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    I Want You To Want Me (My First Primeval Story)

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    I Want You To Want Me (My First Primeval Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:47 pm

    Primeval Cast:
    Danny Quinn: Jason Flemyng
    Connor Temple: Andrew-Lee Potts
    Abby Maitland: Hannah Spearritt
    James Lester: Ben Miller
    Sarah Page: Laila Rouases
    Captain Becker: Ben Mansfield

    The Truman Family:
    Gianella Truman: Me
    Gianella's mother, Nancine Truman: Natalia Tena
    Gianella's father, Dawsyn Truman: David Thewlis
    Gianella's favorite uncle, Gorman Truman: Gary Oldman
    Gianella's uncle, Alton Truman: Alan Rickman
    Gianella's aunt, Milla Truman: Maggie Smith
    Gianella's uncle, Maddox Truman: Michael Gambon
    Gianella's aunt, Halle Truman: Helena Bonham Carter
    Gianella's older brother, Cohen Truman: Christian Bale
    Gianella's older brother, Bealle Truman: Ben Barnes
    Gianella's older sister, Carley Truman: Clémence Poésy
    Gianella and Dermont's twin brother, Corian Truman: Chris Rankin
    Gianella and Corian's twin brother, Dermont Truman: Domhnall Gleeson
    Gianella's younger brother, Jacksyn Truman: James Phelps
    Gianella's younger brother, Jacksyn's twin Olave Truman: Oliver Phelps
    Gianella's younger brother, Randor Truman: Robert Pattinson
    Gianella's younger brother, Radmond Truman: Rupert Grint
    Gianella's younger brother, Tanton Truman: Tom Felton
    Gianella's younger sister, Tanton's twin Jerzee Truman: Jessie Cave
    Gianella's younger brother, Haldane Truman: Harry Melling
    Gianella's younger brother, Haldane's twin Mungo Truman: Matthew Lewis
    Gianella's younger sister, Erexina Truman: Emma Watson
    Gianella's younger brother, Erexina's twin Dominic Truman: Daniel Radcliffe
    Gianella's younger sister, Brenley Truman: Bonnie Wright
    Gianella's younger sister, Brenley's twin Elinor Truman: Evanna Lynch
    Gianella's younger sister, Alannia Truman: Angelica Mandy
    Gianella's younger brother, Alannia's twin Ferron Truman: Frank Dillane
    Gianella's younger brother, Walker Truman: Will Poulter
    Gianella's younger sister, Gienah Truman: Georgie Henley


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