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    Because Of You (My 2nd B1A4 Story)

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    Because Of You (My 2nd B1A4 Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Sat Mar 05, 2016 4:02 pm

    Shin Dong Woo (CNU)
    Jung Jin Young (Jinyoung)
    Lee Jung Hwan (Sandeul)
    Cha Sun Woo (Baro)
    Gong Chan Shik (Gongchan)

    The Noy Family:
    Remi Sop, Gion's wife: Me
    Rubi Noy, Remi's twin sister, CNU's girlfriend: Me
    Rami Noy, Remi and Rubi's twin sister, Jinyoung's girlfriend: Me
    Rani Noy, Remi, Rubi and Rami's twin sister, Sanduel's girlfriend: Me
    Riki Noy, Remi, Rubi, Rami and Rani's twin sister, Baro's girlfriend: Me
    Roxi Noy, Remi, Rubi, Rami, Rani and Riki's twin sister, Gongchan's girlfriend: Me
    Sami Noy, Remi, Rubi, Rami, Rani, Riki and Roxi's mother: Shohreh Aghdashloo
    Liev Noy, Remi, Rubi, Rami, Rani, Riki and Roxi's father: Liam Neeson

    The Sop Family:
    Gion Sop, Remi's husband: My fiance
    Glin Sop, Gion's twin brother: My fiance
    Gian Sop, Gion and Glin's twin brother: My fiance
    Guin Sop, Gion, Glin and Gian's twin brother: My fiance
    Gwin Sop, Gion, Glin, Gian and Guin's twin brother: My fiance
    Gain Sop, Gion, Glin, Gian, Guin and Gwin's twin brother: My fiance
    Wain Sop, Gion, Glin, Gian, Guin, Gwin and Gain's father: William Shatner
    Brie Sop, Gion, Glin, Gian, Guin, Gwin and Gain's mother: Barbara Eden

    Rubi's Friends:
    Jiya Abe
    Birt Abe, Jiya's husband
    Jaia Lane (passed away)
    Pria Bee
    Pius Mack, Pria's boyfriend
    Jimo Ace
    Cris Gabe
    Erin Gabe, Cris's wife
    Jito Mace:
    Tina Cade, Jito's girlfriend

    The McDonald Family:
    Carmena McDonald: Amber
    Ronald McDonald, Carmena's husband: Brad Lennon
    Ronalda "Roni" McDonald, Carmena and Ronald's daughter: Chloe Lang
    Ronaldina "Dina" McDonald, Ronalda's twin sister, Carmena and Ronald's daughter: Chloe Lang
    Ronald "RJ" McDonald Jr., Ronalda and Ronaldina's twin brother, Carmena and Ronald's son: Tenzing Norgay Trainor
    Ronaldo "Naldo" McDonald, Ronalda, Ronaldina and Ronald Jr.'s twin brother: Tenzing Norgay Trainor

    The Sandiego Family:
    Carmen Sandiego, Carmena's mother: Rita Moreno
    Carmel Sandiego, Carmena's father: Johnny Depp
    Carmel "Mel" Sandiego Jr., Carmena's older brother: Zachary Quinto
    Carmela "Mela" Sandiego, Carmena's older sister: Lisa J. Lennox
    Carmelo "Melo" Sandiego, Carmena's older brother: Chad McNamara


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