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    Love Makes the World Go Around (My 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean Story)

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    Love Makes the World Go Around (My 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean Story) Empty Love Makes the World Go Around (My 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean Story)

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    Pirates of the Caribbean Cast:
    Captain Jack Sparrow: Johnny Depp
    Elizabeth Swann: Keira Knightley
    Will Turner: Orlando Bloom
    Governor Weatherby Swann: Jonathan Pryce
    Captain Hector Barbossa: Geoffrey Rush
    Joshamee Gibbs : Kevin McNally
    Pintel: Lee Arenberg
    Ragetti: Mackenzie Crook
    Norrington: Jack Davenport
    Davy Jones: Bill Nighy
    William "Bootstrap Bill" Turner: Stellan Skarsgård
    Angelica Teach: Penélope Cruz
    Blackbeard: Ian McShane

    The Taggart Family:
    Rose Ballard : Me
    Jade Ackland, Rose's twin sister: My best friend Jenn
    Ella Taggart , Rose's mother: Emma Thompson
    Ross Taggart , Rose's father: Randy Travis
    Leah Taggart , Rose's older sister: Lynn Collins
    Ally Taggart, Rose's older sister: Alicia Silverstone
    Gena Taggart , Rose's older sister: Ginnifer Goodwin
    Maud Taggart , Rose's older sister: Mary Elizabeth Ellis
    Zara Taggart , Rose's older sister: Zooey Deschanel
    Cora Taggart , Rose's older sister: Caterina Scorsone
    Anya Taggart , Rose's older sister: Anne Hathaway
    Sara Taggart, Rose's younger sister: Scarlett Johansson
    Thea Taggart, Rose's younger sister: Tina Majorino
    Kaye Taggart, Rose's younger sister: Kat Dennings
    Dora Grahame, Rose's younger sister: My best friend Danica
    Neva Taggart, Rose's younger sister: Nikki Reed
    Maud Taggart, Rose's younger sister: Mackenzie Rosman
    Eryn Taggart, Rose's younger sister: Emma Watson
    Beau Ackland, Jade's husband: Jenn's boyfriend
    Seth Grahame, Dora's husband: Danica's boyfriend

    The Ballard Family:
    Gary Ballard, Rose's husband: My fiance
    Mack Ballard, Gary's twin brother: Michael Shanks
    Geno Ballard, Gary's father: Garth Brooks
    Tara Ballard, Gary's mother: Trisha Yearwood
    Brad Ballard, Gary's older brother: Bruce Willis
    Todd Ballard, Gary's older brother: Tom Hanks
    Dean Ballard, Gary's older brother: Dermot Mulroney
    Kane Ballard, Gary's older brother: Keanu Reeves
    Ryan Ballard, Gary's older brother: Ralph Fiennes
    Nate Ballard, Gary's older brother: Nicholas Sparks
    Zeke Ballard, Gary's older brother: Zack Snyder
    Jude Ballard, Gary's younger brother: Josh Duhamel
    Adam Ballard Gary's younger brother: Andrew Lincoln
    Cole Ballard, Gary's younger brother: Christmas Bale
    Tate Ballard, Gary's younger brother: Tobey Maguire
    Owen Ballard, Gary's younger brother: Oliver Hudson
    Evan Ballard, Gary's younger brother: Edward Furlong
    Brad Ballard, Gary's younger brother: Brandon Routh

    The Kuyper Family
    Krista Kuyper: Amber
    Kris Kuyper, Krista's older brother: Kris Kuyper
    Jennifer Kuyper, Kris's wife, Krista's sister-in-law: Jennifer Burton Kuyper
    Dylan Kuyper, Kris's son, Krista's nephew: Dylan Kuyper
    Kaitlyn Kuyper, Kris's daughter, Dylan's younger sister, Krista's niece: Kaitlyn Kuyper

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    Love Makes the World Go Around (My 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean Story) V5OKiZE
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    ❄️Crystal Snow❄️
    ❄️Crystal Snow❄️

    Number of posts : 2078
    Age : 35
    Location : ♥Beside my gorgeous husband forever and forever♥
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    Love Makes the World Go Around (My 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean Story) Empty Re: Love Makes the World Go Around (My 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean Story)

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    Chapter 1
    Jack's Best Friend

    One day Captain Jack Sparrow is on his ship the Black Pearl thinking about his best friend Gary Ballard who he hasn't seen in over 14 years. Will and Elizabeth on the Black Pearl with Jack. Will walked over to Jack.
    WILL: What's the matter Jack?
    JACK: I really miss my best friend.
    WILL: What is your best friend's name?
    JACK: My best friend's name is Gary Ballard.
    WILL: When was the last time you saw him?
    JACK: The last time that I saw him was over 14 years old.
    WILL: Wow, that's a long time.
    JACK: Yes, I know it is.
    All of a sudden Elizabeth walked over to them.
    ELIZABETH: I need Jack to come with me.
    Jack followed Elizabeth to where there's a man with a whole bunch of other people.
    JACK: Can I help you?
    MAN: Is that you Jack?
    JACK: Yes, it is.
    MAN: It's me Gary.
    Jack gasped. A lady with Gary cuddle up to him. Jack noticed.
    JACK: Who's this beautiful lady?
    GARY: This is my wife Rose.
    JACK: Wife? Are you serious?
    GARY: Yes, I am.
    JACK: I thought you told me you'd never ever settle with someone.
    GARY: That's what I said but the day I met Rose all that changed.
    Rose smiled.
    ROSE: It's nice to finally meet you Captain Jack Sparrow because Gary never stops talking about you.
    JACK: It's nice to meet you to Rose and please just call me Jack.
    Will and Elizabeth walked over.
    WILL: Hello, my name is William Turner but please call me Will.
    ELIZABETH: Hi, my name is Elizabeth Swann and I am Will's wife.
    GARY: It's nice to meet you both and I am Jack's best friend Gary Ballard.
    ROSE: Hello, my name is Rose and Gary's wife.
    WILL: Who are the rest of the people with you?
    ROSE: They are my family, Gary's family, my best friend and my two sister's husbands.
    Rose's best friend took one look at Jack and fell madly in love with him.
    ELIZABETH: Are you going to introduce them?
    ROSE: No, I'm not because they do that themselves.
    JADE: Hi, my name is Jade Ackland and I am Rose's twin sister.
    ELLA: My name is Ella Taggart and I am Rose's mother.
    ROSS: Hello, my name is Ross Taggart and I am Rose's father.
    LEAH: My name is Leah.
    ALLY: Hello, my name is Ally.
    GENA: Hi, my name is Gena.
    BREE: My name is Bree.
    ANYA: Hi, my name is Zara
    CORA: My name is Cora.
    HANA: Hi, my name is Anya.
    SARA: My name is Sara.
    THEA: Hi, my name is Thea.
    KAYE: My name is Kaye.
    DORA: Hi, my name is Dora Grahame
    NEVA: My name is Neva.
    MAUD: Hi, my name is Maud.
    ERYN: My name is Eryn.
    BEAU: My name is Beau Ackland and I am Jade's husband.
    SETH: Hi, my name is Seth Grahame and I am Dora's husband.
    Jack looked at Gary's family than at Gary.
    JACK: They are you're family right.
    GARY: Yes, they are.
    JACK: I don't remember there names though.
    GARY: That's okay.
    MACK: My name is Mack and I am Gary's twin brother.
    GENO: Hi, Gary's father Geno.
    TARA: My name is Tara and Gary's mother.
    BRAD: Hi, my name is Brad.
    TODD: Hello, my name is Todd.
    DEAN: My name is Dean.
    KANE: Hi, my name is Kane.
    RYAN: My name is Ryan.
    NATE: Hi, my name is Nate.
    ZEKE: My name is Zeke.
    JUDE: Hi, my name is Jude.
    ADAM: My name is Adam.
    COLE: Hi, my name is Cole.
    TATE: My name is Tate.
    OWEN: Hi, my name is Owen.
    EVAN: My name is Evan.
    BURT: Hi, my name is Burt.
    Jack noticed Rose's best friend and fell madly in love with her.
    JACK: What's your name beautiful?
    KRISTA: Hi, my name is Krista Kuyper and I am Rose's best friend.
    JACK (takes his her hand and kisses it): It's such a pleasure to meet a beautiful lady such as yourself.
    Krista blushed. Rose grabbed Krista's arm and took her out of earshot.
    ROSE: Why did you blush liked that?
    KRISTA: I couldn't help it because Jack is sexiest pirate that I have ever seen.
    ROSE: Are you saying that you like him?
    KRISTA: No, I am saying that I'm madly in love with him.
    ROSE: What do you think your brother would say?
    KRISTA: I don't really know but I have feeling he would like it.
    Rose and Krista joined the rest.
    JACK: What was that all about?
    ROSE: That's between Krista and I.
    KRISTA: How old are you Jack?
    JACK: I am 44 years old.
    ROSE: Wow, you really don't look that old just like my husband.
    Jack looked at Gary.
    JACK: How old are you again?
    GARY: I just turned 43 years old.
    Jack turned to Krista.
    JACK: How old are you?
    KRISTA: I am 30 years old.
    ROSE: Krista and I are the same age.
    KRISTA: Rose is right but she's three months older than me.
    JACK: That's cool.
    ROSE: Yes, I know.
    JACK: That means that there's 13 years between you and Gary.
    ROSE: No, actually there's two days short of 13 years between us.
    JACK: What do you mean?
    GARY: My birthday is March 18th and Rose's birthday is September 20th.
    JACK: Oh wow that's cool.
    ROSE: Krista's birthday is December 20th.
    JACK: Oh, I understand now what Krista meant when she said that you are three months older than her.
    Krista smiled.
    KRISTA: When is your birthday?
    JACK: My birthday is June 9th.
    Krista sighed. Rose grabbed Krista's arm and took her out of earshot again.
    ROSE: What's wrong with you now?
    KRISTA: There's no way that Kris is going to let me be with Jack when he finds that Jack is 14 years older than me.
    ROSE: I'll talk to Kris when he finds out.
    KRISTA: Would you really do that?
    Rose nodded her head.
    ROSE: Yes, I will.
    Krista hugged Rose.
    KRISTA: I always knew that's a good reason why you are my best friend.
    Rose just smiled. They walked back over to others. Jack smiled. Jack looked at Krista.
    JACK: Could I talk to you alone?
    KRISTA: Yes, yes you can.
    Jack and Krista walked out of earshot.
    JACK: You are the most beautiful woman that I have ever laid on eyes on and I'm madly in love with you.
    Krista gasped than smiled.
    KRISTA: You are the sexiest pirate that I have ever seen and I'm madly in love with you too.
    JACK: Are you serious?
    KRISTA: Yes, yes I am.
    Jack pulled Krista into his arms. Krista smiled.
    JACK: Can I kiss you?
    KRISTA: Yes, yes you can.
    Jack smiled than kissed Krista. A few minutes later Jack broke the kiss. They return to where Will, Elizabeth, Gary and Rose are hand in hand. Rose just smiled when she seen Krista and Jack hand in hand. A few hours later Jack is bed dreaming about Krista. Krista is bed dreaming about Jack. Elizabeth is sleeping in Will's embrace. Rose is sleeping in Gary's embrace. Krista is also dreaming about seeing her brother Kris again.

    Love Makes the World Go Around (My 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean Story) V5OKiZE
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