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    Awake In A Dream (My lst Life With Derek Story)

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    Awake In A Dream (My lst Life With Derek Story)

    Post by ♫Sweet Girl♫ on Tue Oct 13, 2009 10:11 am

    Life With Derek Cast:
    Derek Venturi: Michael Seater
    Casey MacDonald: Ashley Leggat
    Lizzie MacDonald: Jordan Todosey
    Edwin Venturi: Daniel Magder
    Nora MacDonald: Joy Tanner
    George Venturi: John Ralston
    Marti Venturi: Ariel Waller

    The Tilmont Family:
    Gerianne Tilmont: Me
    Gerianne's mother, Ninette Tilmont: Natalia Tena
    Gerianne's father, Derwin Tilmont: David Thewlis
    Gerianne's uncle, Girvan Tilmont: Gary Oldman
    Gerianne's older brother, Ryton Tilmont: Rob Morrow
    Gerianne's older brother, Claude Tilmont: Christian Bale
    Gerianne's older brother, Doane Tilmont: David Krumholtz
    Gerianne's older brother, Jareo Tilmont: Josh Server
    Gerianne's older brother, Darrick Tilmont: Drew Fuller
    Gerianne's older sister, Darrick's twin Serilda Tilmont: Stephanie Beard
    Gerianne's twin brother, Lindell Tilmont: Lucas Grabeel
    Gerianne's younger sister, Akakia Tilmont: Alisa Besher
    Gerianne's younger sister, Akakia's twin Kineta Tilmont: Keiko Yoshida
    Gerianne's younger sister, Stevena Tilmont: Stefani
    Germanotta AKA Lady Gaga
    Gerianne's younger sister, Stevena's twin Lorena Tilmont: Lisa Folies
    Gerianne's younger sister, Corabelle Tilmont: Chelsea Brummet
    Gerianne's younger brother, Corabelle's twin Jarman Tilmont: Jack DeSana
    Gerianne's younger brother, Kimble Tilmont: Kevin Barrette
    Gerianne's younger sister, Kimble's twin Kasmira Tilmont: Kaleigh Cronin
    Gerianne's younger brother, Rowson Tilmont: Rupert Grint
    Gerianne's younger brother, Mayer Tilmont: Mason Musso
    Gerianne's younger brother, Mayer's twin Dunley Tilmont: Daniel
    Gerianne's younger brother, Kenley Tilmont: Kyle Sullivan
    Gerianne's younger sister, Brenna Tilmont: Brittany Curran
    Gerianne's younger brother, Merrill Tilmont: Mitchel Musso
    Gerianne's younger sister, Merrill's twin Edina Tilmont: Evanna Lynch
    Gerianne's younger sister, Mattea Tilmont: Miley Cyrus
    Gerianne's younger brother, Mattea's twin Adney Tilmont: Adam
    Gerianne's younger sister, Anora Tilmont: Ali Lohan
    Gerianne's younger sister, Anora's twin Clarinda Tilmont: Christina Kirkman
    Gerianne's younger brother, Lorin Tilmont: Luke Benward
    Gerianne's younger brother, Lorin and Marden's twin Sydney Tilmont: Sterling Beaumon
    Gerianne's younger brother, Lorin and Sydney's twin Marden Tilmont: Marc Musso
    Gerianne's younger sister, Mozella Tilmont: Madison Pettis


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