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    Rules for the Forum


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    Rules for the Forum

    Post by Pam on Sun Feb 15, 2009 5:03 pm

    I know you hate rules but to keep this place under control, we've got to have them.

    * Respect the moderators/admins. We reserve the right to delete or edit posts at any time.

    * We reserve the right to delete accounts that are inactive for 6 months.

    * Any member that is found to have hacked into the site will be immediately and permanently banned.

    * Do not threaten to harm another member. Admin will immediately suspend your account. You will be banned for one month.

    * Do not pose as someone else. This is not a joke. Admin will ban you immediately.

    For breaking the following rules you will be warned the first time and suspended for 24 hours or longer for additional infractions

    * NO POSTING JUST TO CAUSE TROUBLE! If your post insinuates a fight, don't post it! End of story. Constructive criticism is totally welcomed. There is a difference between posting just to ruffle people's feathers, and giving your opinion. As long as your criticism doesn’t hurt feelings.

    * NO POSTING WIHOUT CONTENT - be sure your post says something relevant- this includes posts with only smilies or short posts such as: lol, I agree, hehe, I guess, awe, cool, ok, I'm sure, yeah, maybe, yup, same here, I think so, for sure, I don't know, thanks for sharing, good idea, very good.

    * You MUST respect all the other members on the forum at ALL times. No name calling.

    * NO DRAMA... Please do not use the public forums to discuss an issue you have with another member! Use U2U or email to discuss those things. If you can't work it out on your own, please refer the matter to the mod/admin for a resolution. Their decisions are final... no appeal.

    * No posting threats about leaving ATN. This is considered DRAMA. Drama will not be tolerated.

    * Please KEEP YOUR POSTS CLEAN! This is a family site and there are little ears everywhere.

    * No avatars or signatures that are insulting or offensive.

    * No avatars or signatures that contain links or URLs to other sites. Please edit your signature to remove such content.

    * Only one account per person. If you'd like your username changed, simply contact an Admin with the desired username. If you forget your username, contact an Admin or Mod and we'll find it for you. If you forget your password, select the "Forgot Password" link on the login screen.

    * No spamming, or posting the same thing repeatedly.

    * Accounts created by spammers will be DELETED. Spamming is NOT tolerated.

    * If a Mod/Admin deletes a post, consider it gone forever. Please, don't try to repost it as it will just be deleted again.

    * No inappropriate links. Don't come here simply to advertise other forums and message boards.

    * ALL EXTERNAL LINKS must be posted ONLY in specified section of External Links forum. All links outside of this section, unless posted by admin, will be deleted.

    For your safety, please do not post any detailed personal information about yourself (phone numbers, social security number, address, location, etc.) Moderators will delete any information they deem inappropriate.

    Have FUN!

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