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    Love Isn't Gonna Wait For You (My 3rd Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Story)

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    Love Isn't Gonna Wait For You (My 3rd Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Story) Empty Love Isn't Gonna Wait For You (My 3rd Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Story)

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    Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Cast:
    Clark Kent/Superman: Dean Cain
    Lois Lane: Teri Hatcher
    Perry White: Lane Smith
    Jimmy Olsen: Justin Whalin
    Martha Kent: K Callan
    Jonathan Kent: Eddie Jones

    The Neal Family:
    Rubi Beck/Starlena Stewart: Me
    Rubi's husband, Gino Beck: My fiance
    Rubi and Gino's daugther, Lisa Beck: Liliana Pizzuto
    Rubi and Gino's daugther, Lisa's twin Sami Beck: Sabrina Pizzuto
    Rubi's father, Luis Neal: Liam Neeson
    Rubi's mother, Nani Neal: Nina Young
    Rubi's favorite uncle, Gain Neal/Starlena Stewart's manger: Gary Oldman
    Rubi's second uncle, Milo Neal: Michael Shanks
    Rubi's third favorite uncle, Aric Neal: Alan Rickman
    Rubi's fourth favorite uncle, Rich Neal: Ralph Fiennes
    Rubi's older brother, Haim Neal: Hugh Jackman
    Rubi's older brother, Phil Neal: Peter Facinelli
    Rubi's older brother, Cain Neal: Christian Bale
    Rubi's older sister, Iris Neal: Ingrid Bolsø Berdal
    Rubi's older sister, Cami Neal: Caterina Scorsone
    Rubi's older sister, Alix Neal: Anne Hathaway
    Rubi's twin sister, Roni Neal: Me
    Rubi and Roni's twin brother, Bill Neal: Bradley James
    Rubi's younger brother, Jiro Neal: Jasper Rathbone
    Rubi's younger brother, Keir Neal: Kellan Lutz
    Rubi's younger brother, Sias Neal: Sean Flynn
    Rubi's younger sister, Amie Neal: Ashley Greene
    Rubi's younger sister, Kira Neal: Kristen Stewart
    Rubi's younger sister, Sina Neal: Sofia Vassilieva

    The Women of Paradise Island
    Diana and Diane's mother, Queen Hippolyta: Terri Irwin

    The Singleton
    Amina: Jennifer Stone

    The Twins
    Diana Prince/Wonder Woman: Amber
    Diane Prince/Wonder Girl: Amber

    The Triplets
    Anne: Ashley Tisdale
    Beatrix: Ashley Tisdale
    Candace: Ashley Tisdale

    The Quadruplets
    Catherine: Christy Carlson Romano
    Charlotte: Christy Carlson Romano
    Christina: Christy Carlson Romano
    Cleopatra: Christy Carlson Romano

    The Quintuplets
    Elizabeth: Alyson Stoner
    Esther: Alyson Stoner
    Filippa: Alyson Stoner
    Ingrid: Alyson Stoner
    Isabella: Alyson Stoner

    The Sextuplets
    Jeanne: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Juliana: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Louise: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Margaret: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Marie: Julianna Rose Mauriello
    Mary: Julianna Rose Mauriello

    The Septuplets
    Matilda: Mara Wilson
    Silvia: Mara Wilson
    Sofia: Mara Wilson
    Tamar: Mara Wilson
    Victoria: Mara Wilson
    Zenobia: Mara Wilson
    Aphrodite: Mara Wilson

    The Octuplets
    Artemis: Tia Mowry
    Athena: Tia Mowry
    Calliope: Tia Mowry
    Calypso: Tia Mowry
    Chloe: Tia Mowry
    Daphne: Tia Mowry
    Demeter: Tia Mowry
    Echo: Tia Mowry

    The Nonuplets
    Electra: Tamara Mowry
    Europa: Tamara Mowry
    Gaea: Tamara Mowry
    Helen: Tamara Mowry
    Hera: Tamara Mowry
    Hestia: Tamara Mowry
    Io: Tamara Mowry
    Leda: Tamara Mowry
    Medusa: Tamara Mowry

    The Decaplets
    Nike: Jenna Leigh Green
    Pandora: Jenna Leigh Green
    Penelope: Jenna Leigh Green
    Persephone: Jenna Leigh Green
    Phoebe: Jenna Leigh Green
    Psyche: Jenna Leigh Green
    Rhea: Jenna Leigh Green
    Aurora: Jenna Leigh Green
    Bellona: Jenna Leigh Green
    Camilla: Jenna Leigh Green

    The Undecaplets
    Ceres: Michelle Beaudoin
    Clementia: Michelle Beaudoin
    Concordia: Michelle Beaudoin
    Decima: Michelle Beaudoin
    Fauna: Michelle Beaudoin
    Felicitas: Michelle Beaudoin
    Flora: Michelle Beaudoin
    Fortuna: Michelle Beaudoin
    Hippona: Michelle Beaudoin
    Juno: Michelle Beaudoin
    Juventus: Michelle Beaudoin

    The Duodecaplets
    Ashlyn: Bridgit Mendler
    Blair: Bridgit Mendler
    Courtney: Bridgit Mendler
    Delia: Bridgit Mendler
    Edeline: Bridgit Mendler
    Fallon: Bridgit Mendler
    Genevieve: Bridgit Mendler
    Hadley: Bridgit Mendler
    Isla: Bridgit Mendler
    Janessa: Bridgit Mendler
    Kathleen: Bridgit Mendler
    Lacey: Bridgit Mendler

    The Tredecaplets
    Levana: Lindsay Sloane
    Luna: Lindsay Sloane
    Mania: Lindsay Sloane
    Minerva: Lindsay Sloane
    Pax: Lindsay Sloane
    Roma: Lindsay Sloane
    Venus: Lindsay Sloane
    Veritas: Lindsay Sloane
    Vesta: Lindsay Sloane
    Andromeda: Lindsay Sloane
    Castor: Lindsay Sloane
    Corona: Lindsay Sloane
    Moona: Lindsay Sloane

    The Quattrodecaplets
    Nova: China Anne McClain
    Skye: China Anne McClain
    Soleil: China Anne McClain
    Star: China Anne McClain
    Starling: China Anne McClain
    Sunny: China Anne McClain
    Ursa: China Anne McClain
    Africa: China Anne McClain
    Asia: China Anne McClain
    Brooklyn: China Anne McClain
    Cheyenne: China Anne McClain
    China: China Anne McClain
    Dakota: China Anne McClain
    Florence: China Anne McClain

    The Quindecaplets
    Georgia: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Holland: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    India: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Italia: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Jamaica: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Kenya: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Lourdes: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Madison: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Montana: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Olympia: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Paris: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Regina: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Savannah: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Siena: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
    Sydney: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson

    The Sexdecuplets
    Tijuana: Selena Gomez
    Vienna: Selena Gomez
    Amity: Selena Gomez
    Blythe: Selena Gomez
    Charity: Selena Gomez
    Chastity: Selena Gomez
    Constance: Selena Gomez
    Faith: Selena Gomez
    Felicity: Selena Gomez
    Fidelity: Selena Gomez
    Grace: Selena Gomez
    Harmony: Selena Gomez
    Honora: Selena Gomez
    Hope: Selena Gomez
    Innocence: Selena Gomez
    Joy: Selena Gomez

    The Sepdecuplets
    Justice: Soleil Moon Frye
    Love: Soleil Moon Frye
    Mercy: Soleil Moon Frye
    Modesty: Soleil Moon Frye
    Passion: Soleil Moon Frye
    Patience: Soleil Moon Frye
    Prudence: Soleil Moon Frye
    Purity: Soleil Moon Frye
    Temperance: Soleil Moon Frye
    Unity: Soleil Moon Frye
    Verity: Soleil Moon Frye
    Angel: Soleil Moon Frye
    Autumn: Soleil Moon Frye
    Baby: Soleil Moon Frye
    Breezy: Soleil Moon Frye
    Crystal: Soleil Moon Frye
    Dawn: Soleil Moon Frye

    The Octdecuplets
    Happy: Debby Ryan
    Honey: Debby Ryan
    Indigo: Debby Ryan
    Kharma: Debby Ryan
    Lucky: Debby Ryan
    Meadow: Debby Ryan
    Misty: Debby Ryan
    Moon: Debby Ryan
    Rainbow: Debby Ryan
    River: Debby Ryan
    Serenity: Debby Ryan
    Sparkle: Debby Ryan
    Sprout: Debby Ryan
    Sunshine: Debby Ryan
    Alana: Debby Ryan
    Angie: Debby Ryan
    Bambi: Debby Ryan
    Brooke: Debby Ryan

    The Nondecuplets
    Caresse: Melissa Joan Hart
    Cari: Melissa Joan Hart
    Carmen: Melissa Joan Hart
    Dani: Melissa Joan Hart
    Desiree: Melissa Joan Hart
    Donna: Melissa Joan Hart
    Jillian: Melissa Joan Hart
    Kirstie: Melissa Joan Hart
    Kitty: Melissa Joan Hart
    Kyra: Melissa Joan Hart
    Latoya: Melissa Joan Hart
    Leah: Melissa Joan Hart
    Lola: Melissa Joan Hart
    Marilyn: Melissa Joan Hart
    Marlo: Melissa Joan Hart
    Raquel: Melissa Joan Hart
    Sabrina: Melissa Joan Hart
    Sandra: Melissa Joan Hart
    Simone: Melissa Joan Hart

    The Icosuplets
    Zsa Zsa: Sierra McCormick
    Abby: Sierra McCormick
    Alyssa: Sierra McCormick
    Angela: Sierra McCormick
    Betsy: Sierra McCormick
    Candy: Sierra McCormick
    Cheryl: Sierra McCormick
    Cindy: Sierra McCormick
    Dana: Sierra McCormick
    Elise: Sierra McCormick
    Ellie: Sierra McCormick
    Heather: Sierra McCormick
    Heidi: Sierra McCormick
    Kara: Sierra McCormick
    Kristi: Sierra McCormick
    Laura: Sierra McCormick
    Linda: Sierra McCormick
    Olivia: Sierra McCormick
    Rose: Sierra McCormick
    Shauna: Sierra McCormick

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    Love Isn't Gonna Wait For You (My 3rd Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Story) V5OKiZE
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    ❄️Crystal Snow❄️
    ❄️Crystal Snow❄️

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    Love Isn't Gonna Wait For You (My 3rd Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Story) Empty Re: Love Isn't Gonna Wait For You (My 3rd Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Story)

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    Chapter 1
    Lois's Best Friend

    One day at the Daily Planet is at her desk thinking about her best friend whom she hasn't seen since their high school graduation. Clark walked over to Lois.
    "What are you thinking about Lois?" Clark asked.
    "I was thinking about my best friend." Lois answered.
    "What's your best friend's name?" Clark asked.
    "My best friend's name is Cami Neal." Lois answered.
    "When was the last time you saw her?" Clark asked.
    "The last time I saw her was the day of graduation from high school." Lois answered.
    All of a sudden a woman walked over them.
    "Is that you Lois?" The woman asked.
    "Yes, that's me." Lois answered.
    "It's me Cami." The woman said.
    Lois smiled and hugged Cami.
    Cami suddenly noticed Clark.
    "Who's your handsome friend?" Cami asked.
    "This is my partner Clark Kent." Lois answered.
    "It's nice too meet you Clark." Cami said.
    Clark smiled.
    "It's very nice to meet you too but I'm already interest in someone." Clark replied.
    Lois smiled a little. Cami took Lois out of earshot.
    "Why did you smile like that?" Cami asked.
    "I was hoping that the person that Clark is interested in is me." Lois answered.
    "Are you in love with him?" Cami asked.
    "Yes, I have been for awhile now but everytime I try to tell something else comes up." Lois answered.
    "The only way to find out if you that he's interest in is to tell him how you feel." Cami said.
    Clark is listening in their conversation without them knowing. Clark sighed.
    "I don't want to break her heart by telling her that's it's not her." Clark said.
    Jimmy walked over to Clark.
    "What are you talking about?" Jimmy asked.
    "I know that Lois is in love with me but I don't feel the same way." Clark answered.
    "Why don't you?" Jimmy asked.
    "I'm in love with someone else." Clark answered.
    "Who are you in love with?" Jimmy asked.
    "I'd rather not say at this very moment." Clark answered.
    Clark walked off. All of a sudden Cami's younger sister Rubi came in with her husband Gino and their twin daughters. Lois looked at Rubi.
    "Is that you Rubi?" Lois asked.
    "Yes, it's me." Rubi answered.
    "Hi, my name is Gino Beck and I'm Rubi's husband." Gino said.
    "My name is Clark Kent and I'm Lois's partner here at the Daily Planet." Clark replied.
    Lois suddenly noticed Rubi's twin daughters.
    "Who are these adorable little girls?" Lois asked.
    "They are my twin daughters Lisa and Sami." Rubi answered.
    Clark looked at them.
    "Which one is which?" Clark asked.
    Rubi picked up Lisa and Gino picked up Sami.
    "The one in my arms is Lisa and the one in Gino's arms Sami." Rubi answered.
    "How can you tell them apart?" Clark asked.
    "Lisa is a momma's girl and Sami is a daddy's girl." Gino answered.
    "I love you daddy." Sami said.
    Gino smiled.
    "I love you too sweetie." Gino replied.
    Lois sighed. All of a sudden Clark gasped.
    "I've gotta go." Clark said.
    Clark walked outside. Clark spun around and turned into Superman. Superman flew off to where a little girl is been dragged away.
    "Hey, leave that little girl alone." Superman said.
    Superman punched the guy in the face which makes him release the girl. Superman picked up the little girl.
    "Thanks Superman." the little girl said.
    "No, problem cutie." Superman replied.
    "My mother is in the park and she's probably worried sick." The little said.
    Superman smiled.
    "What's your name?" Superman asked.
    "My name is Olivia Brighton." The little girl said.
    "That's a different but pretty name." Superman replied.
    Starlight smiled. Superman landed in the park. Olivia's mother walked over.
    "Oh, Olivia." Starlight's mother said as her hugged her.
    "I saved her from being kidnapped." Superman replied.
    "Thanks so much Superman and my name is Annika Brighton." Olivia's mother said.
    Superman smiled. Olivia hugged Superman. Superman flew off towards the Daily Planet. Superman landed in the alley way and turned back into Clark. Clark walked inside the Daily Planet. Lois walked over to Clark.
    "Where did you go?" Lois asked.
    "I had something to take of." Clark answered.
    A few hours later Clark is home in his bed dreaming about the person that he's interested in. Lois is in her dreaming of telling Clark how she feels. Rubi is sleeping Gino's embrace.

    Love Isn't Gonna Wait For You (My 3rd Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Story) V5OKiZE
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