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    02 Never Gonna Let You Go (My 2nd NCIS Story)

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    02 Never Gonna Let You Go (My 2nd NCIS Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Thu Feb 02, 2017 4:19 pm

    NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service Cast:
    NCIS Supervisory Special Agent and a former Marine Gunnery Sergeant Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Mark Harmon
    NCIS Forensic Specialist Abigail "Abby" "Beethoven" Sciuto : Pauley Perette
    Chief Medical Examiner Donald "Ducky" Mallard: David McCallum
    Senior Field Agent Timothy "Tim" Farragut McGee: Sean Murray
    Director of NCISLeon James Vance: Rocky Carroll
    NCIS Assistant Medical Examine Dr. James "Jimmy" Palmer: Brian Dietzen
    Director of NCIS Jenny Shepard: Lauren Holly
    NCIS Special Agent and a former NSA Analyst Eleanor Bishop: Emily Wickersham
    NCIS Special Agent and former undercover operative Nicholas "Nick" Torres: Wilmer Valderrama
    NCIS Special Agent and former FLETC instructor Alexandra "Alex" Quinn: Jennifer Esposito

    Guest Stars:
    NCIS Special Agent and a former Secret Service Agent Caitlin Todd: Sasha Alexander
    NCIS Senior Field Agent Anthony "Tony" D. DiNozzo Jr: Michael Weatherly
    NCIS Special Agent and a former Mossad Officer Ziva David: Cote de Pablo

    NCIS: Los Angeles Cast:
    G. Callen (birth name Grisha Aleksandrovich Nikolaev): Chris O'Donnell
    Kensi Blye: Daniela Ruah
    Dr. Nate Getz: Peter Cambor
    Henrietta "Hetty" Lange: Linda Hunt
    Dominic Vail: Adam Jamal Craig
    Nell Jones: Renée Felice Smith
    Samuel "Sam" Hanna: LL Cool J
    Eric Beale: Barrett Foa
    Marty Deeks: Eric Christian Olsen
    Owen Granger: Miguel Ferrer

    NCIS: New Orleans Cast:
    Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride: Scott Bakula
    Special Agent Meredith Brody: Zoe McLellan
    Special Agent Christopher LaSalle: Lucas Black
    Special Agent Sonja Percy: Shalita Grant
    Forensic Scientist Sebastian Lund: Rob Kerkovich
    Medical Examiner Loretta Wade: CCH Pounder
    NCIS computer specialist Patton Plame: Daryl "Chill" Mitchell
    FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio: Vanessa Ferlito

    The Kollar Family:
    Gideon Kibby: My fiance
    Gilmer Kollar, Abby's new love interest: My fiance
    Miguel Kollar, Gideon and Gilmer's father. Gibbs's best friend: Michael Keaton
    Katina Kollar, Gideon and Gilmer's mother: Karen Allen
    Delila Kollar, Gideon and Gilmer's aunt, Miguel's twin sister, Gibb's new love interest: Debra Jo Rupp

    CNU: Shin Dong-woo
    Jinyoung: Jung Jin-young
    Sandeul: Lee Jung-hwan
    Baro: Cha Sun-woo
    Gongchan: Gong Chan-sik

    Jinyoung and Baro's Friends:
    Bo-gum Park
    Dong Yun Kwak
    Seung-woo Cho

    The Oakley Family:
    Rosalia "Rosa" Kollar, Gideon's wife: Me
    Carmina "Cara" Oakley, Rosalia's twin sister, CNU's girlfriend: Me
    Juanita "Juna" Oakley, Rosalia and Carmina's twin sister, Jinyoung's girlfriend: Me
    Shakira "Sara" Oakley, Rosalia, Carmina and Juanita's twin sister, Sandeul's girlfriend: Me
    Braniya "Baya" Oakley, Rosalia, Carmina, Juanita and Shakira's twin sister, Baro's girlfriend: Me
    Galilea "Gala" Oakley, Rosalia, Carmina, Juanita, Shakira and Braniya's twin sister, Gongchan's girlfriend: Me
    Soniqua "Sona" Coplan, Rosalia, Carmina, Juanita, Shakira, Braniya and Galilea's twin sister, Seung-woo's Cho's wife: Me
    Belinda "Bela" Poarch, Rosalia, Carmina, Juanita, Shakira, Braniya, Galilea and Soniqua's twin sister, Bo-gum Park's wife: Me
    Darnika "Dara" Koretz, Rosalia, Carmina, Juanita, Shakira, Braniya, Galilea, Soniqua and Belinda's twin sister, Dong Yun Kwak's wife: Me
    Elishea "Elly" Oakley, Rosalia, Carmina, Juanita, Shakira, Braniya, Galilea, Soniqua, Belinda and Darnika's mother, Abby's mother: Erika Eleniak
    Tristan Oakley, Rosalia, Carmina, Juanita, Shakira, Braniya, Galilea, Soniqua, Belinda and Darnika's father: Timothy Omundson
    Yahaira "Yaha" Coplan, Seung-woo Cho's daugther and Soniqua's step-daughter: Yoo Bin Kim

    The Wonka Family:
    Gabriella "Sylara" Gray: Amber
    GG Wonka, Gabriella's twin sister, G. Callen's girlfriend: Amber
    Gregoria "Goria" Wiggle, Gabriella and GG's twin sister: Amber
    Joee Burns, Gabriella, GG and Gregoria's twin sister: Amber
    Lachlanina "Lanina" Wiggle, Gabriella, GG, Gregoria and Joee's twin sister: Amber
    Nica Wonka, Gabriella, GG, Gregoria, Joee and Lachlanina's twin sister, Nick's girlfriend: Amber
    Ronney Doodle, Gabriella, GG, Gregoria, Joee, Lachlanina and Nica's twin sister: Amber
    Rya Manchester/Captain Woman, Gabriella, GG, Gregoria, Joee, Lachlanina, Nica and Ronney's twin sister: Amber
    Samuela Wiggle, Gabriella, GG, Gregoria, Joee, Lachlanina, Nica, Ronney and Rya's twin sister: Amber
    Stephania Sören/Sportagirl, Gabriella, GG, Gregoria, Joee, Lachlanina, Nica, Ronney, Rya and Samuela's twin sister: Amber
    Willa Wonka, Gabriella, GG, Gregoria, Joee, Lachlanina, Nica, Ronney, Rya, Samuela and Stephania's mother: Terri Irwin
    Willy Wonka, Gabriella, GG, Gregoria, Joee, Lachlanina, Nica, Ronney, Rya, Samuela and Stephania's deceased father: Gene Wilder

    The Gray Family:
    Gabriel "Sylar" Gray, Gabriella's husband: Zachary Quinto
    Gabrielle "Gabi" Gray, Gabriella and Gabriel's daughter: Ava Kolker
    Gabriel "Gabe" Gray Jr., Gabi's twin brother, Gabriella and Gabriel's son: August Maturo

    The Wiggle Family:
    Greg Wiggle, Gregoria's husband: Greg Page
    Melody Wiggle, Gregoria and Greg's daughter: Madison Page

    The Burns Family:
    Joe Burns, Joee's husband: Donovan Patton
    Joeana "Ana" Burns, Joee and Joe's daughter: Sasha Patton
    Joe "JJ" Burns Jr., Joee and Joe's son: Jones Patton

    The Wiggle Family:
    Lachy Wiggle, Lachlanina's husband: Lachlan Gillespie
    Harmony Wiggle, Lachlanina and Lachy's daughter: Mia Talerico

    The Doodlebops:
    Deedee Doodle, Ronney's best friend: Lisa J. Lennox
    Rooney Doodle, Deedee's younger brother, Ronney's husband: Chad McNamara
    Moe Doodle, Deedee and Rooney's younger brother: Jonathan Wexler
    Ronica Doodle, Ronney and Rooney's daughter: Dove Cameron
    Ronnea Doodle, Ronica's twin sister, Ronney and Rooney's daughter: Dove Cameron

    The Manchester Family:
    Ray Manchester/Captain Man, Rya's husband: Cooper Barnes
    Raya Manchester/Captain Girl, Rya and Ray's daughter: Chloe Lang
    Ray "RJ" Manchester Jr./Captain Boy, Raya's twin brother, Rya and Ray's son: Tenzing Norgay Trainor
    Henry Hart/Kid Danger, Raya's boyfriend: Jace Norman
    Charlotte Bolton/Girl Danger, RJ's girlfriend: Riele Downs

    The Wiggle Family:
    Sam Wiggle, Samuela's husband: Sam Moran
    Samantha Wiggle, Samuela and Sam's daughter: Eloise Moran

    The Sören Family:
    Stephanus Sören/Sportacus, Stephania's husband: Magnús Örn Eyjólfsson Scheving
    Stephana Sören/Sportagal, Sportacus and Stephania's daughter: Slyvia Erla Scheving
    Stephan Sören/Sportaboy, Stephana's younger brother, Sportacus and Stephania's son: Kristofer Scheving


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