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    Like A Rose (My 4th HP Story)

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    Like A Rose (My 4th HP Story)

    Post by ♫Sweet Girl♫ on Thu Aug 13, 2009 7:07 am

    This is a sequel to You Know I Will.

    Harry Potter Cast:
    Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe
    Hermione Granger: Emma Waston
    Ron Weasley: Rupert Grint
    Luna Lovegood: Evanna Lynch
    Fred Weasley: James Phelps
    George Weasley: Oliver Phelps
    Ginny Weasley: Ginny Weasley
    Arthur Weasley: Mark Williams
    Molly Weasley: Julie Walters
    Cedric Diggroy: Robert Pattinson
    Cho Chang: Katie Leung
    Neville Longbottom: Matthew Lewis
    Seamus Finnigan: Devon Murray
    Parvati Patil: Shefali Chowdhury
    Padma Patil: Afshan Azad
    Susan Bones: Eleanor Columbus
    Draco Malfoy: Tom Felton
    Vincent Crabbe: Jamie Waylett
    Gregory Goyle: Josh Herdman
    Dean Thomas: Alfred Enoch
    Lee Jordan: Luke Youngblood
    Professor Albus Dumbledore: Michael Gambon
    Professor Minerva McGonagall: Maggie Smith
    Professor Severus Snape: Alan Rickman
    Professor Sunniva "Sunni" Stone: Melissa Manchester
    Rubeus Hagrid: Robbie Coltrane
    Remus Lupin: David Thewlis
    Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin: Natalia Tena

    The Franklin Family:
    Camille "Cami" Franklin: Me
    Camille's mother, Evangeline Franklin: Elizabeth Reaser
    Camille's father, Pierre Franklin: Peter Facinelli
    Camille's older brother, Jamie Franklin: Jeremy London
    Camille's older brother, Jamie's twin Jivan Franklin: Jason London
    Camille's older brother, Conley Franklin: Christian Bale
    Camille's older sister, Thora Franklin: Tina Barrett
    Camille's older brother, Philip Franklin: Paul Cattermole
    Camille’s older brother, Philip's twin Julius Franklin: John Cena
    Camille's older sister, Rexana Franklin: Rachel Stevens
    Camille's older sister, Juline Franklin: Jo O'Meara
    Camille's older brother, Arvin Franklin: Drew Fuller
    Camille's older sister, Arvin's twin Sharleen Franklin: Stephanie Beard
    Camille's older brother, Jules Franklin: Johnny Pacar
    Camille's older sister, Jules's twin Hallie Franklin: Hannah Spearritt
    Camille's older brother, Julio Franklin: Jon Lee
    Camille’s older brother, Julio’s twin Clive Franklin: Cam Gigandet
    Camille's twin brother, Lance Franklin: Lucas Grabeel
    Camille’s younger sister, Adele Franklin: Ashley Greene
    Camille’s younger sister, Norah Franklin: Nikki Reed
    Camille’s younger sister, Keely Franklin: Kirsten Stewart
    Camille's younger brother, Micah Franklin: Mason Musso
    Camille's younger brother, Morris Franklin: Mitchel Musso
    Camille's younger brother, Alec Franklin: Alex Ludwig
    Camille's younger sister, Anabella Franklin: AnnaSophia Robb
    Camille's younger brother, Marshall Franklin: Marc Musso

    The Granger Family
    Maxina Granger: Amber
    Maxina's mother, Terri Granger: Terri Irwin
    Maxina's father, Colby Granger: Dylan Bruno
    Maxina's older brother, Sportacus Granger: Magnús Örn Scheving
    Maxina's younger sister, Stephanie Granger: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Maxina's younger brother, Pixel Granger: Kobie Powell
    Maxina's younger sister, Trixie Granger: Sarah Burgess
    Maxina's younger brother, Stingy Granger: Jodi Eichelberger
    Maxina's younger brother, Ziggy Granger: Guðmundur Þór Kárason
    Maxina's boyfriend, Max Regnery: Brett Tucker


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