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    Love of eachother


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    Love of eachother

    Post by princess rose on Wed Jun 10, 2015 7:08 pm

    This is poem of husband that I lost. He didn't die but we ened up one day having divorce. I love him so much.... That he wouldn't sign our divorce papers in tell last week.

    We fight.
    We argue about everything and little things.
    That shouldn't start argument.

    I miss you and sometimes miss your kisses...
    I miss the kisses in the rain.
    I miss your smell.

    Both of us were so young that we thought we
    would be together for ever but look at us.
    We aren't together. But sometimes when we run into each other
    we both look at each other. Smile but don't say nothing to each other.
    Even thought we both want to say something.
    But does not know what to say.
    If I could kiss you one more time I would never let you get away.

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