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    My Heart Has A Mind of its Own (My 2nd Star Wars Story)

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    My Heart Has A Mind of its Own (My 2nd Star Wars Story) Empty My Heart Has A Mind of its Own (My 2nd Star Wars Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:47 am

    Star Wars Cast:
    Anakin Skywalker: Hayden Christensen
    Queen "Padmé" Amidala: Natalie Portman
    Obi-Wan Kenobi: Ewan McGregor
    Yoda (voice): Frank Oz
    Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus: Christopher Lee
    Jar Jar Binks (voice): Ahmed Best
    Mace Windu: Samuel L. Jackson
    Supreme Chancellor Palpatine: Ian McDiarmid
    Shmi Skywalker: Pernilla August
    Qui-Gon Jinn: Liam Neeson
    C-3PO (voice): Anthony Daniels
    R2-D2: Kenny Baker

    The Ballantyne Family:
    Gideon Ballantyne, Ruthie's husband: My fiance
    Merlin Ballantyne, Gideon's twin brother: Michael Shanks
    Gibson Ballantyne, Gideon's father: Garth Brooks
    Tamika Ballantyne, Gideon's mother: Trisha Yearwood
    Billie Ballantyne, Gideon's older brother: Bruce Willis
    Dustin Ballantyne, Gideon's older brother: Dermot Mulroney
    Kieran Ballantyne, Gideon's older brother: Keanu Reeves
    Rielly Ballantyne, Gideon's older brother: Ralph Fiennes
    Phillip Ballantyne, Gideon's older brother: Peter Krause
    Zaiden Ballantyne, Gideon's older brother: Zack Snyder
    Julius Ballantyne, Gideon's younger brother: Josh Duhamel
    Austin Ballantyne, Gideon's younger brother: Andrew Lincoln
    Curtis Ballantyne, Gideon's younger brother: Christian Bale
    Trevin Ballantyne, Gideon's younger brother: Tobey Maguire
    Finley Ballantyne, Gideon's younger brother: Fred Savage
    Elijah Ballantyne, Gideon's younger brother: Edward Furlong

    The Tennbrooke Family:
    Ruthie Ballantyne: Me
    Jessie Alverston, Ruthie's twin sister: My best friend Jenn
    Reubin Tennbrook, Ruthie's father: Randy Travis
    Edwina Tennbrooke, Ruthie's mother: Emma Thompson
    Alissa Tennbrooke, Ruthie's aunt: Angela Cartwright
    Louise Tennbrooke, Ruthie's older sister: Lynn Collins
    Gloria Tennbrooke, Ruthie's older sister: Ginnifer Goodwin
    Brandi Tennbrooke, Ruthie's older sister: Busy Philipps
    Anissa Tennbrooke, Ruthie's older sister: Anna Chlumsky
    Camila Tennbrooke, Ruthie's older sister: Caterina Scorsone
    Haylie Tennbrooke, Ruthie's older sister: Hilarie Burton
    Sierra Tennbrooke, Ruthie's older sister: Scarlett Johansson
    Trista Tennbrooke, Ruthie's younger sister: Tina Majorino
    Kelsie Tennbrooke, Ruthie's younger sister: Kat Dennings
    Dianne Glentworth, Ruthie's younger sister: My best friend Danica
    Nadine Tennbrooke, Ruthie's younger sister: Nikki Reed
    Monika Tennbrook, Ruthie's younger sister: Mackenzie Rosman
    Brodie Alverston, Jessie's husband: Jenn's boyfriend
    Simeon Glentworth, Dianne's husband: Danica's boyfriend

    My Heart Has A Mind of its Own (My 2nd Star Wars Story) V5OKiZE
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