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    Nothing Is Gonna to Change My Love For You (My 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean Story)

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    Nothing Is Gonna to Change My Love For You (My 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Fri Dec 28, 2012 8:49 pm

    Pirates of the Caribbean Cast:
    Captain Jack Sparrow: Johnny Depp
    Elizabeth Swann: Keira Knightley
    Will Turner: Orlando Bloom
    Governor Weatherby Swann: Jonathan Pryce
    Captain Hector Barbossa: Geoffrey Rush
    Mr. Gibbs: Kevin McNally
    Pintel: Lee Arenberg
    Ragetti: Mackenzie Crook
    Norrington: Jack Davenport

    The Wachel Family:
    Rosalie Ballard: Me
    Gabriel Ballard, Rosalie's husband: My fiance
    Kaitlin Ballard, Rosalie and Gabriel's daugther: Karleigh Larson
    Marilyn Ballard, Rosalie and Gabriel's daugther, Kaitlin's twin sister: McKenna Larson
    Ricardo Wachel, Rosalie's father, : Robin Williams
    Caleigh Wachel, Rosalie's mother: Caroline Goodall
    Derrick Wachel, Rosalie's uncle: Dustin Hoffman
    Shianne Wachel, Rosalie's aunt: Sigourney Weaver
    Kennith Wachel, Rosalie's uncle: Kurt Russell
    Melodie Wachel, Rosalie's aunt: Mary Kay Place
    Dominik Wachel, Rosalie's older brother: David Tennant
    Caspian Wachel, Rosalie's older brother: Christian Bale
    Santino Wachel, Rosalie's older brother: Scott Speedman
    Francis Wachel, Rosalie's older brother: Freddie Prinze Jr.
    Timothy Wachel, Rosalie's older brother: Tom Hardy
    Kristen Wachel, Rosalie's older sister: Katie Holmes
    Elouise Wachel, Rosalie's older sister: Evangeline Lily
    Stefani Wachel, Rosalie's older sister: Sophie Myles
    Charity Wachel, Rosalie's older sister: Caterina Scorsone
    Jessika Wachel, Rosalie's older sister: Jewel Staite
    Atticus Wachel, Rosalie's younger brother: Adam Lamberg
    Braiden Wachel, Rosalie's younger brother: Bug Hall
    Lincoln Wachel, Rosalie's younger brother: Laurence Fuller
    Mitchel Wachel, Rosalie's younger brother: Michael Angarano
    Killian Wachel, Rosalie's younger brother: Kevin G. Schmidt
    Hillary Wachel, Rosalie's younger sister: Hayden Panettiere
    Karissa Wachel, Rosalie's younger sister: Kristen Stewart
    Brandie Wachel, Rosalie's younger sister: Bonnie Wright
    Victory Wachel, Rosalie's younger sister: Victoria Justice
    Lorelei Wachel, Rosalie's younger sister: Liliana Mumy

    The Hatter Family
    Jackquelynnah Hatter: Amber
    Fedora Hatter, Jackquelynnah's mother: Terri Irwin
    The Mad Hatter, Jackquelynnah's father: John Robert Hoffman
    Ed Hatter, Jackquelynnah's older brother: Kel Mitchell
    Fizz Hatter, Jackquelynnah's older brother: Josh Server
    Pete Hatter, Jackquelynnah's older brother: Danny Tamberelli
    Ashley Hatter, Jackquelynnah's younger sister: Amanda Bynes


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