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    The Love In My Heart (My 2nd Vision of Escaflowne Story)

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    The Love In My Heart (My 2nd Vision of Escaflowne Story)

    Post by ♫Sweet Girl♫ on Sat Dec 29, 2012 6:02 am

    Vision of Escaflowne Cast:
    Van Fanel: Kirby Morrow
    Folken Fanel: Paul Dobson
    Hitomi Kanzaki: Kelly Sheridan
    Merle: Jocelyne Loewen
    Dilandau Albatou: Andrew Francis
    Allen Schezar: Brian Drummond
    Selena Schezar: Saffron Henderson
    Millerna Aston: Venus Terzo
    Prince Chid: Alex Doduk

    The Chalmers Family:
    Rosey Ballard: Me
    Glenn Ballard, Rosey's husband: My fiance
    Keena Ballard, Rosey and Glenn's daughter: Karleigh Larson
    Robyn Chalmers, Rosey's twin sister: Me
    Tyler Chalmers, Rosey and Robyn's twin brother: Tom Wright
    James Chalmers, Rosey's father: John Cleese
    Margo Chalmers, Rosey's mother: Miranda Dillon
    Dante Chalmers, Rosey's older brother: David Tennant
    Caleb Chalmers, Rosey's older brother: Christian Bale
    Shaun Chalmers, Rosey's older brother: Scott Speedman
    Oscar Chalmers, Rosey's older brother: Orlando Bloom
    Elyse Chalmers, Rosey's older sister: Evangeline Lily
    Sonya Chalmers, Rosey's older sister: Sophie Myles
    Chloe Chalmers, Rosey's older sister: Caterina Scorsone
    Jayde Chalmers, Rosey's older sister: Jewel Staite
    Aaron Chalmers, Rosey's younger brother: Adam Lamberg
    Kegan Chalmers, Rosey's younger brother: Kellan Lutz
    Lucas Chalmers, Rosey's younger brother: Laurence Fuller
    Mateo Chalmers, Rosey's younger brother: Michael Angarano
    Brook Chalmers, Rosey's younger sister: Bella Heathcote
    Holly Chalmers, Rosey's younger sister: Hayden Panettiere
    Irene Chalmers, Rosey's younger sister: Indiana Evans
    Wendy Chalmers, Rosey's younger sister: Willa Holland


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