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    Whatever It Takes (My 1st HP Story)

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    Whatever It Takes (My 1st HP Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Sun Jul 19, 2009 12:55 pm

    Chapter One
    The Distance Between Here and There

    Harry is sitting on the couch off the house that he now shares with Sirius. Sirius walks into the room, he lets out long yawn and than notices Harry so he goes over.
    “Is there something wrong?” Sirius asked.
    “I don’t want to talk about it.” Harry answered in yell.
    “Alright than you don’t have to but if you change your mind than I’ll be willing to listen.” Sirius said.
    Harry smiles a little. Sirius walks out to the kitchen.
    Harry goes over to the fireplace, he takes some floo powder and throws it down.
    “The Burrow.” Harry yelled.
    Harry transports to the Burrow. Ron is sitting at the table eating a snack and he doesn’t see Harry. Ginny comes into the kitchen.
    “Hi Harry.” Ginny replied.
    Ron looks up and notices Harry.
    “When did you get here?” Ron asked.
    “I got here a few minutes ago.” Harry answered.
    Ginny leaves the kitchen.
    “Why are you here?” Ron asked.
    “I have a lot on my mind that I don’t want to talk my godfather about but I’ll talk to you about that’s if you’ll listen.” Harry answered.
    “Of course I’ll listen.” Ron said.
    Harry and Ron walk outside to talk.
    “What’s on your mind mate?” Ron asked.
    “It’s two people actually.” Harry answered.
    “Who are those two people?” Ron asked.
    “The first one is Voldemort.” Harry answered.
    Ron shivers that a little from hearing the name Voldemort.
    “Who is the other person?” Ron asked.
    “Hermione.” Harry answered.
    Ron looks at Harry.
    “Why Hermione?” Ron asked.
    “I realized two minutes after she left just how much I cared about her.” Harry answered.
    Ron just smiles.
    Harry looks at Ron.
    “I’m sure that you’ll see her someday soon.” Ron said.
    “Why are you so happy lately?” Harry asked.
    “You’ll find out soon.” Ron answered.
    All of sudden a girl comes into the Burrow living room. Ron walks over to the girl.
    “Did you miss me?” the girl asked.
    Ron nods his head, he pulls her close and kisses her. Harry looks at the girl than at Ron.
    “Who is this girl anyway?” Harry asked.
    “This is Pandora Moon and she’s my girlfriend” Ron answers.
    Jennifer looks at Harry.
    “You’re Harry Potter right.” Pandora says.
    Harry nods.
    “Yes that’s me.” Harry replied.
    “Whoa it’s really pleasure to me you and everyone calls me Pan just so you know.” Pandora said.
    “How did you meet Ron?” Harry asked.
    “We met in Diagon Alley.” Pandora answered.
    Harry smiles at little. Mrs. Weasley walks into the room.
    “Hi Pan and Harry.” Mrs. Weasley replied.
    Pan rests her head Ron’s shoulder. Ron kisses Pan. Harry rolls his eyes.
    “Could please do that somewhere else away from me?” Harry asked.
    “Yeah sure.” Ron said.
    Pan and Ron walk outside. Harry goes back to home to Sirius’s house and sits on the couch. Sirius comes in.
    “Are you ready to tell me what’s going on?” Sirius asked.
    “Yes I am.” Harry answered.
    Sirius sits next to Harry on the couch.
    “What this all about?” Sirius asked.
    “It’s about Hermione Granger.” Harry answered.
    “What about her?” Sirius asked.
    “I’ve realized since she’s been gone just how much I cared about her.” Harry answered.
    Sirius grins from ear to ear.
    “Oh I see now you’re in love with her.” Sirius said.
    “Yeah that’s right.” Harry replied.
    “I’ll see what I can do about getting her back here to you.” Sirius said.
    Harry walks up to his bedroom, he sits on his bed and lets a long sigh. Sirius leaves the house. Hedwig flies in Harry’s window and preaches on the dresser.
    “Hi, Hedwig.” Harry replied.
    Hedwig hooted.


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