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    Written In The Stars (My 3rd Suite Life On Deck Story)

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    Written In The Stars (My 3rd Suite Life On Deck Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Tue May 24, 2011 2:52 pm

    The Suite Life on Deck Cast
    Cody Stanley Martin: Cole Sprouse
    Zachary "Zack" Anthony Martin: Dylan Sprouse
    Bailey Pickett: Debby Ryan
    London Leah Tipton: Brenda Song
    Mr. Marion Mosby: Phill Lewis
    Woodrow "Woody" Fink: Matthew Timmons
    Emma Tutweiller: Erin Cardillo
    Marcus Little: Doc Shaw
    Addison: Rachel Bell
    Kirby Morris: Windell D. Middlebrooks
    Connie: Jennifer Tisdale
    Mr. Blanket: Michael Hitchcock
    Padma: Tiya Sircar
    Maya Elizabeth Bennett: Zoey Deutch

    Special Guest Stars
    Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez: Adrian R’Mante
    Carey Marie Martin: Kim Rhodes
    Arwin Quentin Hawkhauser: Brian Stepanek
    Madeline Margaret Genevieve Miranda Catherine Fitzpatrick: Ashely Michelle Tisdale
    Kurt Martin: Robert Torti

    Arwin's Brother's Family:
    Rebecca Hope Hawkhauser: Me
    Rebecca's mother, Maribel Amy Hawkhauser: Michelle McCool
    Rebecca's father, Michael James Hawkhauser: Mark Calaway
    Rebecca's uncle, Patrick Justin Hawkhauser: Paul Wight
    Rebecca's uncle, Gabriel Theodore Hawkhauser: Glenn Jacobs
    Rebecca's aunt, Gabriel's wife Cassie Reagan Hawkhauser: Crystal Maurisa Goins
    Rebecca's older sister, Graciela Teresa Irving: Gabrielle Carteris
    Rebecca's older brother, Graciela's twin Josiah Keanu Hawkhauser: James Carteris
    Rebecca's older brother, Riley Sterling Hawkhauser: Rob Morrow
    Rebecca's older brother, John Skyler Hawkhauser: Joe Flanigan
    Rebecca's older brother, Maddox Sean Hawkhauser: Michael Shanks
    Rebecca's older brother, Maddox's twin Mason Dane Hawkhauser: Matthew Lillard
    Rebecca's older sister, Summer Adeline Hawkhauser: Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Rebecca's older sister, Charlotte Elise Hawkhauser: Caterina Scorsone
    Rebecca's older sister, Temptest Marie Hawkhauser: Thora Birch
    Rebecca's twin brother, Dalton Jacob Hawkhauser: Drew McIntyre
    Rebecca's younger sister, Nicole Catherine Trathen: Natalia Tena
    Rebecca's younger brother, Nicole's twin Corbin Lucas Hawkhauser: Colin Morgan
    Rebecca's younger brother, Pierce Tyson Hawkhauser: Paul Butcher
    Rebecca's younger sister, Pierce's twin Liberty Jenna Hawkhauser: Lilliana Mumy
    Rebecca's younger sister, Janelle Lisa Hawkhauser: Juliette Goglia
    Rebecca's younger sister, Janelle's twin Journey Samara Hawkhauser: Jordan Todosey
    Rebecca's younger brother, Dallas Joseph Hawkhauser: Dylan Everett
    Rebecca's younger brother, Brendon Lamar Hawkhauser: Bradley Steven Perry
    Rebecca's fiancé, George Lee Bramsom: My fiancé
    Nicole's husband, Darius Bruno Trathen: David Thewlis
    Maddox's wife, Lorena Madeline Hawkhauser: Lexa Doig
    Charlotte's boyfriend, Anthony Daniel Peters: Andrew Lee Potts
    Riley's wife, Daisy Joyce Hawkhauser: Debbon Ayer
    Graciela's husband, Christopher Truman Irving: Charles Isaacs
    John's wife, Kayla Nancy Hawkhauser: Katherine Kousi
    Mason's wife, Helen Alayna Hawkhauser: Heather Helm
    Rebecca's niece, Jaiden Sierra Trathen daughter to Darius and Nicole: Mia Talerico

    Rebecca's brother's children:
    Rebecca's niece, Trinity Journey Hawkhauser daughter to Riley and Daisy: Tu Simone Morrow
    Rebecca's niece, Krista Rachel Irving: Kelsey Rose Isaacs
    Rebecca's niece, Malia Dawn Irving: Mollie Elizabeth Isaacs
    Rebecca's nephew, Atticus Grayson Hawkhauser son John and Kayla: Aidan Flanigan
    Rebecca's nephew, Tyler Morgan Hawkhauser son to Kayla and John: Truman Flanigan
    Rebecca's nephew, Felix Joseph Hawkhauser: Fergus Flanigan
    Rebecca's niece, Thalia Leah Hawkhauser daughter to Maddox and Lorena : Tatiana Shanks
    Rebecca's niece, Melina Nicole Hawkhauser daughter to Lorena and Maddox: Mia Tabitha Shanks
    Rebecca's niece, Annika Carina Hawkhauser daughter to Mason and Helen: Addison Grace Lillard
    Rebecca's niece, Mariana Grace Hawkhauser: Macey Lyn Lillard
    Rebecca's nephew, Logan Blake Hawkhauser: Liam Lillard


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    ❄️Crystal Snow❄️
    ❄️Crystal Snow❄️

    Number of posts : 2078
    Age : 35
    Location : ♥Beside my gorgeous husband forever and forever♥
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    Re: Written In The Stars (My 3rd Suite Life On Deck Story)

    Post by ❄️Crystal Snow❄️ on Tue May 24, 2011 11:10 pm

    Chapter 1
    Fighting For Carey's Love

    It's been 3 months since the S.S. Tipton got destroyed. Marion is back at the Tipton in Boston but Emma went home for awhile. Marion sighed. Esteban walked over to him.
    “What's wrong with you?” Esteban asked.
    “I just really miss someone.” Marion answered.
    “You actually miss someone?” Esteban asked.
    Marion rolled his eyes.
    “Yes I do.” Marion answered.
    All of a sudden Emma walked through the doors. Esteban looked at her. Marion walked over and hugged Emma.
    “Did you miss me that much?” Emma asked.
    “Yes I did and it felt like a lifetime.” Marion answered.
    “I know because I felt the same way.” Emma said.
    Esteban got a confused look on his face.
    “I'm just glad to see you again.” Marion replied.
    “Have you worked things out with Mr. Tipton?” Emma asked.
    “Yes I have.” Marion answered.
    Esteban looked at Marion than at Emma.
    “Who are you anyway?” Esteban asked.
    “My name is Emma Tutweiller.” Emma answered.
    “She's my fiancée.” Marion said.
    Esteban glared at Marion for a few minutes.
    “You're engaged?” Esteban asked.
    “That's what he said.” Emma answered.
    “Well I never thought I would see the day.” Esteban said.
    “What's your name?” Emma asked.
    “My name is Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez.” Esteban answered.
    Emma s sighed just as Carey walked over.
    “Hi Carey.” Marion said.
    “Hello Mr. Moseby.” Carey replied.
    “Carey, come now you can call me Marion.” Marion said.
    Carey looked at Emma.
    “What have you done to him?” Carey asked.
    “The only thing I've done is love him.” Emma answered.
    Arwin is close by and he sighed just as Kurt walked into the hotel. Arwin rolled his eyes. Kurt walked over to Carey. Carey gasped.
    “What are you doing here?” Carey asked.
    “I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about us.” Kurt answered.
    “What about us?” Kurt asked.
    “I realized that I still love you and want to be with you.” Kurt answered.
    Carey sighed.
    “Kurt, I don't feel the same anymore and I'm in love with someone else.” Carey said.
    Arwin gasped.
    “Who is it?” Kurt asked.
    “I'm not telling you.” Carey answered.
    Kurt grabbed Carey's arm.
    “You better tell me before I hurt you.” Kurt said.
    Carey winched in pain. Arwin walked over.
    “Let go her go now.” Arwin yelled.
    “What are you going to do about it?” Kurt asked.
    “If you don't let go than you'll find out.” Arwin answered.
    Marion, Emma and Esteban watching in shock. Kurt tightens his grip on Carey's arm. Arwin grabbed Carey away from Kurt. Carey smiled. Kurt noticed Carey smiling.
    “You're in love with him aren't you?” Kurt asked.
    Carey sighed deeply.
    “Kurt, you're right.” Carey answered.
    Arwin smiled from ear to ear.
    “I won't let you be him because you're going to be mine again.” Kurt said.
    “Do you want take this outside?” Arwin asked.
    “I love to but you're going to loose big time.” Kurt answered.
    “No, Arwin it's not worth it.” Carey said.
    “Carey, you are worth to me.” Arwin replied.
    Carey smiled. Arwin and Kurt went outside.
    “Should we follow them?” Marion asked.
    “I think that would be a good idea.” Emma answered.
    Marion and Emma walked outside hand in hand. Esteban and Carey followed them. Arwin and Kurt are fighting.
    “Who much do you love Arwin?” Esteban asked.
    “I love him with all my heart and I can't bare to see him doing this.” Carey answered.
    A few minutes later Arwin managed to win.
    “I want you to leave and never ever come back.” Arwin said.
    “Alright fair enough.” Kurt replied.
    Kurt left. Marion smiled.
    “I didn't know you had that in you.” Arwin said.
    They walked back inside. Emma sighed deeply. Marion looked at Emma.
    “Are you okay?” Marion asked.
    “Yeah I'm fine.” Emma answered.
    “Have you phoned your mother about your news?” Carey asked.
    “No, I haven't gotten around to it yet.” Marion answered.
    All of sudden Marion's mother Beulah and his older brother Spencer walked through the doors. Beulah walked over to Marion.
    “Hello son.” Beulah said.
    “What are you doing here mother?” Marion asked.
    “Spencer and I decided to come see you.” Beulah answered.
    Emma sighed again. Carey looked at Emma.
    “Are you really sure you're okay?” Carey asked.
    “I'm really not but I just didn't want you know who worry.” Emma answered.
    Carey took Emma out of earshot.
    “What's wrong?” Carey asked.
    “I'd really like to Marion first.” Emma answered.
    “Marion.” Carey yelled.
    Marion walked over to Emma and Carey.
    “What would you like?” Marion asked.
    “Emma needs to tell something.” Carey answered.
    Marion turned to Emma.
    “What is it darling?” Marion asked.
    “I need to tell you the reason why I came to see you.” Emma answered.
    “What is the reason?” Marion asked.
    “I haven't been feeling that great lately.” Emma answered.
    Carey gasped.
    “Are you what I think you are?” Carey asked.
    Emma nodded her head.
    “Yes I am.” Emma answered.
    Marion suddenly caught on and hugged Emma.
    “Congrats you two.” Carey said.
    They walked back over to others. Emma sighed.
    “What was that all about?” Spencer asked.
    “It's was nothing.” Marion answered.
    Emma shook her head.
    “Marion, don't lie them they're family.” Emma said.
    Carey looked at Arwin and Esteban.
    “Wow, I never thought I'd see the day that someone could handle him.” Carey replied.
    “Would someone mind telling me what's going?” Beulah asked.
    “You're going to be grandmother.” Marion answered.
    “I'm what?” Beulah asked.
    “You heard me mother.” Marion answered.
    “Who's the mother?” Spencer asked.
    “I am.” Emma answered.
    “Who are you?” Beulah asked.
    “She's the love of my life and my fiancée.” Marion answered.
    “You're finally getting married?” Beulah asked.
    Marion nodded.
    “Yes I am.” Marion answered.
    “What took you so long?” Beulah asked.
    “I just had to fine that right woman.” Marion answered.
    “Well I'm glad that you finally did.” Beulah said.
    A few hours later Emma is sleeping in Marion's embrace. Carey is sleeping and dreaming of Arwin. Arwin is dreaming of Carey.


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