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    The Power Of Love (My 1st Zoboomafoo Story)

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    The Power Of Love (My 1st Zoboomafoo Story) Empty The Power Of Love (My 1st Zoboomafoo Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:54 pm

    Zoboomafoo Cast:
    Chris Kratt: Christopher F. Kratt
    Martin Kratt: Martin William Kratt
    Zoboomafoo (voice): Gordon Robertson
    Amy: Genevieve Farrell
    Jackie: Samantha Tolkacz

    Zooboland Characters:
    Baby Zoboomafooasaurus
    Green Puppy
    Wiggy Waxwing

    The Chaytor Family:
    Rozalie Chaytor: Me
    Rozalie's mother, Melinda Chaytor: Michelle McCool
    Rozalie's father, Merrick Chaytor: Mark Calaway
    Rozalie's aunt, Melinda's twin Jasmine Sampson: Jessica Simpson
    Rozalie's uncle, Merrick's twin Rhydian Chaytor: Rob Morrow
    Rozalie's uncle, Christian Chaytor: Christopher Sabat
    Rozalie's uncle, Silvester Chaytor: Sean Schemmel
    Rozalie's uncle, Gilmer Chaytor: Gary Oldman
    Rozalie's older sister, Anastasia Chaytor: Amanda Tapping
    Rozalie's older sister, Anastasia's twin Dominique Chaytor: Diane Lane
    Rozalie's older brother, Julius Chaytor: Joe Flanigan
    Rozalie's older sister, Julius's twin Justice Mercer: Julia Roberts
    Rozalie's older brother, Maurice Chaytor: Michael Shanks
    Rozalie's older brother, Maurice's twin Mitchell Chaytor: Matthew Lillard
    Rozalie's older brother, Riley Chaytor: Ryan Gosling
    Rozalie's older brother, Riley's twin Nigel Chaytor: Nick Carter
    Rozalie's older sister, Camille Chaytor: Caterina Scorsone
    Rozalie's older brother, Camille's twin Harrison Chaytor: Hayden Christensen
    Rozalie's older sister, Juliet Chaytor: Jewel Staite
    Rozalie's older sister, Juliet's twin Bonita Chaytor: Bobbie Jean Carter
    Rozalie's twin sister, Tiffany Chaytor: Tammin Sursok
    Rozalie's younger sister, Lilliana Chaytor: Leslie Carter
    Rozalie's younger sister, Lilliana's twin Melanie Chaytor: Mischa Barton
    Rozalie's younger brother, Alvin Chaytor: Aaron Carter
    Rozalie's younger sister, Alvin's twin Alina Chaytor: Angel Carter
    Rozalie's younger sister, Glinda Chaytor: Gilland Jones
    Rozalie's younger sister, Glinda's twin Danica Chaytor: Danielle Chuchran
    Rozalie's younger sister, Juanita Chaytor: Jodelle Ferland
    Rozalie's younger brother, Juanita's twin Justin Chaytor: Jake T. Austin
    Rozalie's younger sister, Camilla Chaytor: Conchita Campbell
    Rozalie's younger sister, Camilla's twin Galiana Chaytor: Georgie Henley
    Rozalie's younger sister, Addison Chaytor: Abigail Breslin
    Rozalie's younger brother, Addison's twin Daniel Chaytor: Dominic Scott Kay
    Rozalie's younger sister, Heidi Chaytor: Holly Gibbs
    Rozalie's younger sister, Heidi's twin Callie Chaytor: Chloë Moretz
    Rozalie's younger sister, Alisha Chaytor: Ariel Winter
    Rozalie's younger sister, Alisha's twin Glenica Chaytor: G. Hannelius
    Rozalie's younger sister, Jamie Chaytor: Joey King
    Rozalie's younger sister, Jamie's twin Diana Chaytor: Daylia Wallace
    Rozalie's younger sister, Amelia Chaytor: Amanda Pace
    Rozalie's younger sister, Amelia's twin Renita Chaytor: Rachel Pace
    Rozalie's younger sister, Hilary Chaytor: Hannah Gunn
    Rozalie's younger sister, Hilary's twin Hallie Chaytor: Harley Graham
    Rozalie's younger brother, Javier Chaytor: Jason Simmons
    Rozalie's younger brother, Javier's twin Kelvin Chaytor: Kristopher Simmons
    Rozalie's younger sister, Ariella Chaytor: Alina Foley
    Rozalie's younger sister, Ariella's twin Odelia Chaytor: Olivia Hancock
    Rozalie's younger sister, Sapphire Chaytor: Serenity Martorell
    Rozalie's younger sister, Sapphire's twin Kristine Chaytor: Kaitlyn Maher
    Rozalie's younger sister, Calista Chaytor: Campbell Rose
    Rozalie's younger sister, Calista's twin Caitlin Chaytor: Carolyn Rose
    Rozalie's younger sister, Destiny Chaytor: Dakoda Hobbs
    Rozalie's younger sister, Destiny's twin Desiree Chaytor: Danica Hobbs
    Rozalie's younger sister, Serafina Chaytor: Savanna Mae Deizo
    Rozalie's younger sister, Serafina's twin Septima Chaytor: Sienna Cheryl Deizo
    Rozalie's younger sister, Maria Chaytor: Mia Talerico
    Rozalie's younger sister, Maria's twin Livia Chaytor: Liliana Pizzuto
    Rozalie's fiancé, Gabriel Bennitt: My fiancé
    Maurice's wife, Larissa Chaytor: Lexa Doig
    Julius's wife, Keisha Chaytor: Katherine Kousi
    Mitchell's wife, Harriet Chaytor: Heather Helm
    Justice's husband, Dominic Mercer: Daniel Moder

    Rozalie's Nephews and Nieces:
    Austin Chaytor son to Julius and Keisha: Aidan Flanigan
    Tristan Chaytor son to Julius and Keisha: Truman Flanigan
    Ferris Chaytor son to Julius and Keisha: Fergus Flanigan
    Tabitha Chaytor daugther to Maurice: Tatiana Shanks
    Patrick Chaytor son to Justice and Dominic: Phinnaeus Moder
    Patrick's twin Hermione Chaytor daugther to Justice and Dominic: Hazel Moder
    Hollis Chaytor son to Justice and Dominic: Henry Daniel Moder

    The Hatter Family:
    Christabellah Hatter: Amber
    Christabellah's mother, Fedora Hatter: Terri Irwin
    Christabellah's father, The Mad Hatter: John Robert Hoffman

    The Twins
    Ebony: China Anne McClaine
    Farrah: China Anne McClaine

    The Triplets
    Emily: Vanessa Anne Hudgens
    Fanny: Vanessa Anne Hudgens
    Gabriella: Vanessa Anne Hudgens

    The Quadruplets
    Elaine: Zendaya
    Faith: Zendaya
    Genevieve: Zendaya
    Heidi: Zendaya

    The Quintuplets
    Ellen: Bella Thorne
    Fawn: Bella Thorne
    Gwen: Bella Thorne
    Happy: Bella Thorne
    Inga: Bella Thorne

    The Sextuplets
    Erma: Ashley Tisdale
    Fay: Ashley Tisdale
    Gilda: Ashley Tisdale
    Harmony: Ashley Tisdale
    Indigo: Ashley Tisdale
    Jackie: Ashley Tisdale

    The Septuplets
    Eleanor: Caroline Sunshine
    Filippa: Caroline Sunshine
    Gillian: Caroline Sunshine
    Honey: Caroline Sunshine
    Ida: Caroline Sunshine
    Jessie: Caroline Sunshine
    Katie: Caroline Sunshine

    The Octuplets
    Edith: Selena Gomez
    Florence: Selena Gomez
    Grace: Selena Gomez
    Helen: Selena Gomez
    India: Selena Gomez
    Jill: Selena Gomez
    Kelsey: Selena Gomez
    Lindsay: Selena Gomez

    The Nonuplets
    Elsie: Emily Osment
    Fauna: Emily Osment
    Georgeanne: Emily Osment
    Hattie: Emily Osment
    Isabella: Emily Osment
    Jody: Emily Osment
    Kendra: Emily Osment
    Lola: Emily Osment
    Martina: Emily Osment

    The Decaplets
    Esther: Debby Ryan
    Felicitas: Debby Ryan
    Georgia: Debby Ryan
    Heather: Debby Ryan
    Ingrid: Debby Ryan
    Josie: Debby Ryan
    Kiera: Debby Ryan
    Lydia: Debby Ryan
    Mia: Debby Ryan
    Natalia: Debby Ryan

    The Undecaplets
    Eugenia: Miley Cyrus
    Flora: Miley Cyrus
    Gwyneth: Miley Cyrus
    Hannah: Miley Cyrus
    Isis: Miley Cyrus
    Jasmine: Miley Cyrus
    Krystal: Miley Cyrus
    Lara: Miley Cyrus
    Morgan: Miley Cyrus
    Nora: Miley Cyrus
    Olivia: Miley Cyrus

    The Duodecaplets
    Ellie: Bridgit Mendler
    Fortuna: Bridgit Mendler
    Garland: Bridgit Mendler
    Hestia: Bridgit Mendler
    Iris: Bridgit Mendler
    Jewel: Bridgit Mendler
    Kari: Bridgit Mendler
    Lorna: Bridgit Mendler
    Marisa: Bridgit Mendler
    Nancy: Bridgit Mendler
    Opal: Bridgit Mendler
    Peggy: Bridgit Mendler

    The Tredecaplets
    Elise: Nicole Anderson
    Fifi: Nicole Anderson
    Giselle: Nicole Anderson
    Hazel: Nicole Anderson
    Ivy: Nicole Anderson
    Jillian: Nicole Anderson
    Kathy: Nicole Anderson
    Lacie: Nicole Anderson
    Maya: Nicole Anderson
    Nikki: Nicole Anderson
    Oceana: Nicole Anderson
    Porsha: Nicole Anderson
    Quartilla: Nicole Anderson

    The Quattrodecaplets
    Elvira: Jennifer Stone
    Frederica: Jennifer Stone
    Gigi: Jennifer Stone
    Harper: Jennifer Stone
    Innocence: Jennifer Stone
    Jennifer: Jennifer Stone
    Kenya: Jennifer Stone
    Lila: Jennifer Stone
    Madonna: Jennifer Stone
    Nellie: Jennifer Stone
    Olympia: Jennifer Stone
    Patricia: Jennifer Stone
    Quintana: Jennifer Stone
    Randi: Jennifer Stone

    The Quindecaplets
    Eve: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Fran: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Ginger: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Hailey: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Isabel: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Joy: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Kim: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Lucille: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Marcia: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Nina: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Orino: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Patty: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Quintessa: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Rose: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Steffi: Julianna Rose Mauriello

    The Power Of Love (My 1st Zoboomafoo Story) V5OKiZE
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    ❄️Crystal Snow❄️
    ❄️Crystal Snow❄️

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    The Power Of Love (My 1st Zoboomafoo Story) Empty Re: The Power Of Love (My 1st Zoboomafoo Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:54 pm

    Chapter 1
    Love At First Sight

    One day a young lady named Rozalie Chaytor is sitting on the couch in in arms of her fiancé Gabriel Bennitt. Rozalie sighed.
    “What's wrong?” Gabriel asked.
    “I miss my best friends Chris and Martin Kratt.” Rozalie answered.
    “When was the last time you saw them?” Gabriel asked.
    “The last time I saw them 10 years ago.” Rozalie answered.
    “Wow, that's a long time and you should go see them.” Gabriel said.
    “Do you want to come with me?” Rozalie asked.
    “Yes, I'd love to.” Gabriel answered.
    Rozalie and Gabriel went to Animal Junction. Chris and Martin are waiting for Zoboomafoo to show up. Rozalie cleared her throat. Chris and Martin looked up.
    “Is that you Rozalie?” Chris asked.
    “Yes it is.” Rozalie answered.
    Chris walked over and hugged Rozalie.
    “It's so great to see again.” Chris said.
    Rozalie smiled. Martin hugged Rozalie too. Martin suddenly noticed Gabriel.
    “Who are you?” Martin asked.
    “I'm Rozalie's fiancé Gabriel Bennitt.” Gabriel answered.
    Chris sighed. Martin looked at Chris.
    “What's wrong?” Martin asked.
    “I don't want to talk about it.” Chris answered.
    All of a sudden Zoboomafoo appeared. Zoboomafoo noticed Rozalie and Gabriel.
    “Who is he?” Rozalie asked.
    “This our buddy Zoboo.” Chris answered.
    Martin walked over to the snack machine and pressed the Lemur button. A banana came out. Martin took the banana.
    “Zoboo, I've got a banana for you.” Martin said.
    Zoboomafoo came over to where Martin is. Martin gave Zoboomafoo a piece of banana. Zoboomafoo ate the piece of banana. Zoboomafoo burped.
    “Zoboomafoo.” Zoboo replied.
    “How was you trip here?” Chris asked.
    “It was very muddy.” Zoboomafoo answered.
    “Why is that?” Martin asked.
    “There's a lot of mud around from the rain last night.” Zoboomafoo answered.
    “I forgot that it rain last night.” Martin said.
    Zoboomafoo noticed Rozalie and Gabriel.
    “Who are you two?” Zoboomafoo asked.
    “My name is Rozalie Chaytor and this is my fiancé Gabriel Bennitt.” Rozalie answered.
    “Hi, I'm Zoboomafoo put Chris and Martin call me Zoboo.” Zoboomafoo said.
    Rozalie looked around.
    “Do you have mirror here somewhere?” Rozalie asked.
    “Yes, there's one in the bathroom.” Martin answered.
    “What do you want a mirror for?” Chris asked.
    “You'll see when I get back.” Rozalie answered.
    “Alright than.” Chris said.
    Rozalie walked to the bathroom. Rozalie looked at mirror.
    “Christabellah.” Rozalie said.
    Christabellah appeared in the mirror.
    “What would you like?” Christabellah asked.
    “I miss you and I'd like to come see me.” Rozalie answered.
    “Where are you?” Christabellah asked.
    “I'm at Animal Junction visiting my two of very good friends.” Rozalie answered.
    “Wow, it sounds like a cool place.” Christabellah said.
    “It totally is.” Rozalie replied.
    Christabellah went to talk her parents than came back and came through the mirror.
    Rozalie walked back to where Chris, Martin. Zoboo and Gabriel are. Christabellah took one look at Chris and fell madly in love with. Chris noticed Christabellah and fell madly in love with her. Martin smiled.
    “Who's your friend?” Martin asked.
    “This is my other best friend Christabellah Hatter.” Rozalie answered.
    “Hi, Christabellah, I'm Martin.” Martin said.
    “It's nice to meet you.” Christabellah replied.
    Chris sighed.
    “Hello, I'm Martin's younger brother Chris.” Chris said.
    “It's very nice to meet you.” Christabellah replied with a smile.
    Rozalie grabbed Christabellah's arm and took her out of earshot.
    “Do you like Chris?” Rozalie asked.
    “No, I don't but I am madly in love with him.” Christabellah answered.
    Rozalie smiled.
    “I had a feeling that you'd feel that way when you met him.” Rozalie said.
    “How did you know that?” Christabellah asked.
    “I just knew and I actually used to a major crush on him before I met Gabriel.” Rozalie answered.
    “You have to promise not tell him that I'm in love with him.” Christabellah said.
    “I promise but you have tell him soon.” Rozalie replied.
    “Yeah I know that.” Christabellah said.
    Rozalie and Christabellah walked back over the others. Zoboomafoo looked at Christabellah.
    “Hi Christabellah, I'm Zoboomafoo.” Zoboomafoo replied.
    “It's nice to meet you.” Christabellah said.
    Chris looked at Rozalie.
    “Can I talk to you alone?” Chris asked.
    “Yes sure.” Rozalie answered.
    Chris and Rozalie walked out of earshot.
    “Do you know what I wanted to talk you alone?” Chris asked.
    “I think so but I'm not sure.” Rozalie answered.
    Chris smiled.
    “Christabellah is most beautiful woman that I've every met and I'm madly in love with her.” Chris said.
    Rozalie smiled.
    “I had a feeling that you'd feel that way when you met her.” Rozalie replied.
    “Please don't tell her.” Chris said.
    “I won't I promise but you have to soon because it's not good to keep your feelings lock up inside.” Rozalie replied.
    Chris nodded his head. Rozalie and Chris walked back over the others. Zoboomafoo looked at Christabellah than at Rozalie.
    “How old are the two of you?” Zoboomafoo asked.
    “I'm 28 years old and Christabellah will 28 on her birthday.” Rozalie answered.
    Zoboomafoo looked at Gabriel.
    “How old are you?” Zoboomafoo asked.
    “I turned 41 years in March.” Gabriel answered.
    Zoboomafoo looked at Rozalie.
    “Don't you think he's a little old for you?” Zoboomafoo asked.
    “No, I don't and age doesn't matter when you love someone.” Rozalie answered.
    Chris sighed again. Martin looked at Chris.
    “Are you alright little brother?” Martin asked.
    “Yes, I'm fine.” Chris answered
    Chris walked off. Martin shook his head.
    A few hours later Christabellah is at Rozalie's place sleeping in the spare room dreaming of Chris. Rozalie and Gabriel are sleeping in each other's embrace. Chris is sleeping and dreaming of Christabellah.

    The Power Of Love (My 1st Zoboomafoo Story) V5OKiZE
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    ❄️Crystal Snow❄️

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    The Power Of Love (My 1st Zoboomafoo Story) Empty Re: The Power Of Love (My 1st Zoboomafoo Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:54 pm

    Chapter 2
    Feelings Out In The Open

    It's been a few days since Rozalie went to see Chris and Martin. Christabellah is staying at Rozalie and Gabriel's place. Christabellah is sitting on the couch looking sad. Rozalie walked into the room.
    “What's with the long face?” Rozalie asked.
    “I miss Chris so much.” Christabellah answered.
    “Would you like to go to Animal Junction with me?” Rozalie asked.
    “Yes, I would.” Christabellah answered.
    Rozalie, Gabriel and Christabellah walked to Animal Junction. Chris and Martin aren't they yet.
    “Where could they be?” Rozalie asked.
    “I'm not sure.” Gabriel answered.
    All of a sudden they hear Chris and Martin talking. Chris and Martin walked into Animal Junction. Chris smiled when he seen Christabellah. Martin took Chris out of earshot.
    “Why did you smile when you seen Christabellah?” Martin asked.
    “I've been madly in love with her since the day I met her and I really missed her the past few days.” Chris answered.
    “When are you planning to tell her how you feel?” Martin asked.
    “I was thinking about telling her today because it's getting so hard to keep my feelings lock up inside now.” Chris answered.
    Christ and Martin walked back over.
    “Shouldn't you call Zoboo?” Christabellah asked.
    “I was just going to do that.” Chris answered.
    Martin smiled. Chris and Martin walked over to the window.
    “Zoboomafoo.” Chris and Marin yelled together.
    Zoboomafoo came leaping in.
    “It's nice day out.” Martin said.
    Zoboomafoo just looked at Martin.
    “First food than talk.” Chris replied.
    “Can I give him a treat?” Christabellah asked.
    “Yeah sure of course.” Chris answered.
    Christabellah walked over to the snack machine and pressed the button for Zoboo. Snack Machine pops out an apple. Christabellah breaks a little piece of than goes to where Zoboo.
    “Zoboo, I have an apple.” Christabellah said.
    Chris smiled a little. Zoboo leaped over to where Christabellah is. Christabellah gave Zoboo the piece of apple. Zoboo started to munch on it. All of a sudden Zoboo burped.
    “Zoboomafoo.”' Zoboo replied.
    “Was the apple good?” Christabellah asked.
    “Yeah it was.” Zoboo answered.
    “I'm glad.” Christabellah said.
    Christabellah sighed and walked off. Christabellah sat by herself. Zoboomafoo leaped over to where Christabellah is.
    “What's wrong?” Zoboo asked.
    “I really don't want to talk about it.” Christabellah answered.
    Chris walked over to them and looked at Zoboomafoo.
    “Could I talk to Christabellah alone?” Chris asked.
    “Yeah, I'm going to see what Martin is doing.” Zoboo answered.
    Zoboomafoo leaped away. Chris sat down next to Christabellah.
    “Are you okay?” Chris asked.
    “Yes, I'm fine.” Christabellah answered.
    “I have to tell you something.” Chris said.
    “What is it?” Christabellah asked.
    “I've been in madly in love with you since I met you the other day.” Chris answered.
    Christabellah smiled.
    “That's a relief for me because I've felt the same way since I met you.” Christabellah said.
    “Really you have?” Chris asked.
    “Yes, yes I do.” Christabellah answered.
    “I'm so glad.” Chris said.
    Chris smiled. Chris pulled Christabellah close and kissed her. Christabellah gasped. A few minutes Chris broke the kiss.
    “Wow, you an amazing kisser.” Christabellah said.
    Martin seen them together and sighed. Rozalie looked at Martin.
    “What's wrong?” Rozalie asked.
    “I'm just a little jealous because Chris has someone now but I don't.” Martin answered.
    “Aren't you in love with my older sister Camille?” Rozalie asked.
    “Yes, I am but I've never gotten up the nerve to tell her.” Martin answered.
    “I think you should try to get up the nerve before it's too late.” Rozalie said.
    Martin sighed.
    “How did you know I was in love with her?” Martin asked.
    “I knew for the way you were always watching her like a hawk and you always smiled when she was around.” Rozalie answered.
    All of a sudden Rozalie's older sister Camille walked into Animal Junction. Camille walked over to Martin;
    “Hi, Martin.” Camille said.
    “Hello, Camille.” Martin replied.
    Camille smiled and hugged Martin. Chris is watching.
    “How have you been?” Camille asked.
    “I've been really good but I missed you.” Martin answered.
    “Why would you miss me?” Camille asked.
    “I missed you because I'm in love with you.” Martin answered.
    “Are you serious?” Camille asked.
    “Yes, I am because without you my world seemed incomplete.” Martin answered.
    Camille smiled.
    “I'm glad to hear you say that because the truth is that I've been in love with for longest time but I didn't think you felt the same way.” Camille said.
    Martin pulled Camille into his arms and started to kiss her.
    ~Meanwhile on the other side of Animal Junction~
    Christabellah looked at Chris.
    “Is your real name Christopher?” Christabellah asked.
    “Yes, it is.” Chris answered.
    “I thought so.” Christabellah said.
    Rozalie sighed just as Gabriel came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. Rozalie just smiled. Chris sighed. Martin looked over at his brother. Camille looked at Martin.
    “What's wrong now?” Camille asked.
    “I've just got this feeling that something's wrong with my brother.” Martin answered.
    “How do you know that?” Camille asked.
    “It's just something that I like to called older brother instinct.” Martin answered.
    Christabellah looked at Chris.
    “Are you okay?” Christabellah asked.
    Chris shook his head. Zoboo leaped over.
    “No, I'm not.” Chris answered.
    “What's wrong Chris?” Zoboo asked.
    “I've got a major headache.” Chris answered.
    Christabellah got a worried look. Martin walked over to his backpack and took a bottle of aspirin. Martin took the aspirin and glass of water over to Chris.
    “Here little brother this should help.” Martin said.
    Chris smiled.
    “Thanks Martin.” Chris replied.
    Chris took the aspirin and a drink of water to swallow it. Christabellah up to Chris.
    “Are you feeling any better?” Christabellah asked.
    Chris wrapped his arms around Christabellah and smiled.
    '”Yes I am now.” Chris answered.
    Chris leaned in and kissed Christabellah. A few minutes later Chris broke the kiss.
    “I'm glad to hear because I was getting worried.” Christabellah said.
    Chris just smiled and held Christabellah close to him. A few hours later Christabellah is her bed at Rozalie's place dreaming of Chris. Chris is in his bed dreaming of Christabellah. Rozalie and Gabriel are sleeping in each other's embrace. Martin is bed dreaming of Camille and Camille is bed dreaming of Martin.

    The Power Of Love (My 1st Zoboomafoo Story) V5OKiZE
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    ❄️Crystal Snow❄️

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    The Power Of Love (My 1st Zoboomafoo Story) Empty Re: The Power Of Love (My 1st Zoboomafoo Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:55 pm

    Chapter 3
    Trip To Wonderland

    It's been a few days since Chris and Christabellah admitted their feelings to each other. Christabellah is getting homesick. Chris and Martin are just arriving at Animal Junction. Chris sighed.
    “Do you miss her?” Martin asked.
    “Yes, I do and I'm hoping she comes for a visit today.” Chris answered.
    All of a sudden Rozalie, Gabriel and Christabellah walked into Animal Junction. Chris smiled when he seen Christabellah. Chris walked over to Christabellah. Chris pulled Christabellah close and kissed her. A few minutes later Chris broke the kiss.
    “Did you miss me that much?” Christabellah asked.
    “Yes, I did.” Chris answered.
    Christabellah sighed. Martin looked at Christabellah.
    “Is something wrong?” Martin asked.
    “Yes, they is because I'm homesick.” Christabellah answered.
    “Why don't you go home than?” Martin asked.
    “I would love do that but if I did than I'd miss Chris.” Christabellah answered.
    “Why don't we come with you?” Chris asked.
    “That would be great.” Christabellah answered.
    “When is home?” Martin asked.
    “My home is in Wonderland.” Christabellah answered.
    “Where's Wonderland?” Chris asked.
    “It's the other side of the mirror baby.” Christabellah answered.
    “Did she say mirror?” Martin asked.
    “Yes, that's right I did.” Christabellah answered.
    “Wow, it's sounds interesting.” Chris said.
    “Do you think Zoboo would like to go?” Martin asked.
    “The only way to find out that is to call him.” Chris answered.
    “Can I call him?” Christabellah asked.
    “Yes, sure you can starshine.” Chris anwered.
    “Zoboomafoo.” Christabellah yelled.
    Zoboomafoo heard Christabellah and came leaping into Animal Junction. Zoboomafoo started to leap around.
    “He's need something to eat.” Rozalie said.
    “Would you like to get him something today?” Martin asked.
    “Yes, I would.” Rozalie answered.
    Rozalie walked over to the snack machine. Rozalie hit the button for Zoboomafoo and out came kiwi. Rozalie took over to the Zoboomafoo.
    “She's got some kiwi for you Zoboo.” Martin said.
    Rozalie gave some of the kiwi to Zoboomafoo. Zoboomafoo ate some of the kiwi than burped.
    “Zoboomafoo.” Zoboomafoo said.
    Martin smiled just as Camille came into the Animal Junction. Martin wrapped his arms around Camille. Martin looked at Zoboomafoo.
    “How would like to come to Wonderland with us?” Martin asked.
    “I would love to.” Zoboomafoo answered.
    “Can I come too?” Camille asked.
    “Yes, of course.” Martin answered.
    Zoboomafoo suddenly got a confused look on his face.
    “Where's Wonderland?” Zoboomafoo asked.
    Christabellah is Chris's arms and she smiles.
    'Wonderland is the other side of mirror and it's where I'm from.” Christabellah answered.
    They all walked into the bathroom. Christabellah touched the mirror and turned into portal. They went threw the mirror. Zoboomafoo looked around.
    “Wow, it's cool here.” Zoboomafoo said.
    All of sudden the Red Queen appeared.
    “Welcome, Christabellah.” The Red Queen replied.
    “Thank your majesty.” Christabellah said.
    “It's nice to see you again Rozalie, Gabriel and Camille.” The Red Queen replied.
    “Likewise your majesty.” Rozalie, Gabriel and Camille said together.
    The Red Queen noticed Chris, Martin and Zoboomafoo.
    “Who are your friend with you?” The Red Queen asked.
    “Hi, your majesty, I'm Martin Kratt and this is my younger brother Chris Kratt.” Martin answered.
    The Red Queen looked at Zoboomafoo.
    “Who are you?” The Red Queen asked.
    “My name is Zoboomafoo but Kratt brothers call me Zoboo and I'm a Sifaka Lemur.” Zoboomafoo answered.
    “Well it's very nice to meet all three of you.” The Red Queen said.
    All of sudden Christabellah's parents walked over. Christabellah's mother hugged her.
    “Welcome home baby girl.” Christabellah's mother replied.
    “Thanks mother.” Christabellah said.
    “We missed you princess.” Christabellah's father replied.
    “Are these your parents?” Martin asked.
    “Yes, they are.” Christabellah answered.
    “I'm The Mad Hatter and this is my wife Fedora.” Hatter said.
    Chris sighed. Christabellah looked at Chris than took him out or earshot.
    “What's wrong baby?” Christabellah asked.
    “I'm just scared your parent's won't like me starshine.” Chris answered.
    Christabellah smiled a little and kissed Chris. A few minutes Christabellah stopped kissing Chris and they walked back over to the others. Christabellah cuddled up to Chris a little. Hatter noticed his daughter cuddled up to Chris.
    “Who is the man princess?” Hatter asked.
    “This is Chris Kratt and he's my boyfriend.” Christabellah answered.
    “How old are you?” Hatter asked.
    I'm 42 years old.” Chris answered.
    “That means your 14 years older than my daughter.” Hatter said.
    “Yes, that's right it does.” Chris replied.
    Hatter turned to Christabellah.
    “How could you even thinking about going out with some that much older than you?” Hatter asked.
    “I love Chris and is all that matters.” Christabellah answered.
    “Well, I don't want you see him anymore.” Hatter said.
    Christabellah gasped.
    “Why not father?” Christabellah asked.
    “He's way too old for you.” Hatter answered.
    Christabellah sighed and her eyes started to fill with tears. Christabellah started to ran off. All of sudden Christabellah tripped over a rock. Christabellah fell to the ground holding her ankle. Chris gasped and ran over. Chris helped Christabellah to her feet.
    “Can you walk on it starshine?” Chris asked.
    “I don't think so because it really hurts.” Christabellah answered.
    Hatter is watching them.
    “Alright than lean on me for support.” Chris said.
    Christabellah leaned on Chris for support. They walked back over to the house. Christabellah sat on a rock.
    “Is it broken?” Christabellah asked.
    Chris check it out.
    “I'm not sure.” Chris answered.
    Martin looked at Christabellah.
    “Can you movie it?” Martin asked
    Christabellah moved her ankle.
    “Yes, I can move it.” Christabellah answered.
    “That's good because it's not broken.” Martin said.
    “It's probably just a really bad sprain.” Chris replied.
    Chris wrapped his arms around Christabellah.
    “How I supposed to get around?” Christabellah asked.
    “That easy like this.” Chris answered as he picked up Christabellah in his arms.
    Christabellah smiled. Christabellah looked at her father.
    “How come you're not getting mad?” Christabellah asked.
    'I realize that moment that Chris went to check if you were okay how much he loves you.” Hatter answered.
    “Do you love me?” Christabellah asked.
    “Yes, I love you with all my heart and soul starshine.” Chris answered.
    “I love you too baby.” Christabellah said.
    Hatter looked Martin and Zoboomafoo.
    “I never caught your names.” Hatter said.
    “Hello, I'm Chris's older brother Martin.” Martin replied.
    “I'm Zoboomafoo.” Zoboomafoo said,
    Hatter smiled. A few hours later Rozalie, Gabriel, Christabellah, Chris, Martin and Camille are in the castle sleeping. All of a sudden Christabellah woke up from a horrible nightmare. Christabellah got up and went to where Chris was sleeping. Christabellah shook Chris to wake him up. Chris opened his eyes and noticed Christabellah.
    “What are you doing in here?” Chris asked.
    “I had a really horrible nightmare and I'm too scared to back to sleep alone.” Christabellah answered.
    Chris smiled. Chris pulled Christabellah down on the bed beside him.
    “It's okay because I'll keep you safe from harm.” Chris said.
    Christabellah smiled. Chris wrapped his arms around Christabellah and they fell asleep in each other's embrace. Rozalie and Gabriel are sleeping in each other's embrace. Camille is sleeping Martin's embrace. Christabellah's parents are sleeping in each other's embrace.

    The Power Of Love (My 1st Zoboomafoo Story) V5OKiZE
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