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    Blue ( my poem/story)


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    Blue ( my poem/story)

    Post by orangeskittles on Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:22 am

    I need your help with something I wrote. I would love ur opinion! Please correct grammar/ spelling issues if u wish! Thanks

    Okay, so the prop was to choice a colored pencil, do a short list of what that color reminds u of, then write a story about it. I choice blue, and I wrote this first;

    Blue waves, fluffy clouds, sky’s of blue and gold. Blueberries, crying tears, the birth of a baby boy. Blue lips are the kiss of death, a sorrow for many, but for me blue means Joy, Peace, summer and fluffy cotton candy. Suckers that turn your tongue, blue moon ice cream, it may seem silly, a beam from the clouds above. blue is a joyous color indeed.

    And ended up with this.


    The wind blows her hair, pushing it into her face. He glances up at her through his eyelashes thinking she looks beautiful. They stand on the beach, waves gently nipping at their toes. He glances down at her hand, smooth and soft. Holding his breath, he reaches over gently grasping the smooth, skinny fingers. A shiver runs up her spine, a smile playing her lips. The wind blows against her face. Breathe. Washing away her fears with a single kiss. Today she can live; today she can lose it all. Cancer. The cells spreading fast, months to live. She laughs, thinking she can live forever in this moment. Together on the beach, his gentle touch, the wind blowing. White. A flowing dress and veil. A gentle kiss, a promise of forever. Will forever last? Pink. Curls of brown hair, the smell of bleach, forever bliss in one look into her eyes. Fingers raped around a thumb, years of happiness in two set’s of eyes. Finally black. Brown dirt, blue tears. forever and always my love.

    How I got from happy to depressing I have no Idea. Haha. I thought of the ocean, then blue tears, and I kinda based it on the movie “ A walk to Remember” and got this. Lol. Tell me what u think! Thanks, Kelsey = )

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