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    The Hidden Girl


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    The Hidden Girl

    Post by ♥Miss♥Teddy♥Bear♥ on Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:17 pm

    I wrote this for a scrapbook project in language.

    The Hidden Girl

    She really isn't much. I see her every day. Who hides behind the mask? Those blank stares freak me out as she mirrors my every move.Yet,somehow,I know her better than any person,and only one girl can know her like me. This girl is my life.

    Shedding a tear everyday,I see all the pain,the anger,the frusration,and the soft interior she has. Little known fact about her:She's suicidal,even after her friends showed her they cared. All her friends show her flaws as perfections,yet she still makes her will. I plead for her to stop,but I'm afraid to interfere. Maybe one of you can make her stop. Her tears are not her weakness.
    Micheal may be able to figure out her lies,but never her hidden pain Hannah's negativity may be comforting, but only to the gains of her life. Journey may be comforting when she's down, but she's hiding even worse. Maybe when they hear this they'll understand her heartache. You know who you are.
    Behind her pain, a beautiful personality hides. A singer, a writer, an artist, and someone who cares is something people need to see as good. Maybe she's weird, but what about you? Would you look weird to her? She's not only a good friend, but a loyal one too. Why do you discriminate her? Because she dresses different or maybe she's awkward?
    Next time I see that girl,I'll know she'a a suicidal angel in need. I'll know she's quiet and shy. I'll know she's sweet. I'll know She finds her friends beautiful. Also I'll know that she's Allysa Marie Mclaughlin.

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