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    The Tale Of The Haunted Castle (My 2nd Are You Afraid Of The Dark Story)

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    The Tale Of The Haunted Castle (My 2nd Are You Afraid Of The Dark Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:43 pm

    The Midnight Society
    Tucker: Daniel DeSanto
    Quinn: Kareem Blackwell
    Megan: Elisha Cuthbert
    Vange: Vanessa Lengies
    Andy: David Deveau

    Special Guest Star
    Tucker's older brother, Gary: Ross Hull
    Frank Moore: Jason Alisharan
    Kiki: Jodie Resther
    Betty Ann: Raine Pare-Coull
    Sam: JoAnna Garcia Swisher
    Kristen: Rachel Blanchard
    Eric: Jacob Tierney
    David: Nathaniel Moreau
    Stig: Codie Lucas Wilbee
    Dr. Vink: Aron Tager
    Sardo: Richard Dumont

    Frank Moore's Family:
    Farah Moore, Frank's mother: Anne Openshaw
    Floyd Moore, Frank's father: Andrew Airlie
    Franz Moore, Frank's brother: JKyle Alisharan
    Ferne Moore, Frank's sister: Aria Wallace
    Fredy Moore, Frank's brother: Cody Simpson
    Flora Moore, Frank's sister: Madison Pettis

    Gary and Tucker's Family:
    Gene, Gary and Tucker's father: John Ralston
    Teresa, Gary and Tucker's mother: Joy Tanner
    Glen, Gary and Tucker's brother: Josh Hutcherson
    Tamara, Gary and Tucker's sister: AnnaSophia Robb
    Gabe, Gary and Tucker's brother: Mitch Holleman
    Taylor, Gary and Tucker's sister: Sammi Hanratty

    The Ogden Family:
    Raven Canon: Me
    Renee Ogden , Raven's twin sister: Me
    Trace Ogden , Raven and Renee's twin brother: Tom Wright
    Hanna Ogden, Raven's mother: Helena Bonham Carter
    Glenn Ogden, Raven's father: Gary Oldman
    Jason Ogden, Raven's older brother: Joe Flanigan
    Jaden Ogden, Raven's older brother, Jason's twin brother: Joe Flanigan
    Moses Ogden, Raven's older brother: Michael Shanks
    Mateo Ogden, Raven's older brother, Moses's twin brother: Michael Shanks
    Sandy Ogden, Raven's older sister: Shannen Doherty
    Wendy Ogden, Raven's older sister, Sandy's twin sister: Winona Ryder
    Chloe Ogden, Raven's older sister: Caterina Scorsone
    Carol Ogden, Raven's older sister, Chloe's twin sister: Caterina Scorsone
    Nella Ogden, Raven's younger sister: Natalia Tena
    Norah Ogden, Raven's younger sister, Maude's twin sister: Natalia Tena
    Kayla Ogden, Raven's younger sister: Keira Knightley
    Keena Ogden, Raven's younger sister, Kayla's twin sister: Keira Knightley
    Rowan Ogden, Raven's younger brother: Robert Pattinson
    Ryder Ogden, Raven's younger brother, Rowan's twin brother: Rob Pattinson
    Jesse Ogden, Raven's younger brother: Jake Abel
    Jacob Ogden, Raven's younger brother, Jesse's twin brother: Jake Abel

    The Canon Family:
    Galen Canon: My fiance
    Garth Canon, Galen's twin brother: My fiance
    Helen Canon, Galen and Garth's twin sister: Heather Graham
    Jonah Canon, Galen's father: John Cleese
    Megan Canon, Galen's mother: Miranda Dillon
    Keely Canon, Galen's older sister: Kriste Alley
    Kelly Canon, Galen's older sister, Keely's twin sister: Kriste Alley
    Carol Canon, Galen's older sister: Cyndi Lauper
    Clora Canon, Galen's older sister, Coral's twin sister: Cyndi Lauper
    Brett Canon, Galen's older brother: Bruce Willis
    Brent Canon, Galen's older brother, Brett's twin brother: Bruce Wills
    Tyler Canon, Galen's older brother: Tom Hanks
    Trent Canon, Galen's older brother, Tyler's twin brother: Tom Hanks
    Pearl Canon, Galen's younger sister: Penelope Cruz
    Petra Canon, Galen's younger sister, Pearl's twin sister: Penelope Cruz
    Amara Canon, Galen's younger sister: Angelina Jolie
    Anaya Canon, Galen's younger sister, Amara's twin sister: Angelina Jolie
    Talon Canon, Galen's younger brother: Tom Welling
    Tyson Canon, Galen's younger brother, Talon's twin brother: Tom Welling
    Jayme Canon, Galen's younger brother: Jensen Ackles
    Jorge Canon, Galen's younger brother, Jayme's twin brother: Jensen Ackles

    Galen and Raven's children:
    Peter Canon: Quin Baron
    Ruben Canon, Peter's twin brother: Reed Baron
    Keena Canon: Karleigh Larson
    Maeve Canon, Keena's twin sister: McKenna Larson

    The Kent Family
    Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman: Dean Cain
    Clarissa Kent/Lara-El/Superwoman: Amber
    Clarince, Clark and Clarissa's dog/Krypto the Superdog, Superman and Superwoman's dog: voiced by Sam Vincent
    Jonathan Kent: Eddie Jones
    Martha Kent: K Callan


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