to love.” Will said.
    “You try telling that to my father.” Willamina replied.
    “Does he know that you like Garrard?” Will asked.
    “No, he doesn’t because I’m scared of what he will say.” Willamina answered.
    “Well when the time comes that he does find than let me deal with it and I’m make him understand.” Will said.
    Willamina hugged Will.
    “I always knew there was a really good reason why you’re my favorite uncle.” Willamina replied.
    “The reason is because I’m always willing to listen to you when nobody else will.” Will said.
    “How long have you been married to Deanna?” Willamina asked.
    “We have been married for almost 5 years.” Will answered.
    “Is she going to be okay?” Willamina asked.
    “She’ll be just fine.” Will answered.
    Will smiled and walked off to check on Deanna. Will walked to their quarters and went inside to Deanna asleep in their bed. Will watched Deanna sleep for awhile than joined her. A few hours later Willamina is bed dreaming of one day being with Garrard. Wilikina and Wendell are sleeping in each other’s arms. Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher are dreaming of each other.


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