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    The Fight for the Freshman Empire [[ a nutty story told at my school]]


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    The Fight for the Freshman Empire [[ a nutty story told at my school]]

    Post by The.Bitch.Shayla on Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:26 pm

    Here is a little Story that is told at my High School For all the 9th Grade World History Classes.
    its pretty funny but weird too because a teacher wrote it. after the class reads it we have to break into groups and devise some kind of battle plan to take over the school. Yeah thats right i said TAKE OVER THE SCHOOL! and yes the teacher who wrote this is on crack lol j/k
    anyways im gonna explain a few things in the story to you so that you can actually understand the story. Because its not funny if you dont understand where and what everything is.


    THE GREAT EMPERORS AND EMPERESSES OF STANHOPE ELMORE AND THEIR GREAT STAFF --The Principles and the they arnt emperors or anything like that xP

    THE ACADEMY OR THE 600 BUILDING -- we call it the Freshman academy. its a building for only the freshman.

    PROVINCIAL LEADERS -- the teachers *gasp*

    MR GRAVES -- one of the assistant principle at my school

    MRS. KILLINGSWORTH --the school councler

    MR. CAIN --another assistant principle

    EMPRESS WRIGHT --the big bad not so scary head lady principle at my school

    THE GREENHOUSE --its a greenhouse behind the school for the biology classes

    THE POND ON CRACKA ROAD --its a pond next to the middle school (thats not the real roads name but i changed it for safty purposes)

    THE MUSTANG AT THE FRONT OF THE EMPIRE --its my schools mascot but its a big stone that sits on top of my school

    THE EDGE OF THE TOLL BRIDGE -- the toll bridge in the city limits of elmore that is built over the alabama river.

    MIDDLE SCHOOLMillbrook Middle Jr old school...its EVILLL

    now i will begin with the story now that you know what everything is in the story


    Once upon a time, there was a great empire in the metropolis if Millbrook Alabama. It was called StanHope Elmore. Stanhope Elmore had once united the four kingdoms of Freshman,Sophomores,Juniors and Seniors. They had many Great emperors throughout the history of Stanhope Elmore, the last, was an empress by the name of Mrs Wright. She had a great staff that helped her control the empire. Her three closest assistants were Mr. Graves, Mr. Cain, and Mrs Killingsworth. They each ruled over one of the old kingdoms. The empire had ruled flawlessly since 1965, that is, until the spring of 2009. The new Generation of Freshman was taken back when they out that they would be placed in of all things, an ACADEMY! *Gasp!* The new Freahmn were infuriated that the empress and her assistants would infringe in their rights to hang out with the upper classman. Empress Wright could see there was an internal dissent within her empire. To appease the Freshman, Empress Wright let them mingle with the uppser classmen during a time she likes to call, Break. This, However, did not appease the freshman. They resorted to a new type of militarism, non-violent warfare. They would talk back, ignore, and down right try and drive the provincial leaders crazy. Eventually the Freahman developed a sense of nationalism; they took pride in not following the rules of the empire and even believed they knew everything. Then one somber April day, they decided they would break away from the empire of StanHope Elmore. They really poured on the non-violent militarism. Some provincial leaders tried to keep the peace, but resorted to sending the violstors to the assistants of Empress Wright. That was a tragic day. Mr. Graves was last seen diving into the bushes behind the greenhouse, Mrs. Killingsworth was found swimming circles in the pond on Cracka Road mumbling to herself, Mr. Cain was eventually found on top of the Mustang at the front of the empire trying to ride out of town, and Empress Wright was later found doing cartwheels on the edge of the toll Bridge. The Freshman had succeeded in collapsing the empire. They now had their own nation know as, THE 600 BUILDING! *dramatic music*. They were able to create an alliance with the Sophmores in the 200 building; this became known as simply, the Central Powers. However, the freshman had no luck gaining an alliance with the Juniors and the Seniors. They wanted no affiliation with the Freshman. The Juniors and the Seniors of the 700 and 300 building saw that the Freshman had the strength of numbers. In a desperate attempt to gain allies against the Freshman and Sophomores, the Juniors and Seniors did what they had to do;.......they became allies with the Middle School! This alliance became known as the Triple Entente. The Freshman knew there would eventually a war between the two alliances, but how would they fight both at the same time, they would have to fight on two fronts. They didn't have enough people to fight both at the same time, so they would have to devise a solid battle plan if they had any chance of survial.

    well that was i.... after that we had to make a battle plan...we are still working on it..and right now im in a group with only one person. my good friend Mary. we made up cool names too. we are the General and Commander.

    Im General Cracka and she Commander Twix LOL!

    anyways i jus wanted to share this stupid,strange and somewhat funny story with you all =]]

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    Re: The Fight for the Freshman Empire [[ a nutty story told at my school]]

    Post by Demonic_Anglo on Mon Apr 27, 2009 2:05 pm

    it wus AWSUM! XD

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