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    i am back but i kind of have one problem :(


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    i am back but i kind of have one problem :(

    Post by kittyfan on Mon May 23, 2011 2:10 pm

    hey u guys i am back from walt disney world had awsome time except for the off and on headahces that i had but i do have one problem i am actually @ my fianee's apt right now but the problem is that i have because my mother moved everything from my old bedroom to down to the basement where i now live and cause we can;t get the modem down to the basement i have no internet now because of the d-link thingy that she brought would not connect so i have to now wait until my brother comes back and try to fix t probaly so for now i am going to have to either used the library or my fianee's computer until my brother can fix it and i can have ineternet again or also i can also get a new computer which i am kind of saving up to and oh yeah cam aka masterofevil i will pm u about this to k so just hold on tight guys i will be on for good i hope

    but for now bye for now,



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