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    That's How Strong My Love Is (My 2nd Zenon Story)

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    That's How Strong My Love Is (My 2nd Zenon Story) Empty That's How Strong My Love Is (My 2nd Zenon Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:24 pm

    Zenon Kar: Kirsten Storms
    Astrid Kar: Susan Brady
    Mark Kar: Robert Curtis-Brown
    Nebula Wade: Raven-Symone
    Commander Edward Plank: Stuart Pankin
    Judy Kling-Plank: Holly Fulger
    Prota Zoa: Phillip Rhys
    Margie Hammond: Lauren Maltby
    General Hammond: John Getz
    Carla Wade: Jennifer Rucker
    Dasha Plank: Alyson Morgan
    Sage Borealis: Ben Easter
    Bronley Hale: Glenn McMillan
    Casseopaya 'Cassi' Wade: Phumi Mthembu

    Rayah Black: Me
    Georg Black, Rayah's husband: My fiance
    Lelah Black, Rayan and Georg's daugther: Liliana Pizzuto
    Sarah Black, Rayah and Georg's daugther, Lelah's twin sister: Sabrina Pizzuto
    Remah Nucleus, Rayah's twin sister: Me
    Xenos Nucleus, Rayah and Remah's twin brother: Xavier Samuel
    Lemar Nucleus, Rayah's father: Liam Neeson
    Nonya Nucleus, Rayah's mother: Nina Yong
    Harry Nucleus, Rayah's older brother: Hugh Jackman
    Paden Nucleus, Rayah's older brother: Peter Facinelli
    Saxon Nucleus, Rayah's older brother: Seth Green
    Emmah Nucleus, Rayah's older sister: Erica Durance
    Carly Nucleus, Rayah's older sister: Caterina Scorsone
    Terra Nucleus, Rayah's older sister: Thora Birch
    Jonah Nucleus, Rayah's younger brother: Jackson Rathbone
    Kayne Nucleus, Rayah's younger brother: Kellan Lutz
    Irvon Nucleus, Rayah's younger brother: Ian Harding
    Astra Nucleus, Rayah's younger sister: Ashley Greene
    Marta Nucleus, Rayah's younger sister: Mae Whitman
    Donna Nucleus, Rayah's younger sister: Daviegh Chase

    Prota Zoa's Family:
    Sonya, Prota Zoa's mother: Sandra Bullock
    Barry, Prota Zoa's father: Bradley Cooper
    Lynda, Prota Zoa's twin sister: Liv Tyler
    Perry, Prota Zoa and Lynda's twin brother: Phillip Rhys
    Rayne, Prota Zoa's older brother: Ralph Fiennes
    Jeron, Prota Zoa's older brother: Jason Isaacs
    Lucas, Prota Zoa's older brother: Luke Perry
    Hollly, Prota Zoa's older sister: Helena Bonham Carter
    Nedah, Prota Zoa's older sister: Nicole Kidman
    Alana, Prota Zoa's older sister: Ashley Judd
    Nolan, Prota Zoa's younger brother: Neil Patrick Harris
    Chase, Prota Zoa's younger brother: Christian Bale
    Zayne, Prota Zoa's younger brother: Zach Braff
    Kayla, Prota Zoa's younger sister: Kelly Macdonald
    Ellah, Prota Zoa's younger sister: Emmanuelle Chriqui
    Mabel, Prota Zoa's younger sister: Michelle Rodriguez

    The Borealis Family:
    Seth Borealis, Sage's father: Steve Martin
    Brea Borealis, Sage's mother: Bonnie Hunt
    Jana Borealis, Sage's older sister: Jennifer Aniston
    Gena Borealis, Sage's older sister: Gabrielle Anwar
    Dean Borealis, Sage's older brother: David Tennant
    José Borealis, Sage's older brother: Jude Law
    Reba Borealis, Sage's younger sister: Rachel Nichols
    Nova Borealis, Sage's younger sister: Natalie Portman
    Beau Borealis, Sage's younger brother: Benjamin Walker
    Adam Borealis, Sage's younger brother: Andrew Garfield

    The Celestial Family
    Luna Celestial: Amber
    Andromeda Celestial, Luna's mother: Terri Irwin
    Antares Celestial, Luna's father: Paul Feig
    Aries Celestial, Luna's younger brother: Joe Jonas
    Cassiopeia Celestial, Luna's younger sister: Bridgit Mendler
    Castor Celestial, Luna's younger sister: Christy Carlson Romano
    Corona Celestial, Luna's younger sister, Corona's twin sister: Christy Carlson Romano
    Cloud Celestial, Luna's younger brother: David Henrie
    Draco Celestial, Luna's younger brother, Cloud's twin brother: David Henrie
    Étoile Celestial, Luna's younger brother, Cloud and Draco's twin brother: David Henrie
    Leo Celestial, Luna's younger brother, Cloud, Draco and Étoile's twin brother: David Henrie
    Moona Celestial, Luna's younger sister: Debby Ryan
    Nova Celestial, Luna's younger sister: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Orion Celestial, Luna's younger brother: Kevin Jonas
    Pollux Celestial, Luna's younger brother, Orion's twin brother: Nick Jonas
    Rigel Celestial, Luna's younger brother, Orion and Pollux's twin brother: Frankie Jonas
    Saturn Celestial, Luna's younger brother: Cole Sprouse
    Scorpio Celestial, Luna's younger brother, Saturn's twin brother: Dylan Sprouse
    Skye Celestial, Luna's younger sister: Selena Gomez
    Soleil Celestial, Luna's younger sister, Skye's twin sister: Selena Gomez
    Star Celestial, Luna's younger sister, Skye and Soleil's twin sister: Selena Gomez
    Starling Celestial, Luna's younger sister, Skye, Soleil and Star's twin sister: Selena Gomez
    Sunny Celestial, Luna's younger sister, Skye, Soleil, Star and Starling's twin sister: Selena Gomez
    Ursa Celestial, Luna's younger sister: Ashley Tisdale
    Venus Celestial, Luna's younger sister: Alyson Stoner

    That's How Strong My Love Is (My 2nd Zenon Story) V5OKiZE
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    ❄️Crystal Snow❄️
    ❄️Crystal Snow❄️

    Number of posts : 2078
    Age : 35
    Location : ♥Beside my gorgeous husband forever and forever♥
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    That's How Strong My Love Is (My 2nd Zenon Story) Empty Re: That's How Strong My Love Is (My 2nd Zenon Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:25 pm

    Chapter 1
    Zenon and Sage Reunited

    It's been two years since Galactic Teen Supreme contest. Zenon is outside her quarters thinking when Cassi, Margie and Nebula appeared.
    "What's wrong with Z?" Nebula asked.
    Zenon sighed.
    "I really miss Sage." Zenon answered.
    Margie rolled her eyes.
    "Why would you miss a loser like that?" Margie asked.
    Zenon got to her feet.
    "Margie, I love him that's why." Zenon answered.
    "How long have you felt this way?" Cassi asked.
    "I've felt this way since we shared kiss two years but than he just disappeared the next and I haven't seen him since." Zenon answered.
    Dasha walked over to them. Dasha sighed.
    "What's wrong Dasha?" Margie asked.
    "I want someone to love but I don't if my father would let me." Dasha answered.
    Zenon slipped off to Commander Plank's office. Commander Plank is sitting at his desk looking at picture of Zenon's aunt.
    "Do you miss my aunt?" Zenon asked.
    "Yes, I do with all my heart." Commander Plank answered.
    "Would you get mad if Dasha found someone to love?" Zenon asked.
    "No, I won't because I'd be happy for her." Commander Plank answered.
    "Alright that's good to know because she was worried that you won't like it." Zenon said.
    ~Meanwhile at Sage's place on Earth~
    Sage is sitting on the couch looking sad. Sage's mother Brea walked into the room.
    "What's wrong Sage?" Brea asked.
    "I just really, really miss someone." Sage answered.
    "Who would that be?" Brea asked.
    "It's Zenon Kar. and I can't take being away from anymore." Sage answered.
    "Why not son?" Brea asked.
    "Mom, I love her with all my heart and the past two years that love is started really get to me." Sage answered.
    "What's so special about her?" Brea asked.
    "She has kindest heart that I know of and she's so beautiful." Sage answered.
    Sage's father Mace walked into the room.
    "What are talking about?" Mace asked.
    "We are talking about Zenon Kar." Brea answered.
    "Why are talking about her?" Mace asked.
    "Sage is in love with her and he misses her." Brea answered.
    Sage sighed.
    "What would you like to do about it?" Mace asked.
    "I've been thinking a lot about that and I want to move up to the Space-Stay that orbits earth where she lives." Sage answered.
    "Sage, I thought you were against going up there." Mace said.
    "I am but it's the only that I can be with Zenon." Sage replied.
    Mace smiled. Sage and his family moved up the Space-Stray. Sage went for a walk. Dasha suddenly spotted him and walked over.
    "Is that you Sage?" Dasha asked.
    "Yes, that's me." Sage answered.
    "It's me Dasha." Dasha said.
    "Dasha, wow you're changed." Sage replied.
    Margie, Cassi and Nebula walked over. Sage looked at Nebula.
    "Who are you?" Sage asked.
    "I'm Cassi's cousin Nebula." Nebula answered.
    Sage looked around.
    "Where is Zenon?" Sage asked.
    "She's in her quarters and refuses to come out." Margie answered.
    "Where's her quarters?" Sage asked.
    "I'll show you." Dasha answered.
    Dasha started to walk away and Sage followed her. Dasha stopped in front of Zenon's quarters than left.
    "Zenon." Sage yelled.
    "Go away." Zenon screamed.
    "Why?" Sage asked.
    "I don't to talk anymore." Zenon answered.
    "Please, I moved all way up here even though I was against so that I could be with you." Sage said.
    Zenon opened the door and gasped. Zenon's eyes to fill with tears. Sage smiled a little than Zenon into his arms.
    "I'm so glad you're here." Zenon replied.
    Sage looked down at Zenon. Zenon looked up into Sage's baby blue eyes.
    "Zenon, I've missed you so much." Sage said.
    "Sage, I've missed you too." Zenon replied.
    Margie, Nebula, Cassi, Dasha and Bronley walked over. Sage looked at Bronley.
    "What are you doing here?" Sage asked.
    "I live here now because my Space-Stay isn't in orbit anymore plus I wanted to be closer to Margie." Bronley answered.
    "I was living on Earth but I concevied my parents to move up here so I could be closer to Zenon." Sage said.
    Zenon cuddled up to Sage. Dasha looked at Zenon.
    "Are you okay Z?" Dasha asked.
    Zenon shook her head. S
    "No, I'm not." Zenon answered.
    Sage gasped.
    "What's wrong sweetie?" Sage asked.
    "I haven't been feeling that great all day." Zenon answered.
    Zenon sighed than started to weak. Sage got a really worried on look on his face. Zenon started to faint but Sage is right there to catch her. Zenon looked up at Sage. Sage suddenly noticed how pale Zenon is. Sage put his hand on Zenon's forehead only discover that she's burning up. Sage picked up Zenon in his arms.
    "Could someone get the door to her quarters?" Sage asked.
    "I will." Dasha answered.
    Dasha opened the door to Zenon's quarters. Sage carrried her inside and shut the door with his foot. Sage laid Zenon down on her bed. Zenon moaned. Sage sat down beside Zenon on the bed and watched her.
    "Do you want anything?" Sage asked.
    "I just want you." Zenon answered.
    "Well you have me." Sage said.
    Zenon smiled a little. Sage went into the bathroom. Sage got a cloth than ran it under the cold water and than took where Zenon.
    "What's that for?" Zenon asked.
    "I was hoping it bring down to your fever a bit." Sage answered.
    Zenon smiled. Sage put the wet cloth on Zenon's forehead. Zenon sghed than fell alseep. Sage sat down on a chair by the bed and watched Zenon sleep. Zenon sleeps for almost 4 hours than woke up to find Sage watching over her.
    "Have you been watching me the whole time?" Zenon asked.
    "Yes, I have because I'm really worried about you." Sage answered.
    "Sage, I'm feeling a lot better now." Zenon said.
    "Are you sure?" Sage asked.
    "Yes, I'm sure." Zenon answered.
    A few hours later Zenon is her bed dreaming about one day sharing her quarters with Sage. Sage is his bed dreaming about one day sleeping in Zenon's quarters with her. Margie is sleeping Bronley's embrace. Dasha is dreaming about one day finding someone to love.

    That's How Strong My Love Is (My 2nd Zenon Story) V5OKiZE
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